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2. The second night [electronic resource] : Theatre Royal, Drury-Lane, This present Friday, March 14. 1794, Will be Performed, a grand selection of sacred music From the Works of Handel. Part I. And Coronation Anthem. "god save the King." Air. - "he layeth the Beams" Etius. Air. - "o had I Jubal's Lyre" - Joshua Air-"let me wander." - L'allegro. Chorus. - "gird on thy sword." Saul. Recit. Accd. - "deeper and Deeper." Air. - "waft her Angels." Jeptha. Air. - "let the bright Seraphim" Samson. Accompanied on the Trumpet by Mr. Hyde Chorus. - "for unto us" Messiah. Part II. Introduction and Chorus. "ye sons of Israel." - Joshua. Air. - "why do the Nations?" - Messiah. Air. - "what tho' I trace." Solomon. Chorus. - "welcome! Welcome! Saul. Cantata. - Mad Bess, - Purcel Concerto Violin, Mr. Giornovichi Air. - Pleasure my former ways, Time and Truth. Air. - "o magnify the Lord" Air. - "tears such as tender Fathers." Deborah. Grand Chorus. - "hallelujah for the Lord." Messiah. Part III. Air. - "lord remember David." Sosarmes. Air. - "heart thou seat of soft delight" - Acis and Galarea Chorus. - "he gave them hailstones." - - Israel in Egypt. Air. - `why does the God of Israel sleep, " Chorus, and March -"see the conquering Hero." - Judas Mac. Air. - "angels ever bright and fair." - - Thodora. Air. - "sing ye to the Lord." Double Chorus. - "the Horse and his Rider." - - Israel in Egypt. Directors of the Oratorios, Mr. Linley, and Mr. Storace. The Principal vocal performers Mr. Harrison, Mr. Meredith, of Liverpool, (being his Second Appearance in London) Master Welsh, Mr. Dignum, Mr. Miller, (being his First Performance in Public) Mr. Kelly. Signora Storace, Miss Leake, Mrs. Bland, Mrs. Crouch. In Part II. a Concerto on the Violin by Mr. Giornovichi. (being his Second Publick Performance.) Amongst the Principal Instrumental Performers are Messrs. Ashe, W. Parke, Parkinson, Mason, Hyde, Flacks, Ashbridge, Ely, &c. Leader of the Band Mr. Shaw. Boxes 6s. Pit 3s. 6d. Gall. 2s. Upper Gall. 1s. No Money to be returned. Books of the performance to be had at the Theatre [1794]

20. Royal Society of Musicians. [electronic resource] : Under the patronage, and by command of their Majesties, And under the direction of The Earl of Exeter, Honorary President. The Earl of Sandwich, The Earl of Uxbridge, Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart. and Sir Richard Jebb, Bart. Honorary Vice-Presidents. Will be performed, in Westminster-Abbey, The following selections of sacred music, from Handel's works. On Thursday, June 2d, 1785, Part I. Overture in Esther. Dettingen Te Deum. Part II. Second Hautboy Concerto. Song. Pious Orgies, (judas Macchaboeus.) Select Parts of the Funeral Anthem. Chorus. How excellent is thy Name, O Lord (saul) Part III. Anthem. O come let us sing unto the Lord. Fourth Hautboy Concerto. Coronation Anthem. My Heart is inditing. On Monday, June 6th, Part I. Overture in Joseph. Song. Total Eclipse, Chorus. O first created Beam, Jubilate. (samson) Part II. Fifth Grand Concerto. Song. He was Eyes to the Blind. Anthem. As pants the Hart. Chorus. The Lord shall reign, (israel in Egypt.) Part III. Fifth Hautboy Concerto. Song. Shall I in Mamre's fertile Plain, (joshua.) Chorus. For all these Mercies. Recitative. O clap your Hands together; and Song. O give Thanks. Chorus. Ye Sons of Israel, (joshua.) Coronation Anthem. Zadock the Priest. And on Wednesday, June the 8th, The Sacred Oratorio of The Messiah. The Band will be as numerous, and the Performances on the same Grand Scale as they were last Year, at the Commemoration of Handel. The Profits arising from the several Performances, will be applied to the Fund for Decayed Musicians, the Westminster Hospital, and St. George's Hospital. - Tickets, at One Guinea for each of the Performances, will be delivered on Monday, the 2d, Wednesday the 4th, and Friday the 6th of May, at the St. Alban's-Tavern, St. Alban's-Street, Pall-Mall; and will continue to be delivered, at the same Place, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of every Week, 'till the Time of Performance, from Ten in the Morning, to Six in the Evening. It is requested, that those who mean to honor this Celebrity with their Attendance, will be as early in their Application for Tickets, as they conveniently can, as it is intended to stop the Delivery of Tickets, when a sufficient Number has been disposed of, to fill the Places allotted for the Company; for it is proposed, to prevent Confusion, that this Year there shall be no Distinction of Places between Subscribers and Non-Subscribers [1785]


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