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  • Notes on Contributors vii Introduction: Beyond the Religious Turn ? Past, Present and Future Perspectives in Gender History 1 JOANNA DE GROOT AND SUE MORGAN Part I: Crossing Cultures and Transnational Exchanges 1 Witches, Female Priests and Sacred Manoeuvres: (De)Stabilising Gender and Sexuality in a Cuban Religion of African Origin 31 CAROLYN E. WATSON 2 Liberal Religion and the Woman Question between East and West: Perspectives from a Nineteenth-Century Bengali Women s Journal 51 CLARE MIDGLEY 3 Indeterminacy in Meaning: Religious Syncretism and Dynastic Historiography in the Shannuren zhuan 67 YUET KEUNG LO 4 All of Their Customs are Daughters of Their Religion : Baptists in Post-Revolutionary Mexico, 1920s present 83 KATHLEEN M. McINTYRE 5 Creating the Problem Hindu : Sati, Thuggee and Female Infanticide in India, 1800 60 104 DANIEL J. R. GREY Part II: Religion, Embodiment and Subjectivity 6 Engendering Purity and Impurity in Assyriological Studies: A Historiographical Overview 119 'ERICA COUTO-FERREIRA AND AGN'ES GARCIA-VENTURA 7 Lamentation Motifs in Medieval Hagiography 135 ANNE E. BAILEY 8 Architecture of Desire: Mediating the Female Gaze in the Medieval English Anchorhold 150 MICHELLE M. SAUER 9 The Alluring Beauty of a Leonardesque Ideal: Masculinity and Spirituality in Renaissance Milan 170 MAYA CORRY 10 Deaf to the Word : Gender, Deafness and Protestantism in Nineteenth-Century Britain and Ireland 195 ESME CLEALL Part III: Religion, Gender and Sexuality 11 The Sexual Shame of the Chaste: Abortion Miracles in Early Medieval Saints Lives 211 ZUBIN MISTRY 12 Give Me Chastity : Masculinity and Attitudes to Chastity and Celibacy in the Middle Ages 225 PAT CULLUM 13 Common Soldiers, Same-Sex Love and Religion in the Early Eighteenth-Century British Army 241 SUSAN GANE 14 Dark Ecstasies : Sex, Mysticism and Psychology in Early Twentieth-Century England 256 JOY DIXON 15 Made Flesh? Gender and Doctrine in Religious Violence in Twentieth-Century Spain 272 MARY VINCENT Part IV: Gender, Religion and Political Activity 16 Conversion Trouble: The Alawis of Hadhramawt, Empire, Gender and the Problem of Sovereignty in Nineteenth-Century South India 287 WILSON CHACKO JACOB 17 Fatherland, Religion, Family : Exploring the History of a Slogan in Greece, 1880 1930 304 EFFI GAZI 18 The More Things Change: Debating Gender and Religion in India s Hindu Laws, 1920 2006 315 RINA VERMA WILLIAMS Index 329.
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Sex, Gender and the Sacred presents a multi-faith, multi-disciplinary collection of essays that explore the interlocking narratives of religion and gender encompassing 4,000 years of history. * Contains readings relating to sex and religion that encompass 4,000 years of gender history * Features new research in religion and gender across diverse cultures, periods, and religious traditions * Presents multi-faith and multi-disciplinary perspectives with significant comparative potential * Offers original theories and concepts relating to gender, religion, and sexuality * Includes innovative interpretations of the connections between visual, verbal, and material aspects of particular religious traditions.
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223 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 22 cm
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  • Introduction-- 1. Women's testimony and the gender hierarchy-- 2. Modern readings of women's testimony-- 3. From a single soul: women and men in creation-- 4. Contemporary reinterpretations of the creation narrative-- 5. Who does the housework? The ethics and etiquette of marriage-- 6. The marital hierarchy today-- Conclusion.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781107041523 20160618
This book explores how medieval and modern Muslim religious scholars ('ulama') interpret gender roles in Qur'anic verses on legal testimony, marriage, and human creation. Citing these verses, medieval scholars developed increasingly complex laws and interpretations upholding a male-dominated gender hierarchy; aspects of their interpretations influence religious norms and state laws in Muslim-majority countries today, yet other aspects have been discarded entirely. Karen Bauer traces the evolution of their interpretations, showing how they have been adopted, adapted, rejected, or replaced over time, by comparing the Qur'an with a wide range of Qur'anic commentaries and interviews with prominent religious scholars from Iran and Syria. At times, tradition is modified in unexpected ways: learned women argue against gender equality, or Grand Ayatollahs reject sayings of the Prophet, citing science instead. This innovative and engaging study highlights the effects of social and intellectual contexts on the formation of tradition, and on modern responses to it.
