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Database topics
Ancient Greek and Roman Culture; Religious Studies; Medieval Studies
4 CD-ROMS ; 4 3/4 in. + bibliography + quick reference guide + user guide
Database contains the complete Acta sanctorum, including all prefatory material, original texts, critical apparatus and indexes ... comprises the works published over a period of three hundred years by the Société des Bollandistes ... materials on the lives of the saints from the beginning of the Christian era to the end of the sixteenth century.
Media & Microtext Center
Database topics
Religious Studies; Statistical and Numeric Data
This website provides tens of thousands of adherent statistics and religious geography citations--references to published membership and congregational statistics for over 4,200 religions, churches, denominations, religious bodies, faith groups, tribes, cultures, movements, concerns, etc.

3. Alberti Magni e-corpus [2009 - ]

Database topics
Medieval Studies; Religious Studies; Philosophy
1 online resource : HTML, PDF, sound, color illustrations
There is no truly complete edition of Albert the Great (ca. 1200-1280) works, and the age and the rarity of the most complete one (Opera omnia, ed. A. Borgnet, Paris, 1890-1899, itself based on Opera omnia, ed. P. Jammy, Lyon, 1651) render it hard to access for many scholars. The new critical edition (sometimes called Editio Coloniensis), begun in 1951 led by the Albertus-Magnus-Institut of Bonn, offers a much more reliable text but will not be completed before many more decades. Scholars can use the present website in order to : 1) download image files (.pdf) of all of Albert's works which can be found in the Borgnet edition as well as the 21 volumes of the Jammy edition, in addition to a few other writings which have been edited individually and which, like the Borgnet and the Jammy editions, are too old to be covered by copyright law; 2) search electronically 24 of those works, using a search engine which is endowed with boolean operators and which gives access to more than 4.1 million words (corresponding to more than 10000 pages in print); 3) browse those same 24 works on line.
Database topics
History; Ancient Greek and Roman Culture; Religious Studies; Medieval Studies
An online version and continuation of the Annual Egyptological Bibliography (AEB), published in print 1947-2001, combined with the Bibliographie Altägypten (BA), providing coverage of Egyptological literature from 1822 to 2002, as well as partial coverage of 2003-2008. OEB is a joint project with Aigyptos, and the number of available items will rise rapidly as Aigyptos records enter the OEB database.
Database topics
Religious Studies; Jewish Studies; Islam and the Middle East
The ATLA Religion Database is a comprehensive database designed to support religious and theological scholarship in graduate education and faculty research. The file contains citations from international titles and 13,000 multi-author works in and related to the field of religion. It also includes a full range of index citations to journal articles, essays in multi-author works, book reviews, and Doctor of Ministry projects from ATLA's print indexes: Religion Index One (RIO), Religion Index Two (RIT), and Index to Book Reviews in Religion (IBRR). Though coverage is from 1949 to the present, not all publications began in 1949.
Database topics
Art, Architecture and Design; Jewish Studies; Religious Studies; Medieval Studies
1 online resource
"The Bezalel Narkiss Index of Jewish Art is a collection of digitized images and information about Jewish artifacts from all over the world. The online collection includes more than 260,000 images of objects and artifacts from 700 museums, synagogues and private collections in 41 different countries, as well as architectural drawings of 1,500 synagogues and Jewish ritual buildings from antiquity to the modern day."--Hebrew University of Jerusalem e-mail press release, August 9, 2017
Database topics
Religious Studies; British and Commonwealth History
p. ; cm.
  • West Saxon (Gospels)
  • Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, with the Apocryphal books ... / John Wycliffe
  • Pentateuch, Jonah and New Testament / William Tyndale
  • Biblia, the Bible ... / Miles Coverdale
  • Great Bible
  • The Byble, that is to say all the holy Scripture / Thomas Matthew
  • Bishops' Bible
  • Rheims Douai
  • Geneva Bible
  • King James Bible
  • New Testament / Daniel Mace
  • Holy Bible and New Testament translated from the Latin Vulgate / Richard Challoner
  • New Testament / John Wesley
  • New Testament / John Worsley
  • Holy Bible / Noah Webster
  • New Testament / Leicester Ambrose Sawyer
  • Twentieth Century New Testament
  • New English Bible
  • Good News Bible with Deuterocanonicals/Apocrypha.
" ... contains twenty-one different versions of the English Bible. In addition to twelve complete Bibles, there are five texts that comprise New Testaments only, two that contain just the Gospels, and William Tyndale's translations of the Pentateuch, Jonah and New Testament."
Database topics
Ancient Greek and Roman Culture; Medieval Studies; Religious Studies
Physical extent
1 online resource : HTML
"The BTL Online database provides electronic access to all editions of Latin texts published in the Bibliotheca Teubneriana, ranging from antiquity and late antiquity to medieval and neo-Latin texts. A total of approximately 13 million word forms are thus accessible electronically. The user interface allows various and differentiated searches. Classical scholars and ancient historians are provided with a valuable tool for both research and the preparation of teaching at school and university level."

