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xxxiv, 664 pages ; 24 cm
  • The study of the person
  • The science of personality : methods and assessment
  • Personality research methods
  • Assessment, effect size, and ethics
  • How people differ : the trait approach
  • Personality traits, situations, and behavior
  • Personality judgment
  • Using personality traits to understand behavior
  • Personality stability, development, and change
  • The mind and the body : biological approaches to personality
  • The anatomy and physiology of personality
  • The inheritance of personality : behavioral genetics and evolutionary psychology
  • The hidden world of the mind : the psychoanalytic approach
  • Basics of psychoanalysis
  • Psychoanalysis after freud : neo-freudians, object relations, and current research
  • Experience and awareness : humanistic and cross-cultural psychology
  • Experience, existence, and the meaning of life : humanistic and positive psychology
  • Cultural variation in experience, behavior, and personality
  • What personality does : learning, thinking, feeling, and knowing
  • Learning to be a person : behaviorism and the social learning theories
  • Personality processes : perception, thought, motivation, and emotion
  • The self : what you know about you
  • Personality, mental health, and physical health
  • Epilogue: looking back and looking ahead.
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