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8. Kitchin's general atlas, describing the whole universe [electronic resource] : Being a complete collection of the most approved maps extant; corrected with the greatest care, and augmented from the last edition of D'Anville and Robert, with many improvements by other eminent geographers, engraved on sixty-two plates, comprising thirty seven maps. Containing, 1. 2. A general map of the world, in two hemispheres, with the tracks and all new discoveries of Capt. James Cook, and other circumnavigators; with marginal delineations of the most interesting particulars in the solar, starry, and mundane system. 3. 4. Europe divided into its kingdoms, states, republics, &c. with descriptive tables, and many additions and improvements. 5. 6. England and Wales, drawn from the most accurate surveys. 7. 8. Scotland, or North Britain, compiled from the best surveys, and regulated by the latest observations. 9. 10. Ireland, with all its divisions, post roads and canals. 11. The Netherlands, or ten provinces. 12. The seven United provinces, with the canals and great roads. 13. France, divided into provinces, with the post roads. 14. New map of France, in eighty-three departments. 15. Spain and Portugal, from the latest observations. 16. Italy, with the Islands of Sicily, Sardinia, &c. 17. The Island and kingdom of Corsica, ceded to Great Britain in 1794. 18. 19. The Empire of Germany, with the Kingdom of Prussia, &c. 20. Switzerland, divided into the thirteen cantons, &c. 21. The Northern states, comprehending the Kingdoms of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. 22. The Kingdom of Poland, with its dismembered provinces &c. 24. Turkey in Europe, with all its provinces and adjacent countries. 25. The whole Russian Empire, in Europe and Asia. 26. 27. Asia, and its islands, divided into its empires, kingdoms, states, regions, &c. 28. 29. The East-Indies, with the European settlements, and the high roads, &c. 30. 31. Africa, with all its states, kingdoms, republics, regions, islands, &c. also an historical description, and a chart of the gold coast. 32. 33. The whole continent of America, divided into north and south, and West-Indies. 34. 35. North America, with the West-India Islands, divided according to the preliminary articles of peace, signed at versailles, 20th Jan. 1783, wherein are particularly distinguished the United States, &c. 36. 37. South America, with several improvements and additions, also a chart of Falkland's Islands [1797]


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