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1. Music and law [2013]

xii, 267 pages ; 24 cm.
This volume deals with various social-science perspectives on law and legal control pertaining to music in a variety of contexts. Under influence of important recent social developments, especially in the realm of communications technology, the world of music has been changing very rapidly and profoundly these past decades. As a result, the world of music, especially popular music, has been subject to a range of new legal issues. This volume brings together some 15 scholars to contribute their respective chapters on the socio-legal aspects involved in music as a social reality. The chapters address various pertinent questions from the perspective of socio-legal studies, sociology of law, jurisprudence, and related social and behavioral sciences. The issues addressed can range from matters of formal law and legislation to law-related behavior, deviance, and informal normative structures and processes that have a relevance to music, whether in a contemporary or historical setting. Thematically diverse within the province of the social and behavioral sciences related to law, the chapters in this volume are not restricted in terms of theoretical approach and methodological orientation.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781783500369 20160614
Music Library
viii, 395 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
The music business confronts the daunting practical problems not only of creating music and delivering it to its many audiences, but of ensuring that hundreds of thousands of creators and contributors are fairly rewarded. It's small wonder that the music business can appear complex to outsiders. Music Business offers an insider's guide to the infrastructure, practice and law of the music business. Unusually among books on this topic, it examines comprehensively the structure and evolution of the music business before going on to consider the legal principles of copyright and contract which underpin the music business. Wherever possible, the book adopts an international approach, with particular emphasis on the UK and USA. Anyone with a serious professional interest in the music business will find Music Business indispensable. This includes creators, managers, executives, investors, bankers, accountants, politicians, journalists, civil servants, students, and commercial users of music in addition to lawyers working in the field of media and entertainment.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780421899308 20160527
Law Library (Crown)
x, 161 pages : illustrations, forms ; 20 cm
  • Introduction: The wild west, we meet again
  • The law : for those respecting the law, we salute you. For the rebels, there is no such things as free music
  • Background and history : when synchs outshine soundtracks
  • Music supervisors : every project can use a little music supervision
  • Finding music : a community of composers, libraries and representatives
  • The process of securing rights : a step-by-step guide to avoiding mistakes, because what you don't know can cost you
  • Brand personality, identity and recognition : people rank music as more difficult to live without than sports, movies and newspapers
  • Digital media and digital platforms : welcome to the digital era in all its forms
  • For the artist : there is a musician in all of us
  • Conclusion: Parting words of encouragement.
Music Rights Unveiled provides an inside look at the complex world of music rights for film and video and includes step-by-step guidance to navigate these tricky waters. Authors Brooke Wentz and Maryam Battaglia share their decades of expertise in this user-friendly guide, designed specifically with filmmakers and producers in mind. The book provides a brief history of the pricing of music in film, television and digital media markets, and explains the process by which music is licensed or acquired for films, highlighting pitfalls to avoid and strategies for success. Further features include: A discussion of new media platforms and the intricacies of the rights needed to use music on those platforms; Tips for working with key music staff on a production - the Composer, the Music Supervisor and the Music Editor; An in-depth explanation of building a budget for the music component of your media project.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781138673311 20180219
Law Library (Crown)
xviii, 222 p.
xxix, 622 p.
  • 1. Entertainment Attorneys 2. Choosing a Business Structure 3. Making a Business Plan 4. Advertising, Marketing, Promotion, and Distribution 5. Useful Tips 6. Intellectual Property 7. Publishing 8. Digital Rights 9. Why Sign a Record Deal? 10. Making Demos versus Masters 11. Management - Ancillary Services 12. General Principles of Contracts 13. Negotiating 14. Questionable Practices 15. Collecting Your Money 16. If All Else Fails, Sue 17. Organizations 18. Music Conferences, Fesitvals, Trade Shows, and Seminars 19. Insurance 20. Wills, Trusts, and Estates.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781592007639 20160605
This book guides the reader through the variety of stages and steps one takes to make a professional music career into a legal business. It covers important topics that every musician should fully understand before signing a contract, making a recording, or fully pursuing a career. With a straightforward, plain-English approach, this book is written by an attorney who has been on both sides of the desk in the music business. With the advent of modern computer recording technology, more musicians are producing music for sales and seeking careers than ever before. With those careers comes the need for understanding and planning a career that goes past where the next gig is. This useful and easy-to-follow guide helps the reader do just that, therefore providing a path to gain more control over his/her music career.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781592007639 20160605
221 p. ; cm.
Law Library (Crown)
40 pages : color illustrations ; 21 cm
SAL3 (off-campus storage)

8. Music and the law [2017]

xxii, 294 pages ; 24 cm
  • An introduction to music and the law
  • The making of contracts and agreements
  • Recording and distribution
  • Copyright
  • Licensing sound recordings
  • Publishing : musicla and literary works
  • The death and rebirth of live music in Australia
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • The industry perspective.
