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3. The city and country purchaser's and builder's dictionary [electronic resource] : or, the complete builder's guide. Containing An Explanation of all the Terms of Art used by Workmen; as also what is necessary to be known in the Art of Building, as well by Gentlemen, as Artificers of Every Denomination. In the following Useful Particulars, viz. The Qualities, Quantities, Proportions, and Value of all Materials used in Building. The best Method of preparing those Materials. The Methods of Measuring most Sorts of Artificers Work. The City and Country Prices of Workmanship. Aphorisms, or Rules necessary to be observed in Building, as to Situation, Contrivance, Compactness, Uniformity, Conveniency, Firmness, Form, &c. Estimates of the Expence of Building any Fabrick, great or small. Rules for the Valuation of Houses. Rules to be observed in Repairs, &c. The Propagation and Culture of such Trees, as are used in Building, and planted as well for Ornament as Profit, with the Soils and Management proper for each Species; and Rules for their Measuring, Felling, Sawing, &c. A brief and clear Description of the various Parts of Painting and Sculpture, and the several Arts depending on them. Including briefly the Theory and Practice of Architecture, in its different Branches. Very useful to Gentlemen, to Work-Masters and Work-Men, in the making of Bargains, Contracts or Computations, relating to any Part of Building, &c. Originally written and compiled by Richard Neve, Philomath [1736]


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