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1. Indiana law review [1972 - ]

www.heinonline.org For assistance ask at the Stanford Law Library reference desk.
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3. Indiana law review [1972 - ]

v. ; 26 cm.
www.heinonline.org For assistance ask at the Stanford Law Library reference desk.
Law Library (Crown)
pages 466-911 : portrait ; 26 cm
  • Tributes. Tribute to Harold Greenberg / Norman Lefstein
  • A tribute to Professor James F. Bailey, III, and a review of his work / William F. Harvey
  • Symposium. Reexamination of the benefit of publicly funded private education for a African-American students in a post-desegregation era / Kevin D. Brown
  • Race and money, courts and schools : tentative lessons from Connecticut / Peter D. Enrich
  • Inequitable equilibrium : school finance in the United States / Jeffrey Metzler
  • The convergence of education and law : a new class of educators and lawyers / Sarah Redfield
  • Articles. Freedom, responsibility, and risk : fundamental principles supporting tort reform / Deborah J. La Fetra
  • Evidentiary issues in federal prosecutions of violence against women / Tom Lininger
  • The judge has no robes : keeping the electorate in the dark about what judges think about the issues / Alan B. Morrison.
Law Library (Crown)

5. Symposium [2011]

274 pages ; 26 cm
  • Introduction : "what if" counterfactuals in constitutional history / Gerard N. Magliocca
  • The counterfactual that came to pass : what if the founders had not constitutionalized the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus? / Amanda L. Tyler
  • What if Kelo v. City of New London had gone the other way? / Ilya Somin
  • What if Madison had won? : imagining a constitutional world of legislative supremacy / Alison L. LaCroix
  • What if Slaughter-House had been decided differently? / Kermit Roosevelt III
  • What if Daniel Ellsberg hadn't bothered? / Heidi Kitrosser
  • What if Chief Justice Fred Vinson had not died of a heart attack in 1953 : implications for Brown and beyond / Carlton f.W. Larson.
Law Library (Crown)
263 pages ; 26 cm
  • An introduction / Joel M. Schumm
  • Keynote address. Justice in jeopardy : the ABA perspective / Wm. T. (Bill) Robinson III
  • Merit selection in Indiana : the foundation for a fair and impartial appellate judiciary / Edward W. Najam, Jr.
  • Merit selection and diversity on the bench / K.O. Myers
  • Judicial retention elections after 2010 / Melissa S. May
  • The perils of merit selection / James Bopp, Jr.
  • A new perspective on judicial disqualification : an antidote to the effects of the decisions in White and Citizens United / Penny J. White
  • Assuring due process through merit selection of judges / Frank Sullivan, Jr.
  • The transformation of the legal profession and legal education / E. Thomas Sullivan
  • Frank Sullivan, Jr., the very model of a modern justice / Randall T. Shepard
  • Tribute to Justice (now Professor) Frank Sullivan, Jr. / Gary R. Roberts.
Law Library (Crown)
pages 484-718 ; 26 cm
  • Introduction: Role of law, lawmakers, and citizens in establishing public trust / Cynthia A. Baker
  • The state of state legislative ethics : watching the watchdogs / Roberta Baskin
  • Ten vital virtues for American public lawyers / Robert F. Blomquist
  • A changing culture : ethical government in Northwest Indiana / Edward E. Charbonneau
  • Legislative ethics in Indiana : a matter of perception--and perception matters / Edward D. Feigenbaum
  • Indiana Center on Government Ethics : a proposed birth / David H. Maidenberg
  • Eliminating political maneuvering : a light in the tunnel for the government attorney-client privilege / Patricia E. Salkin, Allyson Phillips
  • 2005 James P. White Lecture on Legal Education. The judiciary of England and Wales and the rule of law / The Rt. Hon. Lord Woolf of Barnes.
Law Library (Crown)

8. Symposium [2010]

339 pages ; 26 cm
  • Introduction : a symposium on the law of democracy / Michael J. Pitts
  • Keynote address : what election law has to say to constitutional law / Heather K. Gerken
  • The founders' Bush v. Gore : the 1792 election dispute and its continuing relevance / Edward B. Foley
  • "Celebrating" the Tenth Anniversary of the 2000 election controversy : what the world can learn from the recent history of election dysfunction in the United States / Nathaniel Persily
  • Public rights and private rights of action : the enforcement of federal election laws / Daniel P. Tokaji
  • Language assistance and local voting rights law / Angelo N. Ancheta
  • Reinventing voting rights preclearance / Kareem U. Crayton
  • After Citizens United / Michael S. Kang
  • Disclosures about disclosure / Lloyd Hitoshi Mayer
  • What changes do recent Supreme Court decisions require for federal campaign finance statutes and regulations? / Allison R. Hayward.
Law Library (Crown)
www.heinonline.org For assistance ask at the Stanford Law Library reference desk.
Law Library (Crown)
www.heinonline.org For assistance ask at the Stanford Law Library reference desk.
Law Library (Crown)
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13. Indiana health law review [2004 - 2014]