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xiii, 177 p. ; 21 cm.
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4 volumes : illustrations ; 24 cm
  • Volume 1. Methodology
  • Volume 2. Gender: Roles, Bodies, Identities
  • Volume 3. Sexuality Through Historial Traditions
  • Volume 4. The Sacred and Secular Spheres.
The field encompassed by this collection on 'Religion, Sexuality, and Spirituality' is a vast and controversial one. It encompasses both normative and non-normative sexual identities and behaviours in the so-called 'world religions' (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism) and also such modes of being and conduct in the multitudinous indigenous religions, new religions and spiritualities, and smaller long-established traditions (for example, Zoroastrianism, Sikhism, Shinto, and so on).
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249 pages ; 23 cm
  • Adjusting our vision : Christian formation and relationships in a sexualized age
  • Part 1. Mapping the modern sexual imaginary. Seeking the truth within : love, sex, and relationships within the culture of authenticity
  • Three paths to freedom on the road to nowhere : the dead end of modern liberty
  • We are what we acquire : consumerism as a corrupting dynamic
  • The hypersexual self : sex and relationships as happiness technologies
  • Churches without steeples : the loss of transcendence and the atomistic worldview
  • Part 2. Charting a new course for Christian formation. Searching for truth that transforms : introducing a Christian social imaginary
  • Seeing the good life and becoming what we see : the role of vision within sexual formation
  • Getting to the heart of things : redeeming desire and becoming our true selves
  • Living the gospel story : narrative discipleship within the narrative community
  • Becoming what we do : the formative power of practices.
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vi, 256 pages ; 24 cm.
The relationship between religion and sexuality is often framed as inherently conflictual. But what actually happens when religion and sexuality converge in contemporary contexts? This provocative volume goes beyond the familiar debates over toleration and accommodation to explore the ways in which various forms of religious affiliation and sexual identity do, in fact, co-exist. Drawing on interviews and analyzing media representations, legislation, and public discourse on topics such as education, economics, and same-sex marriage in North America and the United Kingdom, this book foregrounds the complexity and multiplicity of religious and sexual identities and practices. Contributors: Donald L. Boisvert, Catherine Holtmann, Janet R. Jakobsen, Lee Wing (Vivian) Hin, Nancy Nason-Clark, Andrew Kam-Tuck Yip.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780774828697 20160618
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158 pages ; 21 cm.
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295 p. ; 25 cm.
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xii, 157 p. ; 23 cm.
  • Scripture and sex: narratives of desire
  • God and sex: holy desire
  • Christ and sex: the resurrection of the body
  • Eschatology and sex: making all things new
  • Lord's Supper and sex: a sumptuous banquet
  • Vocation and sex: living in light of desire
  • Ethics and sex: flourishing desire.
This work of constructive theology examines human sexuality in light of Christian faith and doctrine. Jensen moves beyond the hot-button social debates about sexual orientation and sexual practices to look for healing. The seven chapters consider Scripture and sex; the connections between the triune, covenantal God and human sexuality; Christ's incarnation and resurrection as affirming the beauty of flesh; eschatology and sexual identity; the ramifications of the Lord's Supper for human sexuality; vocation and Christian callings to marriage, celibacy, and singleness; and sexual ethics.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780664233686 20160612
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397 p. ; 21 cm.
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237 p. ; 23 cm.
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1 online resource (271 pages)
  • Editors' Acknowledgements Introduction 1. Cultural Production and Reproductive Issues: The Significance of the Charismatic Movement in Nigeria Tola Olu Pearce, University of Columbia, MO 2. Sex, Rhetoric and Ontology: Fecundism as an Ethical Problem William R. LaFleur 3. The Mythology of Masquerading post-Menopausal Women Wendy Doniger, University of Chicago, IL 4. Beyond Binary Categories: Mesoamerican Religious Sexuality Sylvia Marcos 5. The Hijras: An Alternative Gender in Indian Culture Serena Nanda 6. Mimesis in the Face of Fear: Femme Queens, Butch Queens, and Gender Play in the Houses of Greater Newark Karen McCarthy Brown 7. Tacit Containment: Social Value, Embodiment and Gender Practice in Northern Sudan Janice Boddy, University of Toronto 8. Millenial Capitalism, Occult Economics and the Crisis of Reproduction in South Africa Jean and John Comaroff, University of Chicago, IL List of Contributors Permission Acknowledgements About the Contributors Index.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780415941280 20180530
Issues of sexuality and gender are hotly contested in both religious communities and national cultures around the world. In the social sciences, religious traditions are often depicted as inherently conservative or even reactionary in their commitments to powerful patriarchal and pronatalist sexual norms and gender categories. In illuminating the practices of religious traditions in various cultures, these essays expose the diversity of religious rituals and mythologies pertaining to sexuality. In the process the contributors challenge conventional notions of what is normative in our sexual lives.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780415941280 20180530
256 p. ; 24 cm.