Music and the Law is a book that examines the relationship between the law and the music industry in Australia. The book is specifically aimed at assisting and educating law and music students, as well as individuals involved in the music industry including musicians, managers, agents and music enthusiasts. The book's introductory chapter considers the importance of music from a social, cultural and political perspective and provides an introduction to the Australian legal system. The book then looks specifically at various aspects of the music industry and, in particular, provides a summary of the following key aspects: Contracts Recording and distribution Copyright Musical works, literary works and sound recordings Live performance and the live music industry in Australia Alternative dispute resolution The final chapter of the book provides commentary from various members of the Australian music industry including lawyers, managers, distributors and musicians. Music and the Law is an indispensable tool to anyone attempting to navigate the world of music today, covering the wide spectrum of legal issues that those in the music industry may encounter.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781760020811 20170424
Law Library (Crown)
1 v. (various pagings) : ill. ; 28 cm.
Law Library (Crown)
xxxii, 256 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
  • "... aus dem Stegereif in die Feder dictiret" : Irreführende Werbung mit Spätfolgen bei der postumen Veröffentlichung von J. S. Bachs "Kunst der Fuge" / Christian Brückner
  • Das kartellrechtliche Damoklesschwert über dem Immaterialgüterrecht / David Mamane
  • Deals, Daten, Datenschutz / Roland Mathys, Oliver Triebold
  • M&A Transaktionen im Technologiebereich : ein besonderes Risikoprofil / Lukas Morscher
  • "Promitto et spondeo" / Kaspar Müller
  • Geistiges Eigentum als typisches Produkt moderner Rechtsentwicklung / Peter Münch
  • Die Pressefotografie im Revisionsentwurf zum Urheberrecht : von einem Prokrustesbett ins nächste? / Daniel Plüss
  • Die konkursfeste Softwarelizenz / Georg Rauber
  • Wenn Daten über Grenzen fliessen / David Rosenthal
  • Baselstädtische Liegenschaftstransaktionen : einige steuerliche Hinweise aus notarieller Optik / Markus W. Stadlin
  • Kennzeichnung von Wein / Martin Thomann.
Law Library (Crown)
392 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
  • Apresentação
  • Introdução
  • O sistema tradicional de arrecadação e distribuição da execução pública musical. A história do sistema brasileiro de gestão coletiva ; A estrutura legal da gestão coletiva de direitos autorais ; O ECAD e sua estrutura ; A estrutura do ECAD e a gestão dos direitos de execução pública ; A relação do ECAD com as mídias digitais ; Um novo capítulo: a reforma do sistema de gestão coletiva
  • Os novos intermediários da indústria da música. Por dentro do mercado de música digital no Brasil ; Música, internet e a reorganização do campo autoral ; Conclusões.
Green Library
xviii, 349 pages ; illustrations ; 22 cm
Enjoyment and creation of music is such a part of being human--and because it has such revenue potential-it is an art that is very contentious. This fascinating new addition to the ABA Little Book library discusses the history and cases surrounding the music business from the early 20th century through today, including cases involving some overwhelming talents within the music industry, like: * Enrico Caruso * Frank Sinatra * The Beatles * 2 Live Crew and Eminem * and many, more! Thrill to the over 350 pages of legal issues and developments that are fascinating, and yet astonishingly varied. This book is perfect for anyone interested in working in the music business, wanting a better understanding of it, or just enjoying an intriguing glimpse of this entertaining look at this most ubiquitous of arts.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781627221474 20160612
Law Library (Crown)
xx, 257 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
  • What is music?
  • How value in musical properties is created
  • Music publishing
  • How bands are organized and financed, and planning for the eventual breakup
  • How record companies and producers work
  • Personal representatives
  • Personal appearances
  • Distribution
  • Tax considerations for the musician / by Heather Ryan Liberman
  • The musician's estate / by Heather Ryan Liberman
  • Music and the general business client
  • Representing the musician.
Music law involves several key substantive areas of law copyrights, trademarks, and identity rights, to name a few. While traditional entities such as songwriters and record companies have always existed, technological advances in digital distribution have brought important new players into the mix. Concerns about the usage rights of digital music have emerged as well as agreements arising from the use of music in advertising and branding. Inexpensive duplication technology, the portability and ubiquity of mobile music devices, and the ease of transmitting digital files have also become areas of concern. Music Law for the General Practitioner provides lawyers with comprehensive information on the business and legal topics that are likely to be encountered when representing a musical talent, producer, or consumer. Topics include: * Music publishing * Financing of bands * Record companies and producers * Agents * Taxes * Musicians estate.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781627221535 20160612
Law Library (Crown)
xxviii, 214 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm.
  • Musik schreiben : Komponisten und Textdichter
  • Musik machen : Musiker und Produzenten
  • Musik bekannt machen : die Auswertung
  • Musik konsumieren : Musiknutzer.
