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x, 458 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
  • Public enforcement of law / A. Mitchell Polinsky and Steven Shavell
  • Private enforcement of law / Reza Rajabium
  • Criminal law and regulation / Anthony Ogus
  • Criminal law and torts / Antony Dnes
  • Criminal procedure / Thomas J. Miceli
  • Plea-bargaining and prosecution / Oren Gazal-Ayal and Limor Riza
  • Political economy of criminal procedure / Keith N. Hylton and Vikramaditya S. Khanna
  • The economics of capital punishment / Joanna M. Shepherd
  • Corporate crime / Wallace P. Mullin and Christopher M. Snyder
  • Organized crime / Vimal Kumar and Stergios Skaperdas
  • Corruption / Roger Bowles
  • Tax evasion and avoidance / Luigi Alberto Franzoni
  • Environmental crimes / Michael Faure
  • Cyber crime / Mark A. Cohen
  • Terrorism / Nuno Garoupa, Jonathan Klick and Francesco Parisi
  • Behavioral criminal law and economics / Richard H. McAdams and Thomas S. Ulen.
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xxx, 738 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
  • Labor law and employment regulation : neoclassical and institutional perspectives / Bruce E. Kaufman
  • Employment contracts / Ann-Sophie Vandenberghe
  • Regulating unions and collective bargaining / Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt and Arthur R. Traynor
  • Investments in adult lifelong learning / Lisa M. Lynch
  • Minimum wage legislation / Simon Deakin and Frank Wilkinson
  • Health insurance / David A. Hyman
  • International executive pay : current practices and future trends / Randall S. Thomas
  • Workers' compensation / John F. Burton, Jr.
  • Occupational safety and health regulation / Sidney A. Shapiro
  • Employment discrimination / Stewart J. Schwab
  • Accommodating families / Joyce P. Jacobsen
  • Workplace disability / Seth D. Harris and Michael Ashley Stein
  • Adjudication of workplace disputes / Douglas M. Mahony and Hoyt N. Wheeler
  • Economics of child labor / Alessandro Cigno
  • Economics of slavery, forced labor and human trafficking / Patrick Belser
  • Discharge / J.H. Verkerke
  • Unemployment / Stephen A. Woodbury
  • Intellectual property and restrictive covenants / Orly Lobel
  • Pensions and retirement / Jonathan Barry Forman
  • Migration and labor markets : a brief survey / Jagdeep S. Bhandari
  • Employee collective action in a global economy / Jeffrey M. Hirsch
  • National regulation in a global economy : new governance approaches to 21st century work law / Orly Lobel
  • International labor standards and international trade : an economic overview / Richard N. Block and Jonas Zoninsein
  • Labor law for the digital era : the future of labor and employment law in the United States / Katherine V.W. Stone.
The economic analysis of labor and employment law is a bold effort to apply economic theory to explain important empirical facts about the regulation of the employment relationship and to provide positive predictions and normative analyses that are useful to policy-makers. This book draws together 24 chapters, by leading scholars in the field, summarizing the important theoretical and empirical work that has been done to date on a wide spectrum of labor and employment law topics including: regulating employment contracts, unions, collective bargaining, minimum wages, health insurance, executive pay, workers' compensation, unemployment, occupational health and safety, discrimination, needs of families, training and slave labor, to name but a few. This volume is one of the first in a series on specific topics within law and economics which builds upon, updates and replaces Elgar's very popular "Encyclopedia of Law and Economics". It is designed as an essential starting point for academics and policy makers who are interested in these topics.
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