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xvi, 461 p. ; 25 cm.
  • History of comparative law and society / David S. Clark
  • Comparative sociology of law / Roger Cotterrell
  • Comparative criminology / Francis Pakes
  • Comparative anthropology of Law / Elizabeth Mertz and Mark Goodale
  • Comparative law and economics : accounting for social norms / Francesco Parisi and Barbara Luppi
  • Comparative law and political economy / John C. Reitz
  • Comparative legal psychology : eyewitness identification / Ruth Horry ... [et al.]
  • Separation of legislative and executive governmental powers / Howard J. Wiarda and Jonathan T. Polk
  • Federalism and subnational legal systems : the Canadian example of provincial constitutionalism / G. Alan Tarr
  • Judges, their careers, and independence / Carlo Guarnieri
  • Civil court litigation and alternative dispute resolution / Koen van Aeken
  • Criminal courts and procedure / Stephen C. Thaman
  • Administrative law, agencies and redress mechanisms in the United Kingdom and Sweden / Michael Adler and Sara Stendahl
  • Constitutional law and courts / Tom Ginsburg
  • Legal cultures / David Nelken
  • Legal education / David S. Clark
  • Legal professions and law firms / David S. Clark
  • Legal protection of the environment / Stephen C. McCaffrey and Rachael E. Salcido
  • Preventive health at work / Julie C. Suk.
Comparative Law and Society, part of the Research Handbooks in Comparative Law series, is a pioneering volume that comprises 19 original essays written by expert authors from across the world. This innovative handbook offers both a history of the field of comparative law and society and a thorough exploration of its methods, disciplines, and major issues, presenting the most comprehensive look into this contemporary field to date. In Part I, Methods and Disciplines, contributors approach critical issues in comparative law and society from a variety of academic fields, including sociology, criminology, anthropology, economics, political science, and psychology. This multidisciplinary approach highlights the importance of addressing the variance of perspectives inherent to the field. In Part II, Core Issues, chapters offer an exploration of major legal institutions, processes, professionals, and cultures associated with particular legal subjects. Since authors utilize the perspective of at least two different legal systems, this book offers a truly thorough and wide-ranging focus. The general reader, as well as students and scholars, will find this handbook useful in their continuing explorations into the interaction between law and society. Practitioners such as lawyers and judges with an interest in global perspectives of law will also find much to admire in this innovative volume.
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xi, 325 p. : ill ; 25 cm.
  • Introduction / Pier Giuseppe Monateri
  • Methods in comparative law : an intellectual overview / Pier Giuseppe Monateri
  • Intent on making mischief : seven ways of using comparative law / Mads Andenas and Duncan Fairgrieve
  • Method? / Simone Glanert
  • Comparison as deep appreciation / Gary Watt
  • The functional method / James Gordley
  • How to do projects with comparative law : notes of an expedition to the common core / Günter Frankenberg
  • Descriptive and purposive categories of comparative law / Sebastian McEvoy
  • All that heaven allows : are transnational codes a "scientific truth" or are they just a form of elegant "pastiche"? / Geoffrey Samuel
  • Contextualizing legal transplant : China and Hong Kong / Chen Lei
  • Interstitium and non-law / Peter Goodrich
  • The iconicity of space : comparative law and the geopolitics of jurisdictions / Cristina Costantini
  • The resilience of history : comparative legal theory and the end of the American century / Anthony Louis Marasco
  • Iudex translator : the reign of finitude / Jeanne Gaakeer
  • Further terrains for subversive comparison : the field of global governance and the public/private divide / Horatia Muir Watt
  • Towards the economics of comparative law : the "Doing business" debate / Antonio Nicita and Simona Benedettini
  • Quantitative methods in comparative law / Francesco Parisi and Barbara Luppi.
Comprising an array of distinguished contributors, this pioneering volume of original contributions explores theoretical and empirical issues in comparative law. The innovative, interpretive approach found here combines explorative scholarship and research with thoughtful, qualitative critiques of the field. The book promotes a deeper appreciation of classical theories and offers new ways to re-orient the study of legal transplants and transnational codes. Methods of Comparative Law brings to bear new thinking on topics including: the mutual relationship between space and law; the plot that structures legal narratives, identities and judicial interpretations; a strategic approach to legal decision making; and the inner potentialities of the 'comparative law and economics' approach to the field. Together, the contributors reassesses the scientific understanding of comparative methodologies in the field of law in order to provide both critical insights into the traditional literature and an original overview of the most recent and purposive trends. A welcome addition to the lively field of comparative law, Methods of Comparative Law will appeal to students and scholars of law, comparative law and economics. Judges and practitioners will also find much of interest here.