9. Brepols online [2011 - ]

Database topics
Medieval Studies; Art, Architecture and Design; Religious Studies; French and Italian Studies; British and Commonwealth History; British and Commonwealth Literary Studies
BrepolsOnline is the platform for all online content published by Brepols in books and journals, across a broad range of humanities disciplines. The focus of Brepols Publishers' publications lies in "source-works" from Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period. By this is meant critical editions of original texts and documents in their original language, reference works such as encyclopaedias, handbooks and bibliographies, as well as monograph studies, periodicals and cutting-edge research.
Database topics
General and Reference Works; Religious Studies; Jewish Studies; Islam and the Middle East; Ancient Greek and Roman Culture; African Studies; Medieval Studies
1 online resource.
A collection of reference texts relating to religion, classical studies, and area studies.
Database topics
Islam and the Middle East; Religious Studies
Brockelmann Online will consist of both original volumes Geschichte der arabischen Litteratur (GAL) by Carl Brockelmann (1868-1956), as well as the three supplement volumes, including the indexes. It is full-text searchable.
Database topics
Asian Studies (East, South & Southeast Asia; Middle East); Religious Studies
This website contains E. Gene Smith's extensive database of Tibetan literature and serves as the main access point to an evolving digital archive of texts, as well as links to other important digital archive projects.
Database topics
History; Islam and the Middle East; Religious Studies
Provides full text online access to the complete 250-plus volumes of Cambridge Histories reference series. Provides political, economic and social history, philosophy and literature of selected countries and subjects.
Database topics
Religious Studies
29 cm.
Green Library, SAL3 (off-campus storage)
Database topics
Religious Studies
The Catholic Periodical and Literature Index is the product of a partnership between ATLA and the Catholic Library Association. The database includes citations to articles and reviews published in Roman Catholic periodicals (over 200), Papal documents, church promulgations, and books about the Catholic faith and lifestyle written by Catholic authors and/or produced by Catholic publishers.
Database topics
Religious Studies; British and Commonwealth History
A database documenting the careers of all Church of England clergymen between 1540 and 1835. This website not only gives access to the Database, but also provides a range of supporting materials about the Church and its clergy.
Database topics
General and Reference Works; Religious Studies; Medieval Studies
Facsimiles of manuscripts from the Abbey Library of St. Gallen.
Database topics
Jewish Studies; Religious Studies; Germanic Studies; History
The Internet Archive of Jewish Periodicals offers the full text of over 100 German-language, Jewish periodicals published mainly in Germany, beginning in 1806 and ending in 1938, with some limited coverage in the 18th century.
Database topics
British and Commonwealth History; Government Information: International and Foreign; Islam and the Middle East; Jewish Studies; Religious Studies
The collection covers Middle Eastern history from 1812-1958; countries included are: Afghanistan, Egypt, Sudan, Persia, Suez Canal, Turkey, Jordan, Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, and Syria. The series originated out of a need for the British Government to preserve all of the most important papers generated by the Foreign and Colonial Offices. Some of these were one page letters or telegrams -- others were large volumes or texts of treaties. All items marked 'Confidential Print' were circulated to leading officials in the Foreign Office, to the Cabinet, and to heads of British missions abroad.
Database topics
Medieval Studies; Religious Studies; Philosophy
  • Opera omnia S. Thomae
  • Bibliographia Thomistica
  • Editio Leonina
  • Fontes vitae S. Thomae
  • Nexus interretiales
  • Index Thomisticus
  • Opera nova
  • Optimae editiones
  • Catalogi antiquissimi
  • Inventarium documentorum.
The Corpus Thomisticum project aims to provide scholars with a set of instruments of research on Thomas Aquinas, freely available via Internet. It has five parts: a full edition of the complete works of St. Thomas according, where possible, to the best critical texts; a bibliography covering all the studies on Aquinas and his doctrine, from the 13th century through our days; an index of the main tools of Thomistic research, and the edition of the most important among them; a database management system, implemented to search, compare, and sort words, phrases, quotations, similitudes, correlations, and statistical information; a digital edition of the main manuscripts of Aquinas' works.