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xviii, 296 pages ; 24 cm
  • Introduction / Laura Cahillane, James Gallen and Tom Hickey
  • In defence of judicial innovation and constitutional evolution / Fiona de Londras
  • Reappraising judicial supremacy in the Irish constitutional tradition / Eoin Daly
  • Unenumerated personal rights : the legacy of Ryan v. Attorney General / Gerard Hogan
  • Judges and the idea of "principle" in constitutional adjudication / Tom Hickey
  • O'Keeffe v. Ireland : overview and analysis / James Gallen
  • The jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights and the case of O'Keeffe v. Hickey / Adrian Hardiman
  • Subsidiarity of ECHR and O'Keeffe v. Ireland : a response to Mr. Justice Hardiman / Conor O'Mahony
  • Judicial appointments in Ireland : the potential for reform / Laura Cahillane
  • Merit, diversity and interpretative communities : the (non-party) politics of judicial appointments and constitutional adjudication / David Kenny
  • Speaking to power : mechanisms for judicial-executive dialogue / John O'Dowd
  • The Irish Constitution "from below" : squatting families versus property rights in Dublin, 1967-71 / Thomas Murray
  • "The union makes us strong" : National Union of Railwaymen v. Sullivan and the demise of vocationalism in Ireland / Donal Coffey
  • Ulster unionism and the Irish Constitution, 1970-85 / Rory Milhench
  • "Towards a better Ireland" : Donal Barrington and the Irish Constitution / Tomás Finn
  • Administrative action, the rule of law and unconstitutional vagueness / Oran Doyle
  • Article 16 of the Irish Constitution and judicial review of electoral processes / David Prendergast
  • Social and economic rights in the Irish Courts and the potential for constitutionalisation / Claire-Michelle Smyth.
This volume brings together academics and judges to consider ideas and arguments flowing from the often complex relationships between law and politics, adjudication and policy-making, and the judicial and political branches of government. Contributors explore numerous themes, including the nature and extent of judicial power, the European Court of Human Rights decision in O'Keeffe v Ireland, the process of appointing judges and judicial representation, judicial power and political processes. Contrasting judicial and academic perspectives are provided on the role of the European Court of Human Rights and the nature of exhausting domestic remedies, including a contribution from the late Mr. Justice Adrian Hardiman. The role of specific judges, social and political disputes and case law are examined and socio-economic rights, the rule of law and electoral processes are all addressed.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781526107312 20170717
Law Library (Crown)
xiii, 511 pages ; 24 cm
  • The republican Constitution / Philip Pettit
  • National identity as a constitutional issue : the case of the Preamble to the Irish Constitution of 1937 / Mark Tushnet
  • Rhetoric, choices and the Constitution / Ronan McCrea
  • The Irish influence on the Israeli Constitution proposal, 1948 / Amihai Radzyner
  • Public philosophy and constitutional interpretation after natural law : republican horizons / Eoin Daly
  • God, the natural law and the 1937 Constitution / Declan O'Keeffe
  • Judicial conceptions of sovereignty / Maria Cahill
  • Constitutional amendment and judicial restraint : how restrained should an Irish court be? / Conor O'Mahony
  • The limits of constitutionalism / Paul Gallagher
  • The separation of powers and remedies : the legislative power and remedies for unconstitutional legislation in comparative perspective / David Kenny
  • Seanad Éireann : an opportunity for real political reform / Jim O'Callaghan
  • The Doherty case and issues regarding the provision of information and funding for constitutional referenda / Bláthna Ruane
  • Direct democracy by judges? : The Irish Constitution and the approach of the courts to the referendum as a model in comparative perspective / Gaetano Marzulli
  • Popular sovereignty and the use of the referendum : comparative perspectives with reference to France / Marie-Luce Paris.
  • Constitutional principles and restitution of unlawfully exacted tax / Niamh Cleary
  • Unconstitutional constitutional amendments from Irish Free State to Irish Republic / Aileen Kavanagh
  • Article 28.3.3 : terrorism, democracy, supra-legality and the 'state of emergency' in the Irish Constitution / Fergal Davis and Christopher Thornhill
  • Declaring a state of emergency under Article 28.3.3 of the Irish Constitution : a purely political question? / Alan Greene
  • Crotty's long shadow : the European Union, the United Nations and the changing framework of Ireland's international relations / David Fennelly
  • Are two Irish mammies (even) better than one? : Heteronormativity, homosexuality and the 1937 Constitution / Fergus Ryan
  • Prospects for constitutional democracy in Ireland / Séamus Ó Tuama
  • A constitutional moment : taking advantage of a confluence of events / Jane Suiter
  • The Constitutional Convention : a comment / John O'Dowd.
The Constitution of Ireland: Perspectives and Prospects brings together a range of Irish and international commentators to examine some of the most significant current issues in Irish constitutional law. Based on a selection of the papers originally presented at a conference to mark the 75th anniversary of the enactment of the current Constitution of Ireland, the collection touches on many of the challenges facing Ireland today. These include: the possibilities for political and constitutional reform; the state of Ireland's democratic structures; national sovereignty in an era of international organisations; the role and conduct of referenda; questions of national identity and values; the meaning of modern Irish republicanism; and the place of religion in Irish society and government. The contributors describe how the Constitution has influenced developments in Ireland since 1937 and consider how it might continue to do so in the future. At a time when Ireland's political and constitutional structures are under review, The Constitution of Ireland: Perspectives and Prospects provides expert insight into these important questions.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781780431383 20160617
Law Library (Crown)
xii, 250 pages ; 24 cm
  • Constitutional rights in Ireland between domestic and supranational courts / Giuseppe Franco Ferrari
  • Irish judicial review of legislation : a comparative perspective / Paolo Passaglia
  • Constitutional interpretation in Ireland / Elisabetta Pulice
  • Evaluating the judicial role in developing the Irish Constitution / Eoin Carolan
  • Administrative law in Ireland : legitimacy of administration under the evolving influence of constitutional law / Mario Comba
  • Rights and freedoms in the domestic context : fair procedures in difficult times / Dr. Ailbhe O'Neill
  • The Irish Constitutional Preamble in a comparative perspective / Angelo Rinella
  • The dialogue among constitutional judges, parliaments and executives / Nino Olivetti Rason and Pier Luigi Petrillo
  • Ireland, Europe, and the partial eclipse of constitutional authority / Dr. Maria Cahill
  • The Irish form of government : a merely apparent semi-presidentialism / Lucca Mezzetti
  • The 2013 Irish Constitutional Convention : a bold step or a damp squib? / David M. Farrell
  • Different perspectives on 75 years of Irish constitutionalism : constitutional and administrative law explored through Irish-Italian dialogue / John O'Dowd.
Law Library (Crown)
v, 161 p. 19 cm.
SAL3 (off-campus storage)
v, 214 p. ; 18 cm.
Law Library (Crown)
clxxxii, 2279 p. : port. ; 25 cm.
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xii, 128 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
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lxx, 733 p. ; 24 cm.
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xxvii, 213 p. ; 24 cm.
Law Library (Crown)
319 p. ; 22 cm.
Law Library (Crown)
336 p. : ill. ; 17 cm.
Law Library (Crown)
lii, 801 p. ; 23 cm.
Law Library (Crown)
42 p.
Law Library (Crown)
117 p. 26 cm.
Hoover Library
15, [1]p. ; 8⁰.
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22p. ; 8⁰.
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