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3. A catalogue of several libraries and parcels of books, [electronic resource] : Including those of The late Reverend Thomas Ashton, D. D. Fellow of Eton College, and Preacher to the Honourable Society of Lincoln's-Inn; and of The Rev. T. Liddel, Fellow of Exeter Coll. Oxford. Together with Part of the Library of the late Bishop Gibson. Among many valuable and scarce Books, are Sir W. Dugdale's Works, 11 vol. Hortus Malabaricus, 12 vol. Aristoteles, Du Val, 2 vol. Plutarchus Rualdi, 2 vol. Plato Serrani, 3 vol. Poetae Graeci, H. Steph. Aristophanes, Edit. Princeps Aristophanes, Kusteri Dio Cassius, Reimari, 2 vol. Plutarchus, Edit. rara, 1478 Polybius, Casauboni, Paris Strabo, Casauboni, 2 vol. Thucidides, Dukeri Biblia Polyglotta, 8 vol. Stevens's Monasticon, "2" vol. Graevius and Gronovius, 25 vol. Idem. 48 vol. Verelii Harvarar Saga Hickesii Thesaurus, 3 vol. Rarii Hist. Plantar. 3 vol. Spelmanni Glossarium, Ch. Mag. H. Steph. Thes. Linguae, Gr. 5 vol. Bartolloccii Biblioth. Rabbin. 5 vol. Gesneri Thesaurus Ling. Lat. 4 vol. Rymer's Foedera, 20 vol. General Dictionary, 10 vol. Miller's Sexual System, 3 vol. Campbell's Vitruvius, R. P. 3 vol. Votes, 42 vol. State Trials, 10 vol. Camden, 2 vol. Royal Paper Stukeley's Stone Henge & Aubury, ... Many of the scarce Counties Horsley's Britannia Romana Rushworth's Collections, 8 vol. L.P. Tanner's Notitia Monastica Sloane's Jamaica, 2 vol. Universal History, 23 vol. Locke, Bacon, Boyle, Selden, &c. Philosophical Transactions, 68 vol. Lord Sommers's Tracts, 16 vol. L'acad. des Sciences, 106 vol. The Books are in good Condition, and will begin to be sold, for ready Money, at the Prices printed in the Catalogue, on Monday, Feb. 17, 1783. By Lockyer Davis, in Holborn; And will continue on Sale till all are sold. Catalogues (price Six-Pence, to be returned in the Purchase) may be had of Messrs. Dodsley, Pall-Mall; Robson, in New Bond-Street; Debret; Piccadilly; Walter, Charing-Cross; Ridley, St. James's-Street; Owen, Temple-Bar; Sewell, in Cornhill; and at the Place of Sale, where ready Money may be had for any Library or Parcel of Books [1783]

11. Bibliotheca elegans [electronic resource] : A catalogue of the entire and valuable library of Sir Robert Baylis, Knt. and Alderman, deceas'd. Containing a fine Collection of the best Editions of the Classics, printed by the most celebrated Printers; also the most approved Authors relating to the History and Antiquities of divers Nations, particularly Great-Britain and Ireland. And a curious Collection of Voyages and Travels. Which will be sold by auction, at the Rose Tavern near Temple-Bar, on Monday, November 20, 1749. and the Eleven following Evenings, (sunday excepted) beginning each Evening at Five O'Clock. N. B. The Books are very fine Copies, and most of them elegantly bound. Among many other valuable Articles are, Folio. De Bry's East and West Indies, 25 Parts, 12 vol. compleat Antiquite expliquee, par Montfaucon, 15 vol. 1st Impr. R. P. finely bound Dr. Clarke's Caesar, fine Prints Cicero, by Vascosan 70 vol. 410 - C. Steph. 2 v. beautiful Copy - Manutius, 4 vol. folio Dugdale Monasticon Angl. 3 vol. Plato, Serrani, 3 vol. exemp. elegans Overbeeke's Antiq. of Rome Purchas's Pilgrims, 5 vol. fine Copy Hakluyt's Voyages, 3 vol. Churchill's Voyages, 4 vol. Stukeley's Itinerary Madox's History of the Exchequer Somner's Saxon Dictionary. Octavo. Classics, notis variorum, 34 vol. Elzevir Classics, 35 v. very fair and neat Hearne's Antiquities, 24 vol. Together with some curious single Prints, and eight handsome Book Cases with Glass Doors; which will be Sold in the 12th Days Sale at Noon. Catalogues may be had of Mr. Whiston in Fleetstreet, Mr. Dodsley in Pall-Mall, Mr. Millar in the Strand, Mr. Clarke under the Royal Exchange, Messrs. Thurlbourn and Merril at Cambridge, Mr. Fletcher in the Turl, Oxford, And at the Place of Sale. - The Books may be viewed on Thursday, November 16, Friday 17, and Saturday the 18th. [1749]

12. A catalogue of valuable and curious books; consisting of several collections lately purchased, among which are folio [electronic resource] : Dresses of eastern nations, finely coloured Hortus Elthamensis, 2 vol. cor. rus. Hortus Estetensisgallerie du Luxembourg -du Versailles, Russia Statue di Rossi Caesar, per Clarke, corio Maurit. Demosthenes Wolfii, edit. opt. Rymerifoedera, 20 vol. eleg. comp. Plutarchus Rualdi, 2 vol. chart. max.Aristophanes Kusteri Virgilius Ambrogii, 3 vol. ... Catalog. Bib. Reg. Galliae, 10 vol. Spelmanni Glossarium, ch. mag. S. Chrysostom, per Montfaucon. 13 v. Josephus Havercampi, 2 vol. -Hudsoni, 2 vol. ch. m. Critici Sacri, 14. vol. ch. max. N. Test. R. Stephani, corio Maurit. Idem Westenii, 2 vols. Chronicon Gotwicense, 2 v. ch. max. Architett. de Vitruve Deser, de la Chine, par Du Hable, 4 v. Ramelli Descript. ... Purchas's Pilgrimes, 5 vol. Hackluyt's Voyages, 2 vol. Temple of the Muses, by Picart Gerard's Herbal, by Johnson Stukeley's Itiner. Curiosum, &c. Dugdale's Summons to Parl. 2 vol. Hall's Cronicle, Russia Hollinshed's Chronicle, 2 vol. best ed. Burton's Leicestershire State Tracts, 4 vol. ... Pope's Works, Homer and Shakespeare, 22 vol. elegant Hume's Hist. Eng. 8 vol. royal pab. Claudianus Delphini Apuleius Delphini Livius Delphini, 6 vol. ... With many others equally good: Also several curious Missales, finely ornamented, and many Aneient and Valuable Mss. on Vellum, &c. Likewise a Parcel of Black Letter Books, English and Foreign, of very early Dates. Which will be sold (for Ready Money) at the Prices printed in the Catalogue, by T. Davies, in Russel-Street, Covent-Garden, on and after the 20th of February, 1771 [1771]


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