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  • 1. INTRODUCTION A Sample Controversy / Requirements of a Good Sample / Selection Bias / Measurement Bias / Questionnaire Design / Sampling and Nonsampling Errors / Exercises 2. SIMPLE PROBABILITY SAMPLES Types of Probability Samples / Framework for Probability Sampling / Simple Random Sampling / Confidence Intervals / Sample Size Estimation / Systematic Sampling / Randomization Theory Results for Simple Random Sampling / A Model for Simple Random Sampling / When Should a Simple Random Sample Be Used? / Exercises 3. RATIO AND REGRESSION ESTIMATION Ratio Estimation / Regression Estimation / Estimation in Domains / Models for Ration and Regression Estimation / Comparison / Exercises 4. STRATIFIED SAMPLING What is Stratified Sampling? / Theory of Stratified Sampling / Sampling Weights / Allocating Observations to Strata / Defining Strata / A Model for Stratified Sampling / Poststratification / Quota Sampling / Exercises 5. CLUSTER SAMPLING WITH EQUAL PROBABILITIES Notation for Cluster Sampling / One-Stage Cluster Sampling / Two-Stage Cluster Sampling / Using Weights in Cluster Samples / Designing a Cluster Sample / Systematic Sampling / Models for Cluster Sampling / Summary Exercises 6. SAMPLING WITH UNEQUAL PROBABILITIES Sampling One Primary Sampling Unit / One-Stage Sampling with Replacement / Two-Stage Sampling with Replacement / Unequal-Probability Sampling Without Replacement / Examples of Unequal-Probability Samples / Randomization Theory Results and Proofs / Models and Unequal-Probability Sampling 7. COMPLEX SURVEYS Assembling Design Components / Sampling Weights / Estimating a Distribution Function / Plotting Data from a Complex Survey / Design Effects / The National Crime Victimization Survey / Sampling and Experiment Design / Exercises 8. NONRESPONSE Effects of Ignoring Nonresponse / Designing Surveys to Reduce Nonsampling Errors / Callbacks and Two-Phase Sampling / Mechanisms for Nonresponse / Weighting Methods for Nonresponse / Imputation / Parametric Models for Nonresponse / What is An Acceptable Response Rate? / Exercises 9. VARIANCE ESTIMATION IN COMPLEX SURVEYS Linearization (Taylor Series) Methods / Random Group Methods / Resampling and Replication Methods / Generalized Variance Functions / Confidence Intervals / Summary and Software / Exercises 10. CATEGORICAL DATA ANALYSIS IN COMPLEX SURVEYS Chi-square Tests with Multinomial Sampling / Effects of Survey Design on Chi-Square Tests / Corrections to Chi-Square Tests / Loglinear Models / Exercises 11. REGRESSION WITH COMPLEX SURVEY DATA Model-based Regression in Simple Random Samples / Regression in Complex Surveys / Should Weights be Used in Regression? / Mixed Models for Cluster Samples / Logistic Regression / Generalized Regression Estimation for Population Totals / Exercises 12. OTHER TOPICS IN SAMPLING Two-Phase Sampling / Capture-Recapture Estimation / Estimation in Domains, Revisited / Sampling for Rare Events / Randomized Response / APPENDIX A: THE SURVEY PROGRAM / APPENDIX B: PROBABILITY CONCEPTS USED IN SAMPLING / Probability / Random Variables and Expected Value / Conditional Probability / Conditional Expectation / APPENDIX C: DATA SETS / APPENDIX D: COMPUTER CODES USED FOR EXAMPLES / APPENDIX E: STATISTICAL TABLE / REFERENCES / AUTHOR INDEX / SUBJECT INDEX.
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Sharon L. Lohr's SAMPLING: DESIGN AND ANALYSIS provides a modern introduction to the field of sampling. With a multitude of applications from a variety of disciplines, the book concentrates on the statistical aspects of taking and analyzing a sample. Overall, the book gives guidance on how to tell when a sample is valid or not, and how to design and analyze many different forms of sample surveys.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780534353612 20160528
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