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xxviii, 360 pages ; 26 cm
  • Development of European contract law
  • Negotiation and formation of contracts
  • The definiteness of the contract
  • Tests of earnestness
  • Formalities
  • Interpretation of contracts
  • Unfair, illegal, and immoral contracts
  • The control of unfair contract terms
  • Mistake
  • Deceit and duress
  • Rights of withdrawal
  • Claims for performance
  • Termination of contracts
  • Damages
  • The effect of unexpected circumstances
  • Agency and representation
  • Contracts for the benefit of third parties
  • Assignment.
This new edition of European Contract Law examines the contract rules of several different European jurisdictions, including the most important civilian systems and English common law, while attempting to articulate general principles which are common in all of them. While the first edition was limited to a comparative analysis of the rules on formation and validity of contracts, agency, third party beneficiaries, and assignment, the second edition now also includes contractual remedies and various updates and revisions of the first edition, especially in the light of the recent changes to the French Code civil. Furthermore, the book comprises a wealth of translated extracts of legislation, cases, and academic literature, comprehensively covering all aspects of contract law. The book was originally published in German to considerable acclaim. This English edition has been translated by Gill Mertens, building on the work done by the translator of the first edition, Tony Weir. This edition will be invaluable to scholars and practitioners in Europe and beyond.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780198800040 20180403
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xiv, 535 pages ; 24 cm.
  • Die Entwicklung des europäischen Vertragsrechts
  • Vertragsverhandlungen und Vertragsabschluss
  • Bestimmtheit des Vertragsinhalts
  • Seriositätsindizien
  • Formvorschriften
  • Vertragsauslegung
  • Gesetz- und sittenwidrige Verträge
  • Die Kontrolle unangemessener Vertragsbedingungen
  • Irrtum
  • Täuschung und Drohung
  • Widerrufsrechte
  • Erfüllungsanspruch
  • Vertragsaufhebung
  • Schadensersatz
  • Haftungsbefreiung bei nachträglicher Veränderung der Umstände
  • Vertretung
  • Verträge zugunsten Dritter
  • Abtretung.
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xxii, 255 p. ; 25 cm.
  • The notion of Europeanization and the significance of transnational private lawmaking
  • The emergence of a European contract law
  • The EU sales directive : analysis of an encounter between EU and domestic law
  • A way forward for European contract law?
  • European contract law and multi-level Europe
  • Europeanization and diversity
  • Exploring Europeanization : conclusions.
The emergence of a pan-European contract law is one of the most significant legal developments in Europe today. The Emergence of EU Contract Law: Exploring Europeanization examines the origins of the discipline and its subsequent evolution. It brings the discussion up-to-date with full analysis of the debate on the Common Frame of Reference and the future that this ambiguous instrument may have in the contemporary European legal framework. One of the central themes of the book is exploration of the multi-level, open architecture of the EU legal order, and the implications of that architecture for the EU's private law programme. The analysis demonstrates that the key to understanding European contract law in the 21st century lies in adopting a perspective and mechanisms suitable for a legal order populated by multiple sources of private law. Legal pluralism is offered as a theoretical construct with the capacity to shape the future of European private law, shifting the analytical spotlight beyond the traditional, centralized, legislative means of regulation. In so doing, softer mechanisms are introduced for the governance of contract law; mechanisms that enable coordination between the different sites at which contract law operates. This reorientation in thinking about European contract law, indeed about Europeanization itself, enables the inevitable diversity and pluralism that is a feature of multi-level Europe to be captured within a framework that maximizes the opportunities for mutual learning and exchange across private law sites.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780199606627 20160608
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xiii, 279 p. ; 23 cm.
