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xx, 285 pages ; 24 cm.
  • Einführung
  • Der Umgang mit Sprachprobleme und die Sprachrisikoverteilung durch die "Rechtsgeschäftslehre" des DCFR
  • Gesetzliche Sprachregulierung und Grenzen rechtsgeschäftslicher Sprachwahl
  • Conclusio.
Law Library (Crown)
xi, 332 pages ; 23 cm
  • Pragmatic issues in translating the DCFR and drafting the CESL : an introduction / Barbara Pasa and Lucia Morra
  • Traduction juridique : traduction d'un texte intraduisible? / Rodolfo Sacco
  • The myth of equivalence in legal translation / Barbara Pozzo
  • Legal translation and legal certainty/uncertainty : from the DCFR to the CESL proposal / Susan Šarčević
  • Many languages for a single voice / Michele Graziadei
  • On semantic and pragmatic equivalence in translation / Francesca Ervas
  • Legal integration and the postulate of imperfect translation / C.J.W. Baaij
  • System neutrality in legal translation / Gerhard Dannemann
  • Towards a terminological approach to translating European contract law / Martina Bajčić
  • General and specific perspectives on vagueness in law - impact upon the feasibility of legal translation / Jan Engberg
  • Unjustified enrichment in Book VII DCFR: beyond the European models / Cristina Amato
  • Legal expressions of urgency in comparative perspective : the translation of temporal adverbials in the DCFR / Christoph Busch
  • The definitions of the DCFR and the French legal language / Michel Séjean
  • The translation of the DCFR : the Spanish experience / Carmen Jerez Delgado
  • How and when lawyer-linguists of the EU institutions intervene during the legislative procedure for the adoption of the Regulation on a Common European Sales Law (CESL) / Manuela Guggeis
  • The Common European Sales Law and the exclusion of mixed purpose contracts: translation vs. interpretation? / Onofrio Troiano
  • Found in translation : national concepts and EU legal terminology / Elena Ioriatti Ferrari
  • Sample of comparative text analysis on Common European Sales Law / Jacqueline Visconti
  • DCFR articles discussed in the essays
  • DCFR definitions discussed in the essays
  • CESL articles and definitions discussed in the essays
  • A comparison between DCFR and CESL: the example of Good Faith and Fair Dealing
  • DCFR & CESL analysed occurrences.
Law Library (Crown)


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