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6. Extraordinary new performance [electronic resource] : - Mr. Astley having prevailed on Mr. Handy to continue in London a few Nights longer, his Troop, consisting of Seventeen Equestrian Capital Performers, assisted by two celebrated young ladies, will appear at the Amphitheatre of Arts, Astley's, Westminster-Bridge. Particularly This present Wednesday, the 13th; Thursday, the 14th; Friday the 15th; and Saturday, the 16th of July; 1796, Tight-Rope Dancing, By the celebrated Miss Marian, and Sig. Saxoni, Who will play on the Violin, display Two Flags, and leap over a Garter, Ten Feet high, with other surprising Manoeuvres. A Comic Musical Piece, called, Jerry Sneak in his Glory; Or, The Humours of Garrat Election. Jerry Sneak, Mr. Johannot; Bruin, Mr. Fox; Adjutant, Mr. Whitmore; Major Sturgeon, Mr. Connell; and Mrs. Sneak, Mrs. Davis. Miss Marian will, in a surprising Manner, Stand on her Head On Jacob's Ladder, surrounded with Fire orks, At which Time the Ladder will fall to Pieces, and leave her on her Head on one Side, 11 Feet high. A comic, pantomimical Dance (composed by Mr. West) with Scenery analogous to the same, called, Cymon and Iphigenia. Principal Dancers Mr. West, and Mrs. Mercerot, assisted by Twelve Figurants. The Infant Rossignol [will] imitate the Notes of various Birds, and also accompany the Band on a Dumb violin. The Little Pony, only 30 Inches high, Will go through his wonderful Performances. Thirty-Five new Acts of Horsemanship, By Mr. Astley's, and Mr. Handy's unequalled Horsemen. A trail of skill, by twenty Horsemen, and two surprising females. Ground and Lofty Tumbling, by both troops. Particularly Master Robinson, a Child only three Years old, will astonish every Beholder. In the Intervals will be introduced the admired Pony Races [1796]


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