  • Towards a European contract law : an introduction / Reiner Schulze, Jules Stuyck
  • The next steps towards a European contract law for businesses and consumers / Viviane Reding
  • Towards a European contract law / Guido Alpa
  • Scope and function of the optional instrument on European contract law / Hans Schultze-Nölke
  • Pre-contractural information duties in the optional instrument / Hugh Beale, Geraint Howells
  • Contract formation : an illustration of the difficult interface with national law and enforcement / Evelyne Terryn
  • Conclusion of the contract / Anna Veneziano
  • "Invalidity" of contracts and contract terms in the feasibility study on a future instrument for European contract law / Giovanni De Cristofaro
  • Unfairness and non-negotiated terms / Denis Mazeaud
  • Unfair terms in contracts between businesses / Martijn W. Hesselink
  • The influence of the chosen structure of the draft for the optional instrument on the functioning of the system of remedies / Fryderyk Zoll
  • Performance and remedies / Luc Grynbaum
  • European contract law : the case for a growing optional instrument / Jürgen Basedow
  • A step further in a long and incrementall process : the feasibility study of the expert group on European contract law / Bénédicte Fauvarque-Cosson
  • The European contract law : seen by a judge / Irmgard Griss
  • A "certain" future for the optional instrument / Hans-W. Micklitz
  • Second and first step towards a European contract law / Karl-Heinz Oehler
  • Towards a European contract law that truly serves European citizens and businesses / Aneta Wiewiórowska-Domagalska and Mikołaj Zaleski
  • On a European contract law for consumers and businesses : future perspectives / Ole Lando.
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195 p. ; 23 cm.
  • Contract governance: Skizze einer Forschungsperspektive / Karl Riesenhuber und Florian Möslein
  • Private ordering: Harmonisierung des Unternehmensvertragsrechts ohne Europäischen Regelgeber?: Eine Analyse am Beispiel von Joint Venture-Verträgen / Nina Winkler
  • Veränderte Aufklärungs- und Interessenwahrungspflichten im Bankvertragsrecht nach MiFID und der neuen Verbraucherkredit-Richtlinie / Christian Hofmann
  • Die Zahlungsdiensterichtlinie: der Europäische "Uniform New Payments Code" / Jens-Uwe Franck, Philipp Massari
  • Beweis- und Haftungserleichterungen in der kapitalmarkt-rechtlichen Prospekthaftung? / Stephan Heinze.
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352 p. ; 25 cm.
  • Europäisches Vertragsrecht im Gemeinschaftsrecht / Reiner Schulze und Hans Schulte-Nölke
  • Funktionen des privatrechtlichen Vertrages im Gemeinschaftsrecht / Wulf-Henning Roth
  • Der Vertragsbegriff in den Übereinkommen von Brüssel und Rom / Hans-W. Micklitz
  • Die Subjekte des Europäischen Vertragsrechts / Thomas Pfeiffer
  • Formation of Contracts under EC-Directives / Stefano Troiano
  • Die Vertragsmässigkeit der Leistung / Ulrich Magnus
  • Good faith of the parties / Fernando Martínez Sanz
  • Folgen von Leistungsstörungen im europäischen Vertragsrecht der EG-Richtlinien und Verordnungen / Oliver Remein
  • Die Regelung des Leistungsverzugs im gemeinschaftlichen Sekundärrecht / Stefan Leible
  • Informationspflichten im Europäischen Kapitalmarkt- und Verbraucherschutzrecht : Versuch einer Synthese / Holger Fleischer
  • Formvorschriften und Europäisches Privatrecht / Peter Mankowski
  • L'impératif de transparence / Joaquim José Coelho de Sousa Ribeiro
  • The right of withdrawal in European consumer law / Geraint Howells
  • Communication on European contract law : codifying European private law / Walter van Gerven
  • Vom Europäischen Vertragsrecht zum europäischen Vermögensrecht / Christian von Bar
  • Europäisches Vertragrecht : Die Kommissionsmitteilung und ihre Folgen / Dirk Staudenmayer
  • Communication on European contract law : joint response of the Commission on European Contract Law and the Study Group on a European civil code / submitted by Christian von Bar and Ole Lando.