The SCM Core Text Theology and Sexuality provides a clear overview of the theological debate surrounding sexuality as broadly understood. It gives an outline of the major themes surrounding sexuality in theological perspective, focusing on key thinkers, concepts, and areas of discussion. This student-friendly textbook is aimed at theology students and ordinands studying at undergraduate level 3 and MA level who are undertaking modules on theology and sexuality, gender, sex and the human body. It is also accessible to Christian clergy and laypeople who wish to engage with issues of sexuality in congregations. The use of extensive glossaries, breakout definitions and examples makes the book accessible to those with little existing knowledge of contemporary debates on theology and sexuality. The book includes chapters on definitions of sexuality, sexuality in the Christian tradition, Christian approaches to marriage, celibacy and virginity and same-sex relationships.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780334045304 20160612
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xv, 336 : ill. ; 25 cm.
  • Contents: Introduction, Stephen Hunt and Andrew Yip-- Part 1 Epistemological and Methodological Issues: Introduction, Stephen Hunt and Andrew Yip-- To know in the Biblical sense? Abrahamic religious epistemologies of sexuality and gender, Susannah Cornwall-- Feminist critique of sexuality and religion, Lisa Isherwood-- Queer theory, sexuality and religion, Olu Jenzen and Sally R. Munt-- Looking 'in' from the 'outside': the methodological challenges of researching minority ethnic gay men and lesbians, Asifa Siraj. Part 2 Religious Texts: Introduction, Stephen Hunt and Andrew Yip-- Reading about sex in the Bible: coping with ambiguities, Adrian Thatcher-- Competing identities: uniformity versus diversity in the Roman Catholic priesthood, Jane Anderson-- Textual queerings: contesting Islam as heteronormative inheritance, Dervla Shannahan-- Menstruation, sexuality and spirituality in Buddhism, Kustiani Kustiani and Stephen Hunt. Part 3 Institutional Settings: Introduction, Stephen Hunt and Andrew Yip-- Virginity in a multidimensional perspective: negotiating pre-marital sex in Dakar, Anouka van Eerdewijk-- Probing the boundaries: how religion and sexuality are negotiated within Islamic educational institutions, Fida Sanjakdal-- Separating Church and God: an exploration of gay clergymen's negotiations with institutional church, Michael Keenan-- Bisexuality and Christianity: negotiating disparate identities in Church life, Alex Toft. Part 4 Stability, Transformation and Change: Introduction, Stephen Hunt and Andrew Yip-- Contextualising sexuality and religiosity in contemporary social changes, David A.J. Richards-- The queer case of Hinuism: religious discourse and the legitimacy of non-heterosexuality, Stephen Hunt-- Virgin pride: born again faith and sexual identity in the faith-based abstinence movement, Heather Rachelle White-- Risk and the imagined future: young adults negotiating religious and sexual identities, Sarah-Jane Page, Andrew Tam-Tuck Yip and Michael Keenan. Part 5 Contesting Hegemonic Structures and Discourses: Contesting sex-restrictive sexual narratives from within: Jewish laws of menstrual purity and Orthodox sexual anxieties, Orit Avishal-- 'It's a Tefillin date': de-mythologising Orthodox Jewish sexuality in the digital age, Simon Theobald-- Contestations, reinscriptions: negotiating the worlds of sexuality and religion in the US, Melissa Wilcox-- Exploring Islamic masculinities through the Qur'anic Adam, Amanullah De Sondy-- Index.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781409409502 20160615
The Ashgate Research Companion to Contemporary Religion and Sexuality provides academics and students with a comprehensive and authoritative state-of-the-art review of current research in the area of sexuality and religion, broadly defined. This collection of expert essays offers an inter-disciplinary study of the important aspects of sexuality and religion, calling upon sociological, cultural, historical and theological contributions to an under-researched subject. The Companion focuses on the exploration of diverse religious faiths, spiritualities, and sexualities with contributions that embrace many contrasting approaches related to the contemporary context. By adopting a truly inter-disciplinary and multi-dimensional perspective, the Companion embraces the complexities of both sexuality and religion. Aimed primarily at a readership with specialist interest in both, The Ashgate Research Companion to Contemporary Religion and Sexuality offers an innovative and refreshing analysis of key theoretical and empirical issues in an increasingly relevant and expanding area of academic interest. The Companion comprises five main thematic sections, each with chapters ranging across a variety of crucial topics traversing various faith traditions. The principal themes are: epistemological and methodological issues; the significance of religious text; institutional religious settings; stability transformation and change; contesting hegemonic structures and discourses. Each section includes four chapters contributed by leading international experts in their respective fields and who are at the cutting-edge of current research. Collectively, they offer an inter-disciplinary and comprehensive survey of sexuality and religion.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781409409502 20160615
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19. Christianity [2010]

xxvii, 508 p. ; 25 cm.
