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1. Original rockers [2015]

2. Original Rockers [2015]

7. The new cheats of London exposed; or, The frauds and tricks of the town laid open to both sexes. [electronic resource] : Being a warning-piece against the iniquitous practices of that metropolis. Containing a new and clear discovery of all the various cheats, frauds, villanies, artifices, tricks, seductions, stratagems, impositions, deceptions, which are daily practised in London, -by bawds, beggars, bullies, children strippers, duffers, fortune tellers, footpads, gossips, gamblers, hangers-on, highwaymen, house-breakers, jilts, intelligencers, Jew defaulters, informers, kidnappers, mock auctioneers, money droppers, pimps, pretended friends, pettyfoggers, procurers, procuresses, pickpockets, quacks, ring droppers, receivers of stolen goods, spungers, sharpers, swindlers, smugglers, shop-lifters, street robbers, trappers, way-layers, waggon-hunters, whores, &c. &c. &c. Interspersed with useful reflections and admontions, salutary hints and observations, whereby rogues and cheats are not only exposed, but may be avoided; the whole laid down in a plain, and easy manner, to enable innocent country people to be completely on their guard, and avoid the base villanies of those vile and abandoned wretches, who live by robbery and deceiving the young and credulous of both sexes. Written from experience and observation, by Richard King, Esq. Embellished with an emblematical frontispiece. Peruse these, sheets, and you will find true pictures of the vicious kind; of cheats who stroll from street to street, and make a prey of all they meet [1778 ... 1805]

9. Arendt and America [2015]

13. Lobster [2011]


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