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2 v. (3 v. in 2)
  • Preface. Members of the Commissions on European Contract Law. Introduction. Survey of Chapters 1-9. List of Abbreviations. Text of Articles in English and French. Concordance. 1: General Provisions. Section 1. Scope of the Principles. Section 2. General Duties. Section 3. Terminology and Other Provisions. 2: Formation. Section 1. General Provisions. Section 2. Offer and Acceptance. 3. Liability for negotiations. 3: Authority of Agents. Section 1. General Provisions. Section 2. Direct Representation. Section 3. Indirect Representation. 4: Validity. 5: Interpretation. 6: Contents and Effects. 7: Performance. 8: Non-Performance and Remedies in General. 9: Particular Remedies for Non-Performance. Section 1. Right To Performance. Section 2. Withholding Performance. Section 3. Termination of the Contract. Section 4. Price Reduction. Section 5. Damages and Interest. Bibliography. Table of Cases. Table of Code Provisions and Legislation. Index.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9789041113054 20160528
This text provides a comprehensive guide to the principles of European contract law. They have been drawn up by an independent body of experts from each Member State of the EU, under a project supported by the European Commission and many other organizations. The principles are stated in the form of articles, with a detailed commentary explaining the purpose and operation of each article and its relation to the remainder. Each article also has extensive comparative notes surveying the national laws and other international provisions on the topic. "The Principles of European Contract Law Parts I & II" cover the core rules of contract: formation, authority of agents, validity, interpretation, contents, performance, non-performance and remedies. The articles previously published in Part I (1995) are included in a revised and re-ordered form. Throughout Europe there is great interest in developing a common European legal culture. The European Parliament has twice called for the creation of a European Civil Code. The principles of European contract law are essential steps in these projects.
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2 v. ; 26 cm.
  • Volume one: list of cases-- list of legislation-- EC law and contractial obligations-- commercial contracts-- employment contracts-- consumer contracts-- banking and insurance contracts-- public contracts-- jurisdiction and the enforcement of judgments. Volume two: EC law and contractual obligations-- commercial contracts-- employment contracts-- consumer contracts-- banking and insurance contracts-- public contracts-- jurisdiction and the enforcement of judgments.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9789041107206 20160528
  • EC law and contractual obligations-- commercial contracts-- employment contracts-- consumer contracts-- banking, credit and insurance contracts-- public contracts-- jurisdiction and the enforcement of judgments. (Part contents).
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9789041107190 20160528
  • European treaties-- European conventions-- commercial contracts-- employment contracts-- consumer contracts-- banking, credit and insurance contracts-- public contracts. (Part contents).
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9789041107183 20160528
The first volume of this two-volume text is a detailed exposition of the relevant EC rules in contract law that are applicable throughout the European Union, regardless of the national law of the contract. No commentary has been added to the text, which is simply an account of the current state of the law. It is divided into seven chapters, each of which covers a separate aspect of contractual relations. In each chapter the text is as close as possible to the exact wording of the EC legislation together with the precise wording of any relevant dicta of the European Court of Justice, and so this text should be relevant to practicioners dealing with EC and contract law. The second volume contains the EC legislation which the general commercial contract lawyer would normally require, grouped into sections which correspond to the sections in the first volume. Legislation relating to matters which are not strictly contractual, such as intellectual property, company law, and taxation, have been excluded. Where legislation has been amended by subsequent treaties, regulations, or directives, the ammenments are incorporated in the text. The legislation in this volume is that which is available and published in the "Official Journal of the European Communities" as at 1 May 1997.
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Volume two of this set of two texts brings together all the EC legislation which the general commercial contract lawyer would normally require. The legislation relating to matters which are not strictly contractual, such as intellectual property, company law and taxation, have been excluded. Where legislation has been amended by subsequent treaties, regulations or directives, the amendments are incorporated in the text. The legislation in this volume is that which is available and published in the Official Journal of the European Communities as at 1 May 1997.
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9. European contract law [1997 - ]

v. <1 > ; 24 cm.
