xxxviii, 568 p. : ill ; 25 cm.
  • Introduction: Children affected by armed conflict at the intersection of three fields of study / Cindy Mels ... [et al.]
  • International legal protection for the recovery and reintegration of war-affected children / Bo Victor Nylund
  • Psychosocial well-being and the integration of war-affected children : toward a community resilience approach / Michael Wessells
  • Integrating transitional justice and disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration : the need to achieve rehabilitation, reintegration, and reconciliation for child soldiers and child victims of enforced disappearances / Jeremy Sarkin
  • And the children learned not to cry : stories about children and transitional justice in Latin America / Javier Ciurlizza
  • When Hurbinek survives : transitional justice and children's rights : lessons learnt from Rwanda / Pietro Sullo
  • "We have life without living" : addressing the legacies of genocide for Rwanda's children and youth / Kirrily Pells
  • Rehabilitating separated children through holistic, community-based models / Jessica Muir and Elhum Shakerifar
  • Release and reintegration of child soldiers : one part of a bigger puzzle / Lucia Withers
  • No return home : the (non-)reintegration of youth ex-combatants in Sierra Leone as a challenge to the contextualisation of DDR and transitional justice / Martien Schotsman
  • Support to the education and livelihoods of war-affected children and youth in Northern Uganda / Ann Lorschiedter and Femke Bannink-Mbazzi
  • Transitional justice implications for the use of child soldiers in Eritrea / Daniel R. Mekonnen
  • Children in twentieth century Europe affected by war : historical experiences in giving them refuge / Frank Caestecker
  • Life in rebel captivity and its challenges for the psychosocial rehabilitation and reintegration of former child soldiers : the case of Northern Uganda / Sofie Vindevogel ... [et al.]
  • Psychosocial care in rehabilitation centres for former child soldiers in Northern Uganda / Kathleen Coppens ... [et al.]
  • Lessons learnt from the rehabilitation and reintegration of girl mothers from Northern Uganda : a case study from the Gulu district / Sarah Kamya and Charles N. Bwana
  • Community-based approaches to the reintegration of self-demobilised child soldiers : the case of the Democratic Republic of Congo / Mulanda Juma
  • Psychosocial adjustment and mental health services in post-conflict Sierra Leone : experiences of CAAFAG and war-affected youth, families and service providers / Theresa Betancourt ... [et al.]
  • The fit between mental health needs and programming response for war-affected children in Northern Uganda / James Okello ... [et al.]
  • War-affected children, international crisis of meaning, and the limits of rehabilitation programs / Vanessa Pupavac
  • Exploring the context for adolescent mental health and psychosocial assistance in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo / Cindy Mels ... [et al.]
  • A gender perspective on girls and young women in armed conflicts and organised armed violence : some examples from Latin America / Maria Luisa Bartolomei
  • On children's rights and wrongs : the challenges for a rights-based approach to integration / Yannick Weyns.
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