1. Bio-image search [2015]

Database topics
Medicine; Biology; Science (General); Technology
1 online resource : color and black and white
Developed by Lane Medical Library, serves up images and diagrams exclusively from medical and scientific organizations. It groups the results based on the degree to which their republication is restricted. The tool is available to anyone with Internet access.
Database topics
Communication and Journalism; Economics and Business; Technology; Government Information: International and Foreign; Government Information: United States; Statistical and Numeric Data
Online market research database covering the wireline, wireless, and broadband industries of over 155 countries. Includes detailed profiles for these countries, regarding background data, regulatory information, and market data. Also includes profiles of over 1200 national and over 65 multinational companies that operate in these countries.
Database topics
Economics and Business; Technology
IT, telecommunications, and consumer technology market research and analyst reports. Stanford subscription does not include data products (Tracker, IT Executive Suite, Custom Solutions, Spending Guides, Black Book data), and Industry Insights reports.