Law Library (Crown)
vii, 210 p. ; 25 cm.
  • Introduction-- To The Internet & Its Impact On Music Distribution-- Online Contracts For the Sale of Music & Merchandise-- Website Terms And Conditions-- The E Commerce Regulations 2002-- Protecting and Exploiting Your Intellectual Property Rights In Online Music-- Online Marketing of Music and Merchandise-- Collecting Online Data About Music Buying Consumers-- The Distance Selling Regulations And Online Music & Merchandise Sales-- Paying For Internet Music Distribution-- Strategic Agreements Between The Online Music Business and Internet Service Providers-- Strategic Agreements Between The Internet Music Company and Other Parties-- Advertising Music and Merchandise Online-- Electronic Signatures and Online Music Sales-- Whose Law Applies To Internet Music Sales-- Bibliography-- Index.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780566087097 20160527
There is hardly an aspect of internet music promotion, sale and distribution which does not have a legal dimension. Since the stakeholders in the process includes artists, their managers, music publishers, record companies, distribution companies and the consumer, the law relating to internet music distribution is extremely complex. Andrew Sparrow's "Music Distribution and the Internet" provides those connected to the music and media industries with a guide to the legal requirements they must meet, answering questions such as: How should you conclude contracts with consumers over the internet? What are the various legal terms and conditions that should govern the sale of physical product to online music buyers? How should a website user's personal information be handled? What limitations are there on the way this data may be used for ongoing marketing of an artists work or the merchandise associated with it? What are the latest copyright laws in this area and how do they apply to the internet? There is a plenty of practical advice on how to approach key relationships with the internet buying consumer and other online media providers. The law is explained in straightforward terms and applied throughout in a music business context. "Music Distribution and the Internet" is an essential reference for what is a rapidly expanding, constantly evolving and fascinating arena that is new media.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780566087097 20160527
Music Library
364 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
  • File sharing : creative destruction or just plain destruction? / by Stan J. Liebowitz
  • Piracy on the high C's : music downloading, sales displacement, and social welfare in a sample of college students / by Rafael Rob and Joel Waldfogel
  • Measuring the effect of file sharing in music purchases / by Alejandro Zentner
  • Impact of legal threats on online music sharing activity : an analysis of music industry legal actions / by Sudip Bhattacharjee ... [et al.].
  • [Articles]. The origins of democracy : a model with application to ancient Greece / by Robert K. Flack
  • Does religion really reduce crime? / by Paul Heaton
  • Contact duration : evidence from franchising / by James A. Brickley, Sanjog Misra, and R. Lawrence Van Horn
  • Incentives in corporations : evidence from the American whaling industry / by Eric Hilt
  • Regulation and incentives in European aviation / by Philippe Gagnepain and Pedro L. Marín
  • Neighborhood crime and young males' job opportunity / by Keith R. Ihlanfeldt
  • The economics of teacher quality / by Darius Lakdawalla
  • Initial public offering discount and competition / by Shmuel Hauser ... [et al.]
  • Plea bargains only for the guilty / by Oren Bar-Gill and Oren Gazal Ayal.
Law Library (Crown)
195 p. ; 24 cm.
  • Introduction / Eric Lauvaux
  • US anti-trust law and its effect on copyright protections for the music industry / Robert E. Bloch, Scott P. Perlman, H. Thomas Byron III
  • A review of certain restrictions affecting record company-artists agreements / Jay L. Cooper and Gail G. Woodbury
  • Exclusive licence agreements and publishing agreements, European competition law and the music industry / Radboud P.J. Ribbert
  • Exclusive contracts in the music industry / Denise Whitehead and Karen Briggs
  • Distribution and competition in the record industry - an Australian perspective / Clare Mirabello
  • Resale pricing and the import right in Japan / Kayoko Naito
  • Record distribution and competition law in France / Frédéric Goldsmith and Christophe Pecnard
  • Parallel imports: copyright in free and competitive markets / Günter Poll
  • The lessons of Magill for the music industry / Diana Guy
  • The music industry, new technology and the impact of competition law / Darrell Panethiere
  • The non discrimination principle and its application to copyright protection within the European Union / Alberto Pojaghi, Gianluca Pojaghi
  • EU competition law and collective management of rights / Cees van Rij
  • The impact of competition law on the relations of collecting societies with music users; the Swedish experience / Kenth Muldin
  • The effect, on broadcasters, of non-exclusive grants of rights between the U.S. performing rights societies and their members / Jonathan T. Weiss, Ronald H. Gertz
  • Central licensing of phono-mechanical rights and competition issues / Crispin Evans
  • Merger control in the music industry / Iñigo Igartua.
Law Library (Crown)
169 p. ; 24 cm.
Law Library (Crown)


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