  • Abbreviations-- Table of Cases-- PART A. FORMATION, VALIDITY, AND CONTENT OF CONTRACTS-- 1. Contract Law in Theory and Practice-- 2. Negotiation and Formation of Contracts-- 3. The Definiteness of the Contract-- 4. Tests of Earnestness-- 5. Formalities-- 6. Capacity-- 7. Interpretation of Contracts-- 8. The Limits of Contractual Freedom-- 9. Illegality and Immorality-- 10. Mistake-- 11. Deceit and Duress-- PART B. CONTRACT AND THIRD PARTIES-- 12. Agency and Representation-- 13. Contracts for the Benefit of Thrid Parties-- 14. Assignment-- Index.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780198264989 20160528
This first volume of two on European Contract Law was originally published in German to considerable acclaim. This English edition has been translated by the well regarded translator, Tony Weir. The book is wide in scope - examining the contract rules of several different European jurisdictions, including the most imporatnt civilian systems and English common law, and attempting to articulate general principles which are common to all of them. This first volume analyses the general principles of the law on formation and validity of contracts and on agency, third party beneficiaries and assignment while the second will examine contractual remedies. This volume will be invaluable to scholars and practitioners in Europe and beyond.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780198264989 20160528
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ix, 253 pages ; 24 cm.
  • The original framework : the public procurement directives
  • Concepts
  • Influence of EU law on public authority decisions
  • Cooperative agreements between public authorities : outside the scope of EU law?
  • Influence of EU law on national legal systems.
In the last couple of decades the national administrative law of the Member States has been influenced by case law from the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). One of the main objectives of this research is to examine this influence and more specifically the influence of EU law on cooperation between public authorities. The present work examines how and to what extent EU (public procurement) law has an influence on the way a public authority organises and discharges its public service tasks. The object of this book is limited to cooperative agreements (public contracts and service concessions) concluded between public authorities as a means to organise or discharge public service tasks.Public authorities and private enterprises should be made aware as far as possible of the potential impact of EU law on certain types of cooperative agreements. This knowledge will prevent situations where the public authorities are post facto confronted with lawsuits that might force them to withdraw completely from cooperative associations that are already underway. It also enables private enterprises to be aware that in this context they may benefit from an open market. The book gives lawyers and practitioners in the field the most actual theoretical and practical background on the subject.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781780683126 20160618
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232 p. ; 24 cm.
  • Vers un droit européen des contrats spéciaux : rapport introductif / Denis Voinot
  • Quels contrats spéciaux pour quels futurs intruments en droit européen des contrats? / Juliette Sénéchal
  • Acquis européen, cadre commun de référence et proposition de directive européen relative au droit des consommateurs : quelle place pour les contrats spéciaux? / Carole Aubert de Vincelles
  • La recomposition des catégories juridiques contractuelles par le droit de la consommation d'origine européen / Gaël Chantpie
  • Catégories juridiques contractuelles et droit européen de la concurrence / Muriel Chagny
  • The DFCR's specific part of the law of obligations and its feasibility for the development of a modern contract law / Fryderyk Zoll
  • Scope and application of the Optional instrument / M.B.M. Loos
  • Vers un droit européen des contrats spéciaux de service? / Hugues Perinet-Marquet
  • Les contrats de représentation ont-ils vocation à intégrer un futur cadre commun de référence? / Blandine Mallet-Bricout
  • An optional instrument for commercial agency, franchise and distribution contracts? / Evelyn Terryn
  • Rapport de synthèse : les contrats spéciaux dans l'harmonisation du droit européen des contracts / Benoit Kohl.
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xvi, 374 p. ; 25 cm.
