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478 pages ; 26 cm
  • Setting the stage : enhancing understanding of bioethical challenges with theatre / Karen H. Rothenberg
  • Disclosure of gamete donation in the United States / Maya Sabatello
  • Pharmacovigilence and the plight of chronic pain patients : in pursuit of a realistic and responsible ethic of care / Daniel S. Goldberg and Ben Rich
  • Legal but unethical : interrogation and military health / Eric Merriam
  • Accountability partners : legislated collaboration for health / Mark T. Morrell and Alex T. Krouse.
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iv, pages [291]-739 ; 26 cm
  • Unintended consequences : prohibitions on gamete donor anonymity and the fragile practice of surrogacy / Gaia Bernstein
  • Donabedian's legacy : the future of health care quality law and policy / Kristin Madison
  • Why the common rule is hard to amend / Barbara J. Evans
  • Health evolution : (quality = learning) + (ethics = justice) / Peter J. Hammer
  • Health outcomes metrics and the role of financial derivative instruments in the health care industry / Efthimios Parasidis
  • Where's the beef? : an examination of the "pink slime" controversy and the implications of the REAL Beef Act on state truth-in-menu laws / Crystal T. Williams
  • Putting patients first : how the FDA could use its existing powers to reduce post-market adverse events / Jennifer S. Bard.
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pages [261]-538 ; 26 cm
  • Vaccines and drugs : a brave new tort world / Catherine M. Sharkey
  • The Vaccine No-fault Act : an overview / Robert L. Robin
  • Administrative compensation for pharmaceutical-and vaccine-related injuries / James R. Copland
  • The case against preemption : vaccines & uncertainty / Mary J. Davis
  • The case for preemption : why the U.S. Supreme Court and the administration are wrong to curtail implied conflict preemption / Malcolm E. Wheeler
  • AALS torts and compensation systems section William L. Prosser award bestowed upon Guido Calsbresi / Catherine M. Sharkey
  • Comments by the Honorable Guido Calabresi, U.S. Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit / Honorable Guido Calabresi
  • Perspective on economic critiques of disability law : the multifaceted federal role in balancing equity and efficiency / Elizabeth Burleson.
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4. Symposium [2011]

274 pages ; 26 cm
  • Introduction : "what if" counterfactuals in constitutional history / Gerard N. Magliocca
  • The counterfactual that came to pass : what if the founders had not constitutionalized the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus? / Amanda L. Tyler
  • What if Kelo v. City of New London had gone the other way? / Ilya Somin
  • What if Madison had won? : imagining a constitutional world of legislative supremacy / Alison L. LaCroix
  • What if Slaughter-House had been decided differently? / Kermit Roosevelt III
  • What if Daniel Ellsberg hadn't bothered? / Heidi Kitrosser
  • What if Chief Justice Fred Vinson had not died of a heart attack in 1953 : implications for Brown and beyond / Carlton f.W. Larson.
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5. Symposium [2010]

339 pages ; 26 cm
  • Introduction : a symposium on the law of democracy / Michael J. Pitts
  • Keynote address : what election law has to say to constitutional law / Heather K. Gerken
  • The founders' Bush v. Gore : the 1792 election dispute and its continuing relevance / Edward B. Foley
  • "Celebrating" the Tenth Anniversary of the 2000 election controversy : what the world can learn from the recent history of election dysfunction in the United States / Nathaniel Persily
  • Public rights and private rights of action : the enforcement of federal election laws / Daniel P. Tokaji
  • Language assistance and local voting rights law / Angelo N. Ancheta
  • Reinventing voting rights preclearance / Kareem U. Crayton
  • After Citizens United / Michael S. Kang
  • Disclosures about disclosure / Lloyd Hitoshi Mayer
  • What changes do recent Supreme Court decisions require for federal campaign finance statutes and regulations? / Allison R. Hayward.
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pages 286-532 : illustrations ; 26 cm
  • Article: Opting only in : Contractarians, waiver of liability provisions, and the race to the bottom / J. Robert Brown, Jr., Sandeep Gopalan
  • Program On Law and State Government Fellowship Symposium. What do we expect? : an introduction to the law, money, and results of state educational systems / Cynthia A. Baker
  • Courting trouble : litigations, high-stakes testing, and education policy / Michael Heise
  • State takeovers of school districts : race and the equal protection clause / Joseph O. Oluwole, Preston C. Green, III.
Law Library (Crown)
p. 533-766 ; 26 cm.
  • Jazzing up family law: the first annual Midwest Famly Law Conference / Jennifer Ann Drobac
  • Jazz and family law : structures, freedoms, and sound changes / Sheila Simon
  • Family law for the underclass: underscoring law's ideological function / David Ray Papke
  • The basis for legal parentage and the clash between custody and child support / Leslie Joan Harris
  • Permanence and parenthood: the case for abolishing the adoption annulment doctrine / Margaret M. Mahoney
  • To be or to exist: standards for deciding whether dementia patients in nursing homes should engage in intimacy, sex and adultery / Evelyn M. Tenenbaum
  • Katrina disaster family law : the impact of Hurricane Katrina on families and family law / Sandie McCarthy-Brown, Susan L. Waysdorf.
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p. 1-216 ; 26 cm.
  • articles: Dances with elephants: administrtive resolution of medical injury clais by Medicare beneficiaries / Elanor D. Kinney, William M. Sage
  • Achieving quality and responding to consumers: the Medicare beneficiary complaint process: who should respond? / Diane E. Hoffman, Virginia Rowthorn
  • Symposium: Bottom lines and waist lines: state governments weigh in on wellness / Cynthia A. Baker
  • Taking roll: an assessment of state and local governance of school wellness policies / Sally Hubbard.
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p. 507-816 ; 26 cm.
  • Living together : ending racial discrimination and segregation in housing / Florence Wagman Roisman
  • More than a dreamer : remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. / Monroe H. Little, Jr.
  • The Fair Housing Act and extralegal terror / Jeannine Bell
  • Fair housing and community development : time to come together / Elizabeth K. Julian
  • Urban neighborhood regeneration and the phases of community evolution after World War II in the United States / James A. Kushner
  • Reflections on the past, looking to the future : the Fair Housing Act at 40 / john a. powell
  • Foreclosures, integration, and the future of the Fair Housing Act / John P. Relman
  • What kinds of neighborhoods change lives? The Chicago Gautreaux housing program and recent mobility programs / James E. Rosenbaum, Stefanie DeLuca
  • Non-violent direct action and the legislative process : the Chicago freedom movement and the federal Fair Housing Act / Leonard S. Rubinowitz, Kathryn Shelton
  • Cox, Halprin, and discriminatory municipal services under the Fair Housing Act / Robert G. Schwemm
  • Limits on housing and neighborhood choice : discrimination and segregation in U.S. housing markets / Margery Austin Turner.
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pages 484-718 ; 26 cm
  • Introduction: Role of law, lawmakers, and citizens in establishing public trust / Cynthia A. Baker
  • The state of state legislative ethics : watching the watchdogs / Roberta Baskin
  • Ten vital virtues for American public lawyers / Robert F. Blomquist
  • A changing culture : ethical government in Northwest Indiana / Edward E. Charbonneau
  • Legislative ethics in Indiana : a matter of perception--and perception matters / Edward D. Feigenbaum
  • Indiana Center on Government Ethics : a proposed birth / David H. Maidenberg
  • Eliminating political maneuvering : a light in the tunnel for the government attorney-client privilege / Patricia E. Salkin, Allyson Phillips
  • 2005 James P. White Lecture on Legal Education. The judiciary of England and Wales and the rule of law / The Rt. Hon. Lord Woolf of Barnes.
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pages 566-858 : illustrations ; 26 cm
  • The law and economics of development and environment : an introduction to the symposium / Daniel H. Cole
  • What makes greenhouse sense? / Thomas C. Schelling
  • Conserving the world's forests : are protected areas the only way? / Tanya Hayes, Elinor Ostrom
  • Incentivizing ecological destruction? : the global joint regulation of the conservation and use of genetic resources / Timo Goeschl ... [et al.]
  • Culture and history count : choosing environmental tools to fit available institutions and experience / Ruth Greenspan Bell
  • Sustainable energy : a preliminary framework / Lakshman Guruswamy
  • Testing the state's rights second amendment for content : a showdown between federal environmental closure of firing ranges and protective state legislation / Nicholas J. Johnson.
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1 online resource

