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185 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm.
Law Library (Crown)
62 p. ; 30 cm.
Kosovo is the largest per capita recipient of EU financial aid in the world. Much EU aid aims to strengthen the rule of law. This report examines the effectiveness of the assistance provided by the European Commission and by EULEX, the largest civilian crisis management mission ever launched by the union. It concludes that the EU's rule of law assistance to Kosovo has not been sufficiently effective: Kosovo's authorities accord insufficient priority to the rule of law, disagreement over the recognition of Kosovo jeopardises the incentive of EU accession, and EU assistance must be better managed.
Green Library
xix, 447 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm.
  • EU-LEX Kosovo : an overview
  • EU-LEX : a unique, technical mission
  • EU-LEX Kosovo at work : performace questioned
  • EU-LEX damocles' sword : North Kosovo
  • EU-LEX in North Kosovo : any chance of survival?
  • EU-LEX out of the circle : mission impossible?
  • EU-LEX fights for the rule of law in the North : between lack of access and trust : a sui generis CSDP civilian mission
  • EU-LEX's fatigue in North Kosovo : caged by its legal conundrum
  • EU-LEX Kosovo first omission : embedded role
  • Identity and civilian missions : is there such a thing? : the case of EU-LEX Kosovo
  • EU-LEX and the power of assertive framing : a missed device
  • EU-LEX before the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security policy : an overview
  • EU-LEX before the European Commission : a partner-digger
  • EU-LEX and the Council of the European Union : a judiciary-focused mission
  • EU-LEX before the European Parliament : lacking clear aims
  • EU-LEX cojustice in Kosovo : an overview
  • EU-LEX cojustice in the North : local ownership missed
  • EU-LEX judges and prosecutors : legal basis
  • EU-LEX co-location judicial model challenged in the North : lessons learned
  • EU-LEX Kosovo five years later : on trial
  • EU-LEX lessons learned : a balance from the ground
  • EU-LEX's self-assessment.
"This book analyzes the EU's largest ever Common Security and Defence Policy civilian mission (EU-LEX). It is the biggest state-building commitment in Kosovo with a focus on the judicial field (rule of law). This choice is based on two main premises: to look at both strengths and weaknesses of a policy (CSDP) established sixteen years ago, while questioning whether in its current setup it is working appropriately in high-ethnic politicized settings like Kosovo, or if alternative measures are to be considered. Based on Alex Bellamy's critical approach theory, this research shows the limits third-part interventions face at enabling both local ownership and multiethnicity in high-divided societies. Far from pretending to be exhaustive, this contribution positions itself in the current debates on state-building enterprises with a view to providing for a comprehensive approach, while focusing on EU-LEX as a case-study and leaving room for suggestions and recommendations."-- Back cover.
Law Library (Crown)


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