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x, 322 pages ; 26 cm
  • The internal control of a bureaucratic judiciary : the case of Japan / Masaki Abe
  • Mutual bonds : media frames and the Israeli High Court of Justice / Bryna Bogoch and Yifat Holzman-Gazit
  • Law, lawyers, and legal practice in Silicon Valley : a preliminary report / Lawrence M. Friedman, Robert W. Gordon, Sophie Pirie, and Edwin Whatley
  • Advocating democracy : the role of lawyers in Taiwan's political transformation / Jane Kaufman Winn and Tang-chi Yeh
  • Legal education in late twentieth-century Latin America / Rogelio Pérez-Perdomo
  • Harsh justice : criminal punishment and the widening divide between America and Europe / James Q. Whitman
  • The benevolent paternalism of Japanese criminal justice / Daniel H. Foote
  • Plea-bargaining and plea negotiation in England / John Baldwin and Michael McConville
  • The tuna court : law and norms in the world's premier fish market / Eric A. Feldman
  • The legal cultures of Europe / James L. Gibson and Gregory A. Caldeira
  • Between law and culture : Rwanda's gacaca and postcolonial legality / Ariel Meyerstein
  • Legal cultures in the (un)rule of law : indigenous rights and juridification in Guatemala / Rachel Sieder
  • The transformation of constitutional discourse and the judicialization of politics in Latin America / Javier Couso
  • Commercial relations, contract, and litigation in Denmark : a discussion of Macaulay's theories / Britt-Mari Blegvad
  • Creating people's justice : street committees and people's courts in a South African City / Sandra Burman and Wilfried Scharf
  • All in the family : the influence of social networks on dispute processing (a case study of a developing economy) / Manuel A. Gómez
  • Bargaining in the shadow of the community : neighborly dispute resolution in Beijing hutongs / Haini Guo and Bradley Klein
  • The inquisitor strikes back : obstacles to the reform of criminal procedure in revolutionary Venezuela / Carmen Alguíndigue and Rogelio Pérez-Perdomo
  • Judicial reform in Mexico : what next? / Héctor Fix-Fierro
  • Business litigation in the transition : a portrait of debt collection in Russia / Kathryn Hendley
  • Mother or father : who received custody? : the best interest of the child standard and judges' custody decisions in Taiwan / Hung-En Liu
  • The sky is high and the emperor is far away : the enforcement of intellectual property law in China / Ling Li
  • Immigration, law, and marginalization in a global economy : notes from Spain / Kitty Calavita
  • Law, lawyers, and social capital : rule of law versus relational capitalism / Yves Dezalay and Bryant Garth
  • Globalization and the decline of legal consciousness : torts, ghosts, and karma in Thailand / David Engel
  • From Cold War instrument to supreme european court : the European Court of Human Rights at the crossroad of international and national law and politics / Mikael Rask Madsen
  • Erewhon : the coming global legal order / Lawrence M. Friedman.
This law and society reader taps a rich and diverse literature to compare and contrast the legal experience of many different cultures and nations. Drawing on a variety of methodological approaches, the selections allow students to evaluate whether there are general patterns that explain how legal systems work (or fail to work) and how these patterns relate to the structural and cultural facts of society. Every country, of course, has its own legal system, and no two systems are the same. But in teaching law and society, texts have focused nearly exclusively on American readings to the neglect of comparative and international work. This reader fills an obvious gap. It recognizes that law is increasingly global and cross-national, and shows how law relates to society in different times and places, the world over.
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LAW-697-01, LAW-8011-01, LAW-8011-01
1 v. (various pagings) : ill. ; 26 cm.
  • Introduction to comparative law
  • Litigating cases with foreign parties or foreign law issues in American courts
  • Roman law in the civil law tradition
  • Canon law, commercial law, and the reception of the jus commune in Europe before the revolution
  • The legal traditions of Latin America
  • The intellectual revolution and legal science
  • The legal traditions of East Asia.
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3 v. ; 29 cm.
  • List of Sample Entries: Aboriginal and Indigenous Peoples, Treatment of-- Associations, Lawyer-- Bentham, Jeremy (1748-1832)-- Biopsychology of Crime-- Courts-- Courts, Lawmaking by (Precedent)-- Crime Trends-- Critical Legal Studies-- Drugs, Economics of Illegal-- Duguit, Leon (1859-1928)-- Evidence and Proof, Doctrinal Divisions & Issues in-- Fraenkel, Ernst (1898 - 1975)-- Fuchs, Ernst (1859-1929)-- Gangs-- Genetics and Crime-- Geography, Law and-- Gierke, Otto von (1841-1921)-- Ginsberg, Morris (1889-1970)-- Hauriou, Maurice (1856 - 1929)-- Immigration and Citizenship-- Industrialization-- Intent in Norms-- Investigative Psychology-- Kaupen, Wolfgang (1937-1981)-- Levy Bruhl, Henri (1884-1964)-- Literature, Law and-- Mafia and Organized Crime-- Malinowski, Bronislaw (1884-1942)-- Market Failure-- Merriam, Charles E. (1874-1953)-- Neuroscience and Law-- Nongovernmental Organizations-- Pareto, Vilfredo (1848-1923)-- Petrazycki, Leon (1867-1931)-- Positive Law-- Preventive Detention-- Privatization-- Prosecutors-- Psycho- and Sociopathy-- Punishment, Economics of-- Religious Minorities-- Schmoller, Gustav von (1838-1917)-- Transplants, Colonization as Legal-- Voluntary Acts, Psychology of-- Wilson, Woodrow (1856-1924).
