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x, 246 pages ; 22 cm
  • STYLE AS CHOICE: Understanding style
  • Correctness
  • CLARITY: Actions
  • Characters
  • Cohesion and coherence
  • Emphasis
  • CLARITY OF FORM: Motivation
  • Global coherence
  • GRACE: Concision
  • Shape
  • Elegance
  • ETHICS: The ethics of style.
Law Library (Crown)
LAW-718-01, LAW-7827-01
240 pages ; 22 cm
  • Introduction
  • Why typography matters
  • Type composition
  • Text formatting
  • Font recommendations
  • Page layout
  • Sample documents.
Law Library (Crown)
LAW-718-01, LAW-718-01
xx, 265 pages ; 21 cm
  • Woe is I : therapy for pronoun anxiety
  • Plurals before swine : blunders with numbers
  • Yours truly : the possessives and the possessed
  • They beg to disagree : putting verbs in their place
  • Verbal abuse : words on the endangered list
  • Spellbound : how to be letter perfect
  • So to speak : talking points on pronunciation
  • Comma sutra : the joy of punctuation
  • The compleat dangler : a fish out of water
  • Death sentence : do clichés deserve to die?
  • The living dead : let bygone rules be gone
  • Saying is believing : how to write what you mean.
Law Library (Crown)
xix, 522 pages ; 23 cm
Contains an alphabetically arranged list of over one thousand commonly mispronounced words, including the author's explanation of how each word should be pronounced and a brief essay supporting his position.
Law Library (Crown)
xvii, 147 p. : col. ill. ; 23 cm.
Law Library (Crown)
LAW-219-01, LAW-219-02, LAW-219-03, LAW-718-01
xvii, 268 p. ; 22 cm.
Focusing on the argumentative, narrative, and descriptive style found in legal briefs and judicial opinions, The Elements of Legal Style (second edition) will be a thought provoking examination of effective argumentation in law.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780195141627 20160528
Law Library (Crown)
LAW-219-01, LAW-219-02, LAW-219-03, LAW-718-01, LAW-7816-01, LAW-7827-01