The ongoing debate on the harmonisation of European contract law has metamorphosed into an important recognition: that none of the existing national systems of contract law, even the most 'modern, ' have been able to keep pace with the extensive and radical changes in the world which contract law must reflect. The nineteen outstanding contributors to this deeply insightful book concur in envisioning a fundamentally new systematic concept of contract law that, while preserving the essential 'architecture' of the existing European codes, would nonetheless find cogent ways to integrate such modern developments as mass transactions, chains and networks of contracts, regulation of markets and contracts to protect consumers, and service and long-term contracts into an optional European code. The book is organised along three major avenues: the systematic arrangement of a contract law code - how it deals with core questions of formation and performance or breach of contract, such as mistake and misrepresentation, standard contract terms, and remedies in the case of breach of contract; the apparent necessity to merge consumer contract law (i.e., such issues as product safety and liability, warranties, and consumer debt and insolvency) with traditional core contract law concepts; and, the importance to substantive contract law of the pre-contractual phase, in which information duties are becoming steadily more paramount. The authors' perspectives cover a wide range of jurisdictions, including new EU Member States. The book's overall commitment to an integration of comparative law, EC law, and the debate on European codification gives it both an authority and an immediacy that offer interested practitioners and academics fertile ground for the development of a new model of contract law that is more than a common denominator of what has been in force so far, a model which might serve as a basis for Europe-wide and perhaps even worldwide discussion.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9789041125309 20160528
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xxvi, 432 p. ; 25 cm.
  • Part I: The Green Paper Process and the Need of Academic Input. 1. An Academic Green Paper on European Contract Law -- Scope, Common Ground and Debated Issues-- Grundmann, Stuyck. 2. The Commission Communication on European Contract Law and its Follow-Up-- Staudenmayer. Part II. Enhancing Contract Law Harmonisation (Option III) A. The Need of More Thorough Empirical Research. 3. Design for an Empirical Data Investigation into the Impact of Existing Contract Law Harmonisation under the White Paper 1985-- Schwartze. B. Some particular Ways of Enhancing Contract Law Harmonisation. 4. Finding the Remaining Traps instead of Unifying Facilitative Law-- Beale. 5. European Consumer Law -- the Minimal and Maximal Harmonisation Debate and Pro Independent Consumer Law Competence-- Howells. 6. Increasing Consistency in Existing Harmonisation-- Tilleman, Du Laing C. Additional Measures Needed for Really Levelling the Playing Field. 7. Continuing Contract Law Harmonisation under the White Paper of 1985 -- partly with Modifications-- Drexl. Part III. A European Code Replacing National Laws (Option IVa). A. Progressive Codification. 8. Progressive Codification of European Private Law -- Bianca. B. In Favour of a European Civil or Contract Law Code Replacing National Laws. 9. Paving the Way forward with Principles of European Private Law-- von Bar. 10. The Case for a European Contract Act-- Basedow. 11. The Contract Law Codification Process in Europe: Policies, Targets and Time Dimensions-- Bussani. 12. The Politics of European Contract Law: Who has an Interest in What Kind of Contract Law for Europe? Hesselink. 13. Un Code Europeen des Contrats: pourquoi et comment-- Gandolfi. 14. Why does Europe need a Code? Lando. 15. Hard Minimal Code Now! -- a Critique of 'Softness' and a Plea for Responsibility in the European Debate over Codification-- Mattei. 16. A Framework Code Only -- Besides National Laws-- Schwintowski. C. Against a European Code Replacing National Laws. 17. Forced Harmonisation of Contract Law in Europe -- Not to be Continued --Van den Bergh 18. Transaction Costs and Subsidiarity in European Contract Law-- Collins. 19. Some Critical Comments on Competence and Not Concentrating on First Things First-- Reich. Part IV. An Optional European Code Supplementing, Not Substituting National Laws (Option IVb) A. A Map of potential Designs and Basic Elements of Evaluation. 20. European System of Contract Laws -- a Map for Combining the Advantages of Centralised and Decentralised Rule-making -- Grundmann, Kerber. B. Some particular Design Proposals. 21. A European Code for Intra-European Border-Crossing Contracts -- a Subsidiary Plea-- Drobnig. 22. The Design of an Optional Restatement of European Contract Law -- Real Life Instead of Dead Concepts-- Wilhelmsson. 23. A Detailed European Code with a System of Options-- de Geest. 24. Toward a Multi-Layered Contract Law for Europe-- Smits. C. An Optional European Code and the Problem of Knowing about the Best Design. 25. An Optional European Civil Code -- Initiating a Learning Process-- Kirchner. D. A Curriculum of How to Proceed. 26. Codifying European Contract Law -- Top Down and Bottom Up-- van Gerven.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9789041118530 20160528
The contract is the core tool of governance in a free market economy. An EU Contract Law Code is now on the political agenda because all three legislative bodies in the EU and most member states favour it in principle. In its communication of July 2001, the Commission proposed three major options: to enhance the existing EC Contract Law by eliminating inconsistencies; introducing a European Code which substitutes national laws; and introducing a European code which only supplements national laws. This book contains the views of all protagonists - from all those who really drafted the models to all those who illustrated the potential of decentralized rule-making and invented the very idea of an Optional Code. The Optional Code, which is the alternative most likely to come, is thoroughly analysed. The book also contains a full map of design possibilities. It is the executive summary of what European academia thinks of the future of European Contract Law and a European Code.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9789041118530 20160528
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13 p. ; 23 cm.
