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14. Mr. Whiston's Sacred history of the Old and New Testament. From the creation of the world, till the days of Constantine the Great: reduced into annals. Containing withall The Fulfilling of Scripture Prophecies all along: A Compleat Catalogue of the Eclipses of the Sun and Moon mentioned by the Antients: Bishop Lloyd's Origines of the Jewish Church, from the Exodus out of Egypt, till the Death of Moses: The Preface to his Exposition of Daniel's LXX Weeks. Both these never before published: Fragments of the Oldest Gospels: Fragments of the Acts, &c. of Peter and Paul: An Account of the oldest Copies of the New Testament, especially of Beza's inestimable Greek and Latin Copy of the Four Gospels and Acts of the Apostles, now in the Library of the University of Cambridge: From which, and from the Clermont and Alexandrian Manuscripts, Mr. Whiston's Primitive New Testament is now published in English. Containing also Clv Observations For correcting the modern Errors in Sacred Chronology: For discovering the true Chronology of Peter: For determining the Authors, Times, and Places of the Publication of the IV Gospels, and the other Books of the New Testament: For Correction of the Mistakes in our modern Copies: And, For stating the proper Rules of judging about true Readings, &c. Timothy's Epistle to Diognetus, now first put into English, and proved to be genuine. A Future State frequent in the original Copies of the Old Testament: A Confutation of Porphyry. The Martyrdom of Polycarp: The Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicitas, with Notes: The Acts of the Council of Antioch in the 3d Century, &c. A Proposal for a New and Cheap Edition of all the Primitive Writers, and for fixing them, as Lending Libraries, in every Parish of Great Britain and Ireland, and the Plantations thereto belonging: A Table of LXXXI of Paul's Journeys and Voyages, in Vii Periods, and XXXV Years after his Conversion: Together with other proper Chronological Tables and Indexes will be added at the End [electronic resource]. [1745 - 1746]


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