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xx, 349 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
  • Frequently Cited German Texts and their English Translations / Foreword / 1. Introduction: Getting to the Topic / Part I: Aristotelian Beginnings / 2. Being in Aristotle / 3. Heidegger Beyond Aristotle / Part II: The Early Heidegger / 4. Phenomenology and the Formulation of the Question / 5. Ex-sistence as Openness / 6. Becoming Our Openness / Part III: The Later Heidegger / 7. Transition: From Being and Time to the Hidden Clearing / 8. Appropriation and the Turn / 9. The History of Being / 10. Conclusion: Critical Reflections / Appendices / Bibliographies / Index.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781783481187 20160617
Making Sense of Heidegger presents a radically new reading of Heidegger's notoriously difficult oeuvre. Clearly written and rigorously grounded in the whole of Heidegger's writings, Thomas Sheehan's latest book argues for the strict unity of Heidegger's thought on the basis of three theses: that his work was phenomenological from beginning to the end; that "being" refers to the meaningful presence of things in the world of human concerns; and that what makes such intelligibility possible is the existential structure of human being as the thrown-open or appropriated "clearing." Sheehan offers a compelling alternative to the classical paradigm that has dominated Heidegger research over the last half-century, as well as a valuable retranslation of the key terms in Heidegger's lexicon. This important book opens a new path in Heidegger research that will stimulate dialogue not only within Heidegger studies but also with philosophers outside the phenomenological tradition and scholars in theology, literary criticism, and existential psychiatry.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781783481187 20160617
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