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153 p. ; 23 cm.
  • Vorwort des Herausgebers
  • The Unidroit principles, a modern approach to contract law / Michael Joachim Bonell
  • Why is American contract law so uniform? National law in the United States / Melvin A. Eisenberg
  • European contract law, the contribution of the Dutch / Ewoud H. Hondius
  • European contract law / Ole Lando
  • Europäisches Vertragsrecht / Christian Kirchner
  • Vorbereitete Diskussionsbeiträge / Hans-Peter Schwintowski, Andreas Schwartze
  • Sitzungsbericht / Detlef Koch.
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1 online resource (451 pages)
Economic change, globalisation and harmonisation of European Law have brought new challenges to contract law. The contributions in this Volume by prominent legal scholars deal with current trends and perspectives in European and International Contract Law and their impact on the various domestic legal systems. The Compendium provides an analysis of new developments in formation of contract, performance and remedies, consumer contract law and the particularly controversial area of anti-discrimination law. Experts in their field examine the underlying legal principles and problems arising in legal practice in Common Law and Civil Law. The essays written in English, German and French are the product of a series of lectures held in 2006 at the Centre for European Private Law (CEP) at the University of Munster, Germany. The contributing authors are: John Adams, Hugh Beale, Giuditta Cordero-Moss, Barbara Dauner-Lieb, Michele Graziadei, Thomas Gutmann, Geraint Howells, Simon James, Paul Lagarde, Matthias Lehmann, Peter Mogelvang-Hansen, Salvatore Patti, Thomas Pfeiffer, John C. Reitz, Judith Rochfeld, Martin Schmidt-Kessel, Jurgen Schmidt-Rantsch, Alessandro Somma, Stefano Troiano, Christian Twigg-Flesner, Antoni Vaquer Aloy and Fryderyk Zoll.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9783866537262 20160618
Economic change, globalization, and harmonization of European law have brought new challenges to contract law. The contributions in this volume by prominent legal scholars deal with current trends and perspectives in European and international contract law and their impact on the various domestic legal systems. The compendium provides an analysis of new developments in formation of contract, performance and remedies, consumer contract law, and the particularly controversial area of anti-discrimination law. Experts in these fields examine the underlying legal principles and problems arising in legal practice in common law and civil law. The essays - written in English, German, and French - are the product of a series of lectures held in 2006 at the Center for European Private Law (CEP) at the University of M nster, Germany.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9783866530362 20160618
518 p. ; 25 cm.
