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lxxiv, 1379 pages ; 26 cm.
  • Introduction: Ten threshold issues
  • Muhammad (PBUH) before prophethood (570/571-610 A.D.)
  • Muhammad (PBUH) as prophet (610-632 A.D.)
  • Holy Qur'an (610-650 A.D.) : revelation, compilation, and tenets
  • Caliphs of Mecca and Medina (Rashidun) (632-661 A.D.)
  • Umayyad Caliphate (661-750 A.D.)
  • Abbasid Caliphate (750-1258 A.D.)
  • Crusades (1095-1272 A.D.)
  • Sunni-Shiite split (632-680 A.D.)
  • Shiiism and its Imāms (680-940 A.D.)
  • Ottoman Turkish Empire (11th Century A.D.-1923)
  • Moghul Indian Empire (1504-1857 A.D.)
  • Fundamental sources : holy Qur'ān and Sunnah
  • Secondary sources : Ījmaʻ and Qiyas
  • Controversial additional sources
  • Five pillars of Islam
  • Four Sunnite schools of Islamic law
  • Islam and capitalist economic growth
  • Property law : ownership and property
  • Property law : public property, private property, and possession
  • Property law : protecting and restricting private ownership
  • Contract law : general principles and contract formation
  • Contract law : types of contract
  • Contract law : performance, terms, and remedies
  • Business associations law : traditional types of partnership
  • Business associations law : modern partnerships and agricultural ventures
  • Banking law : risk (Gharar)
  • Banking law : interest (Ribā)
  • Banking law : legal devices (Ḥiyal) and the prohibition on interest (Ribā)
  • Finance (Tamweel) : Islamic bonds (Ṣukūk) and securitization
  • Finance (Tamweel) : types and risks of Islamic bonds (Ṣukūk)
  • Finance (Tamweel) : insurance (Takaful) and money transfers (Ḥawālah)
  • Finance (Tamweel) : innovative instruments and markets
  • Marriage and divorce
  • Polygamy and mixed marriages
  • Rights of wife
  • Women and clothes
  • Women and work
  • Rearing children
  • Contraception
  • Abortion
  • Wills (Waṣāyā), charitable trusts (Waqfs), and euthanasia
  • Law of succession
  • Key concepts
  • Claims of God (Ḥaqq Allāh) : sex crimes
  • Claims of God (Ḥaqq Allāh) : drinking and stealing
  • Claims of God (Ḥaqq Allāh) : converting and religious freedom
  • Private claims (Ḥaqq Ādamī)
  • Law of war
  • Jihād (struggle)
  • Terrorism.
"[This book provides] foundational materials for the study of Islamic Law and covers several other pertinent fields: banking and finance, contracts, criminal law, family law, and property. The book includes Arabic terms, in English, with diacritical marks to assist in pronunciation, provides a glossary of Arabic terms, and incorporates recent developments. It...can be used without supplementation in a one-semester Islamic Law course."-- Provided by publisher.
Law Library (Crown)
xix, 389 p. ; 24 cm.
  • Introduction
  • English translations
  • Effective web research
  • Introductory and background sources
  • Beyond background sources : books, journal articles and more
  • Treaties and international agreements
  • Customary international law, generally recognized principles, and judicial decisions
  • Foreign law
  • Comparative law
  • International organziations
  • United Nations
  • The European Union
  • Regional international organizations
  • Introduction to researching international topics
  • Human rights
  • International criminal law
  • Intellectual property
  • International environmental law
  • International trade law
  • Private international law
  • International commercial arbitration
  • International courts and tribunals.
International and Foreign Legal Research: A Coursebook, second edition by Hoffman and Rumsey, now in a second edition, is designed for classes in foreign and international legal research. Topics covered in the book range from treaty research to chapters on particular subjects of international law. Coverage also includes chapters on researching foreign and comparative law as well as major international organizations, including the UN and the EU.
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Law Library (Crown)
xii, 323 p. ; 22 cm.
  • Introduction Citation Primary Source Material - Commonwealth, NSW, Selected Australian Jurisdictions and UK Delegated Legislation Law Reports Secondary Source Material Finding the Law in New Zealand, Canada and India Finding the Law in the United States of America International Law The Legal Materials of the European Union Non-commercial Internet Addresses for Legal Research Index.
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Concise Legal Research details the technical aspects of a huge number of legal sources and explains how to research law with confidence and in good time. This new edition focuses on the impact of online access and the need for the researcher to move seamlessly between traditional and electronic resources. All strategies that have been created to incorporate hard copy researching techniques have been updated with alternate electronic methods. Particular attention has been paid to the chapter on secondary sources, and with the maintenance of a structured approach to research, recognises that online research -- with its many inherent pitfalls -- must carefully fit within rules of research required by the discipline.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781862877238 20160604
Law Library (Crown)