  • The Bible and sexuality II / Raymond F. Collins
  • Is the Bible good news for human sexuality? : Reflections on method in Biblical interpretation / Stephen C. Barton
  • Sexuality and the family / Jack Dominian
  • The body's grace : 10th Michael Harding memorial address, London : Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement / Rowan Williams
  • Our lady of the libido : towards a Marian theology of sexual liberation? / Sian Taylder
  • Celibacy and free love in early Christianity / Richard M. Price
  • Antifamilial tendencies in ancient Christianity / Elizabeth A. Clark
  • The origins of clerical celibacy in the Western Church / Charles A. Frazee
  • Sexual taboos and social boundaries / Christie Davies
  • Children of disorder : clerical parentage, illegitimacy, and reform in the middle ages / Laura Wertheimer
  • Paul and sexual mentality of his world / Wolfgang Stegemann
  • The baptism of eros / Tina Beattie
  • Fragments from a journal : reflections on celibacy and the role of women in the Church / Gillian Walker
  • Deviance, agency, and the social control of women's bodies in a Mennonite community / Linda B. Arthur
  • Young women, sexuality and Protestant Church community : oppression or empowerment? / Sonya Sharma
  • The centrality of marriage : homosexuality and the Roman Catholic argument / Brian F. Linnane
  • Ecumenism at a cost : women, ordination, and sexuality : "Disagree with the umpire-take the ball, and go home" / Leonie B. Liveris
  • Sweet rapture : subliminal eroticism in contemporary charismatic worship / Martyn Percy
  • Of gin and lace : sexuality, liturgy and identity among Anglo-Catholics in the mid-twentieth century / Martin Stringer
  • "No more tea, Vicar" : an exploration of the discourses which inform the current debates about sexualities within the Church of England / David Nixon
  • Negotiating a religious identity : the case of the gay evangelical / Scott Thumma
  • State of mind versus concrete set of facts : the contrasting of transgender and intersex in Church documents on sexuality / Susannah Cornwall
  • The Greek Orthodox position on the ethics of assisted reproduction / Metropolitan Nikolaos
  • The contest of moralities : negotiating compulsory celibacy and sexual intimacy in the Roman Catholic priesthood / Jane Anderson.
For two millennia Christianity has embraced fairly consistent views of human sexuality. Today, there exist more varied outlooks on the subject. This volume on Christianity in the "The Library of Essays on Sexuality and Religion" series overviews the contrasting Christian perceptions of sexuality. Part 1 includes a number of previously published articles that are theological in nature and present biblical interpretations of sexuality. Here, several Christian voices are permitted to speak from their varied perspectives, both conservative and liberal. Part 2 features contributions focusing on the Christian tradition of celibacy and asceticism. Part 3 surveys scholarly work emphasising the relationship between sexuality, gender and patriarchy. Part 4 offers academic interpretations of Christian expressions of sexuality through the mediums of worship, ritual and the sacraments. The final part peruses contemporary contestations of conventional Christian views. This is undertaken by presenting articles examining views of gay sexuality, assisted human reproduction and priestly celibacy.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780754629207 20160605
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272 p. ; 24 cm.
  • 1: Introduction 2: Reflecting and Reproducing: The History of Intersex 3: Relinquishing and Relating: Intersex/DSD and Marginal Bodies in the Body of Christ 4: Reassigning and Redefining: Intersex/DSD and Theologies from Transgender 5: Remembering and Re-Membering: Intersex and Theologies from Disability 6: Resisting and Reappropriating: Intersex/DSD and Queer Theologies 7: Realizing and Remaking: Conclusion Glossary: A Summary of Some Intersex/DSD Conditions and Related Terminology.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781845536695 20160602
Mainstream Christian theology has valued the integrity of the body and the goodness of God reflected in creation. However, it has also asserted the complementarity of 'normal' male and female physiology. 'Sex and Uncertainty in the Body of Christ' offers the first systematic theology of the intersexed body. The book analyses the theological implications of physical intersex conditions and their medical treatment. The medical assumption of what constitutes male and female bodies is shown to raise essential questions about the meaning of incarnation and bodiliness. The book argues for a theology that speaks to stigmatized and marginal bodies, examining the impact of such a theology on sex, marriage, sexuality, perfection, healing, and the resurrected body.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781845536695 20160602
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