13. Indiana health law review [2004 - 2014]

v. ; 26 cm.
www.heinonline.org For assistance ask at the Stanford Law Library reference desk.
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pages 466-911 : portrait ; 26 cm
  • Tributes. Tribute to Harold Greenberg / Norman Lefstein
  • A tribute to Professor James F. Bailey, III, and a review of his work / William F. Harvey
  • Symposium. Reexamination of the benefit of publicly funded private education for a African-American students in a post-desegregation era / Kevin D. Brown
  • Race and money, courts and schools : tentative lessons from Connecticut / Peter D. Enrich
  • Inequitable equilibrium : school finance in the United States / Jeffrey Metzler
  • The convergence of education and law : a new class of educators and lawyers / Sarah Redfield
  • Articles. Freedom, responsibility, and risk : fundamental principles supporting tort reform / Deborah J. La Fetra
  • Evidentiary issues in federal prosecutions of violence against women / Tom Lininger
  • The judge has no robes : keeping the electorate in the dark about what judges think about the issues / Alan B. Morrison.
Law Library (Crown)
v. ; 26 cm.
www.heinonline.org For assistance ask at the Stanford Law Library reference desk.
Law Library (Crown)
www.heinonline.org For assistance ask at the Stanford Law Library reference desk.
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pages [654]-986 : portrait ; 26 cm
  • Editor-in-chief's introduction: Tribute to the late Mary Harter Mitchell / Kate Mercer-Lawson
  • Tributes. A tribute to Professor Mary Mitchell / Susanah M. Mead
  • Mary Harter Mitchell / Florence Wagman Roisman
  • Reflections on the life of Mary Mitchell / Joan M. Ruhtenberg
  • The poetry of Mary Harter Mitchell
  • Articles. Some thoughts on the state of women lawyers and why Title VII has not worked for them / Theresa M. Beiner
  • "The mess we're in" : five steps towards the transformation or prison cultures / Lynn S. Branham
  • Renaissance or retrenchment : legal education at a crossroads / Lauren Carasik
  • The "turning-out" of boys in a man's prison : why and how we need to amend the Prison Rape Elimination Act / James E. Robertson
  • The changing Supreme Court and prisoner's rights / Christopher E. Smith.
Law Library (Crown)
p. [229]-463 : ill. ; 26 cm.
  • Introduction to the symposium / Warren F. Schwartz
  • Compensation for victims of terror : a specialized jurisprudence of injury / Marshall S. Shapo
  • A pig in a python : how charitable response to September 11 overwhelmed the law of disaster relief / Robert A. Katz
  • Providing compensation for harm caused by terrorism : lessons learned in the Israeli experience / Hillel Sommer
  • The economics of post-September 11 financial aid to airlines / Margaret M. Blair
  • Exclusion of terrorist-related harms from insurance coverage : do the costs justify the benefits? / Jeffrey E. Thomas
  • Income tax as implicit insurance against losses from terrorism / Terrence Chorvat, Elizabeth Chorvat
  • Terrorism and insurance markets : a role for the government as insurer? / Anne Gron, Alan O. Sykes.
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