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xv, 186 pages ; 23 cm
  • The middle voice
  • Intervener models
  • Patterns in conflict : perceptions, parties, problems, processes, principles and practicalities
  • The mediator's job
  • Assessing entry
  • Beginning the discussions
  • Accumulate information
  • Develop the discussions strategy
  • Generate movement
  • ELECT separate sessions
  • Reach closure
  • Embracing diversity dynamics
  • Practical challenges and ethical dilemmas
  • Conclusion.
Law Library (Crown)
xliv, 628 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm.
  • Conflict theory : concepts of conflict and negotiation
  • Working with your client : preparing for negotiation by listening and learning through interviewing and counseling
  • Preparing your case and persuading your counterpart
  • Integrative negotiation : expanding the pie and solving the problem
  • Distributive bargaining : dividing the pie, mixed models and choosing your approach
  • Working with your client : as a counselor and an agent
  • Relating to your counterpart : information exchange, trust, apology, reputation, and power
  • Working with your counterpart : understanding and emotions
  • Recognizing and responding to barriers in negotiation
  • Dealing with differences : culture, gender, and race
  • Ethics in negotiation
  • The law of negotiation
  • Multiparty negotiation
  • International negotiation
  • Facilitated negotiation : mediation.
Law Library (Crown)
xvi, 350 pages ; 23 cm
  • Tower of Babel / Jeremy Lack (Switzerland)
  • The Matryoshka case / Tsisana Shamlikashvili (Russia)
  • Let your soul be your pilot : a labor mediation / Mohamed Alli Chicktay (South Africa)
  • Opening the gate / Joanna Kalowski (Australia)
  • Clash on the construction site : a real estate dispute / Andrew Wei-Min Lee (China)
  • Dumbbells, defibrillators, and different legal cultures / Colin Wall (Hong Kong)
  • Do you hear me? / Thierry Garby (France)
  • The dentist's chair and the Rolling Stones / Srđan Šimac (Croatia)
  • Variations on a theme / Thierry Garby (France)
  • Healing an unnecessarily deep rift / Tony Allen (UK)
  • Mediating a medical matter / Tat Lim (Singapore)
  • Family reunited / Laila Ollapally (India)
  • A Scottish castle and family ties / Ewan A. Malcolm (Scotland)
  • Agreement without accord / Karl Mackie (UK)
  • Home : sanctuary or salvation? / Ashok Panikkar (India)
  • Can't get no satisfaction / Sherif Elnegahy (Egypt/Scotland)
  • Whose children? / Greg Bond (Germany)
  • An improv mediation / Prathamesh D. Popat (India)
  • Building circles of trust / Sukhsimranjit Singh (India/US)
  • Grandma Mare / Mushegh Manukyan (Armenia)
  • It really happened in Frankfurt / Jawad Sarwana (Pakistan)
  • Training day and a bag of balls / Brad Heckman (US/Slovakia)
  • Have a conflict? Turn on your TV! / María Cristina Camelino (Argentina)
  • An inspired change of mind / Eileen Carroll (UK)
  • A fatal eight final / Ursula Caser and Lia Vasconcelos (Portugal)
  • A Christmastime mediation / Srđan Šimac (Croatia).
"This second edition of [this title] encompasses stories from around the world. The writers (24 top international mediators) were asked to write about moving, successful, unsuccessful, happy, sad and funny mediations...From these...stories, mediators will learn how to help clients find positive outcomes to conflict resolution."-- Publisher's website.
Law Library (Crown)
xviii, 366 p. ; 23 cm.
  • Introduction
  • Tragedy, revenge, and reconnection
  • Surprising conclusions
  • The principle of unknowability
  • Listening for the undercurrents and finding missing pieces
  • Staying in the middle without judgment or favoritism
  • Self-reflection and reflection on practice
  • Addressing issues that litigation cannot
  • Beyond agreements.
Law Library (Crown)


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