v. ; 26 cm.
www.heinonline.org For assistance ask at the Stanford Law Library reference desk.
Law Library (Crown)
v. ; 26 cm.
www.heinonline.org For assistance ask at the Stanford Law Library reference desk.
Law Library (Crown)
p. 1-216 ; 26 cm.
  • articles: Dances with elephants: administrtive resolution of medical injury clais by Medicare beneficiaries / Elanor D. Kinney, William M. Sage
  • Achieving quality and responding to consumers: the Medicare beneficiary complaint process: who should respond? / Diane E. Hoffman, Virginia Rowthorn
  • Symposium: Bottom lines and waist lines: state governments weigh in on wellness / Cynthia A. Baker
  • Taking roll: an assessment of state and local governance of school wellness policies / Sally Hubbard.
Law Library (Crown)
ii, 153 pages ; 26 cm
  • Report of the Massachusetts Governor's Council of Capital Punishment
  • Symposium proceedings. Welcoming remarks / Joseph L. Hoffman & William J. Meade
  • Panel One. The capital crime. Fairness in the application of the death penalty / Edwin Colfax
  • Narrowing the class of death-eligible crime / Paula Sites
  • Capital defense representation / Norman Lefstein
  • The process of the Governor's council / Michael J. Sullivan
  • The psychology of capital punishment / Sheila M. Murphy
  • Panel Two. The capital jury. Strategy and remorse in capital trials / Andrew D. Leipold
  • False positives and false negatives in capital cases / Erik Lillquist
  • The negative effects of capital jury selection / Andrea D. Lyon
  • A psychologist's perspective on capital juries / Steven J. Sherman
  • Moral accuracy and "wobble" in capital sentencing / Scott E. Sundby
  • The problem of death qualification / Nancy J. King
  • Open discussion. Panel Three. The role of scientific evidence. Ethics, science, and the law of capital punishment / Frederick R. Bieber
  • A scientist's perspective on forensic science / Carl M. Selavka
  • Unintended consequences of the scientific evidence requirement / Jeffrey J. Pokorak
  • Forensic science or forgettable science? / Craig M. Cooley
  • Open discussion. Panel Four. Post-trial review. Substantive appellate review in capital cases / Joseph L. Hoffmann
  • The history of capital appeals in Massachusetts / William J. Meade
  • Procedural default in capital cases / Thomas F. Schornhorst
  • Consistency, proportionality, and substantive judicial review in capital sentencing / H. Geoffrey Moulton, Jr.
  • The value of procedure / Sftephen R. Creason
  • Changing the role of appellate judges in capital cases / Sam Kamin
  • Open discussion. Concluding remarks / Joseph L. Hoffmann
  • Plenary address. Symbol and substance in the Massachusetts Commission report / Franklin E. Zimring
  • Article. Death qualification and true bifurcation : building on the Massachusetts Governor's Council's work / Sam Kamin, Jeffrey J. Pokorak
  • Response to Kamin and Pokorak / Joseph L. Hoffmann.
Law Library (Crown)
pages 286-532 : illustrations ; 26 cm
  • Article: Opting only in : Contractarians, waiver of liability provisions, and the race to the bottom / J. Robert Brown, Jr., Sandeep Gopalan
  • Program On Law and State Government Fellowship Symposium. What do we expect? : an introduction to the law, money, and results of state educational systems / Cynthia A. Baker
  • Courting trouble : litigations, high-stakes testing, and education policy / Michael Heise
  • State takeovers of school districts : race and the equal protection clause / Joseph O. Oluwole, Preston C. Green, III.
Law Library (Crown)
p. 533-766 ; 26 cm.
  • Jazzing up family law: the first annual Midwest Famly Law Conference / Jennifer Ann Drobac
  • Jazz and family law : structures, freedoms, and sound changes / Sheila Simon
  • Family law for the underclass: underscoring law's ideological function / David Ray Papke
  • The basis for legal parentage and the clash between custody and child support / Leslie Joan Harris
  • Permanence and parenthood: the case for abolishing the adoption annulment doctrine / Margaret M. Mahoney
  • To be or to exist: standards for deciding whether dementia patients in nursing homes should engage in intimacy, sex and adultery / Evelyn M. Tenenbaum
  • Katrina disaster family law : the impact of Hurricane Katrina on families and family law / Sandie McCarthy-Brown, Susan L. Waysdorf.
Law Library (Crown)
pages 566-858 : illustrations ; 26 cm
  • The law and economics of development and environment : an introduction to the symposium / Daniel H. Cole
  • What makes greenhouse sense? / Thomas C. Schelling
  • Conserving the world's forests : are protected areas the only way? / Tanya Hayes, Elinor Ostrom
  • Incentivizing ecological destruction? : the global joint regulation of the conservation and use of genetic resources / Timo Goeschl ... [et al.]
  • Culture and history count : choosing environmental tools to fit available institutions and experience / Ruth Greenspan Bell
  • Sustainable energy : a preliminary framework / Lakshman Guruswamy
  • Testing the state's rights second amendment for content : a showdown between federal environmental closure of firing ranges and protective state legislation / Nicholas J. Johnson.
Law Library (Crown)
p. [229]-463 : ill. ; 26 cm.
  • Introduction to the symposium / Warren F. Schwartz
  • Compensation for victims of terror : a specialized jurisprudence of injury / Marshall S. Shapo
  • A pig in a python : how charitable response to September 11 overwhelmed the law of disaster relief / Robert A. Katz
  • Providing compensation for harm caused by terrorism : lessons learned in the Israeli experience / Hillel Sommer
  • The economics of post-September 11 financial aid to airlines / Margaret M. Blair
  • Exclusion of terrorist-related harms from insurance coverage : do the costs justify the benefits? / Jeffrey E. Thomas
  • Income tax as implicit insurance against losses from terrorism / Terrence Chorvat, Elizabeth Chorvat
  • Terrorism and insurance markets : a role for the government as insurer? / Anne Gron, Alan O. Sykes.
Law Library (Crown)


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