To provide valuable legal service to persons in today's Europe, practitioners must be conversant in both national and transnational law. At the European level, the Principles of European Contract Law (PECL) are an increasingly important element of contract law, together with national contract law, as contained in Civil Codes and various national statute. Accordingly, Kluwer Law International has initiated a series of volumes, under the direction of Prof. Hondius of the University of Utrecht, comparing PECL with the most important European legal systems. This volume on Italian law is the second in the series. Using a straightforward comparative method, the editors' analysis not only reveals a significant area of convergence between the PECL and Italian contract law, but also highlights the main differences between the two bodies of rules. The book provides complete texts, with annotations, of the PECL and the corresponding Italian rules. The presentation proceeds as follows: general provisions (scope of application, general duties, terminology); formation of contracts (general provisions, offer and acceptance, liability for negotiations); authority of agents (general provisions, direct and indirect representation); validity; interpretation; contents and effects; performance; non-performance and remedies in general; and, particular remedies for non-performance (right to performance, withholding performance, termination of the contract, price reduction, damages and interest). The book is a valuable handbook and guide for both foreign and Italian lawyers. For non-Italian lawyers, be they practitioners or academics, it provides a concise but complete and up-to-date outline of current Italian contract law, organized on the basis of a system (PECL) with which many European lawyers are familiar. For Italian lawyers, it offers a clearer insight into a wider European legal contract system whose importance in the evolution of a common European private law is growing rapidly.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9789041123725 20160528
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xlv, 406 p. ; 24 cm.
  • Foreword. Preface. Table of UK Statutes. Table of UK Regulations. Table of Cases. Introduction. The English Legal system. 1. Intention and certainty. 2. Offer and acceptance. 3. Consideration and estoppel. 4. Writing and capacity. 5. Express and implied terms-- conditions, warranties and innominate terms. 6. Fitness of goods and services. 7. Exclusion clauses and other unfair contract terms. 8. Risk and retention of title. 9. Delivery, price and payment. 10. Mistake. 11. Misrepresentation, duress and illegal contracts. 12. Frustration. 13. Remedies for breach of contract. Index.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9789041115454 20160528
This text is first and foremost a clear exposition of the rules and attitudes of English contract law. It emphasizes the UK's membership of the European Union and seeking accordingly to give British lawyers an insight into equivalent Continental rules, while providing their Continental counterparts with a straightforward introduction to English law and its ways of thought. Special features include: clarity of expression and text (no footnotes); nearly 150 cases added since the third edition, including more than 30 reported in 2000; many examples of the terms of standard form contracts, considering their actual or possible effect and introducing students to current commercial practice. Particularly important issues include provisions as to risk, retention of title clauses, exclusion clauses, entire agreement clauses, and letters of credit; full treatment of the fundamental and familiar principles of the law, together with recent and forthcoming UK and EU reforms as to third party rights, consumer protection etc; for those interested to look beyond the limits of their own systems, there are concise and updated commentaries at the end of every chapter on comparable aspects of Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish law, written by practitioners and academics in those countries; and the book provides further comparative material in the many instructive references to Scottish, Commonwealth, and American contract cases, and to the Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9789041115454 20160528
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178 p. ; 24 cm.
  • Rapport introductif / W. van Gerven
  • L'expérience romaine / Claudia Moatti
  • Le phénomène de l'harmonisation: l'expérience contemporaine / Mireille Delmas-Marty
  • La leçon d'Apollinaire / Pierre Legrand
  • L'impact du droit européen de la consommation sur le droit privé des États membres / Thierry Bourgoignie
  • La politique d'harmonisation du droit des contrats de distribution en Europe / Didier Ferrier
  • Harmonisation européenne et contrat de travail / Bernard Bossu
  • Les travaux de la Commission Lando / Denis Tallon
  • La Commission Lando: le point de vue d'un "common-law lawyer" / Hugh Beale
  • La Commission Lando: le point de vue d'un juriste français / Denis Mazeaud
  • Rapport de synthèse / Claude Witz.
Law Library (Crown)
xlii, 338 p. ; 25 cm.
This exposition of the principles of English contract law is intended to provide continental lawyers with a straightforward introduction to English law and practice, and to give their English counterparts what may well be their first insight into equivalent continental rules.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9789041102133 20160528
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