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780761923879 20160528
"The Encyclopedia of Law and Society" is the largest comprehensive and international treatment of the law and society field. With an advisory board of 62 members, from 20 countries across six continents, the three volumes of this state-of-the-art resource represent interdisciplinary perspectives on law from sociology, criminology, cultural anthropology, political science, social psychology and economics. By focusing globally, the "Encyclopedia of Law and Society" offers a greater understanding of American law and society within its historical and comparative context.The key features include: more than 700 entries that are biographical, historical, comparative, topical, thematic and methodological; a rich diversity of European, Latin American, Asian, African and Australasian legislative developments; and a unique mulit-volume resource revealling the truly holistic, interdisciplinary virtues of law and society today. The key themes include: biographies in law and society; law and society activities in regions and countries; law and society methodology and research; demography of law; sociology of law; anthropology (ethnology) of law; law and economics; law and politicial science; psychology and law; criminology; legal subjects.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780761923879 20160528
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xviii, 528 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
  • Latin legal cultures in the age of globalization, Rogelio Perez-Perdomo and Lawrence Friedman-- Argentina - the effects of democratic institutionalization, Maria Ines Bergoglio-- Brazil - the road of conflict bound for total justice, Eliane Botelho Junqueria-- Law and legal culture in Chile (1974-1999), Edmundo Fuenzalida Faivovich-- Justice and society in Colombia - a sociolegal analysis of Colombian courts, Rodrigo Uprimny, Cesar Rodriguez, and Mauricio Garcia-Villegas-- The rise of lawyers in France, Anne Boigeol-- The Italian legal system 1945-1999, Sabino Cassese-- Italian styles - criminal justice and the rise of an active magistracy, David S. Clark-- "Faraway, so close!" - the rule of law and legal change in Mexico (1970-2000), Sergio Lopez-Ayllon and Hector Fix-Fierro-- Citizens running to the courts - the legal system in Puerto Rico and the modernization process, Blanca G. Silvestrini-- The organization, functioning, and evaluation of the Spanish judicial system (1975-2000) - a case-study in legal culture, Jose Juan Toharia-- Venezuela 1958-1999 - the legal system in an impaired democracy, Rogelio Perez-Perdomo-- Patterns of foreign legal investment and state transformation in Latin America, Yves Dezalay and Bryant Garth-- Slade - a memoir, John Henry Merryman.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780804746991 20160528
Looking at changes in the last quarter of the 20th century, this book is a collection of essays that examine the legal systems of key countries in Latin America and Mediterranean Europe. It provides data on the courts and the legal profession in these countries, as well as social background.
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LAW-5017-01, LAW-697-01, LAW-8011-01, LAW-8011-01
4 v. : ill., maps ; 29 cm.
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viii, 541 p. ; 25 cm.
  • Preface. Part I: Civil Law and Common Law. 1. On the Convergence (and Divergence) of the Civil Law and the Common Law. 2. Legal Education There and Here: A Comparison. 3. The Public Law -- Private Law Distinction in European and United States Law. 4. How Others Do it: The French and German Judiciaries. 5. Judicial Responsibility in the United States. 6. The French Deviation. Part II: Italian Law. 7. The Italian Style I: Doctrine. 8. The Italian Style II: Law. 9. The Italian Style III: Interpretation. 10. When Courts Collide: Constitution and Cassation in Italy. Part III: Property and Inheritance. 11. Ownership and Estate: Variations on a Theme by Lawson. 12. Toward a Comparative Study of the Sale of Land. 13. The inter vivos Transfer of Land. 14. Policy, Autonomy, and the numerus clausus in Italian and American Property Law. Part IV: What Do Comparative Lawyers Do? 15. Comparative Law and Social Change: On the Origins, Style, Decline and Revival of the Law and Development Movement. 16. Comparative Law and Scientific Explanation. 17. Population, Civil Litigation and Legal Science. 18. Foreign Law as a Problem.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9789041112156 20160528
In these critical essays, a comparative lawyer examines the movement for convergence of the Civil Law and the Common Law, describes the Italian style and the French deviation, contrasts Common Law estate with Civil Law ownership, and explains why the distinction between public law and private law is important to Civil Lawyers but has little interest for Common Lawyers. The book also proposes a marriage of comparative law and scientific explanation, and emphasizes the fundamental relation between law and social and cultural change.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9789041112156 20160528
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LAW-511-01, LAW-697-01
xxvi, 714 p. ; 24 cm.
  • Part I A General considerations: the concept of comparative law-- the functions and aims of comparative law-- the method of comparative law-- the history of comparative law. Part I B The legal families of the world: the style of legal families - the romanistic legal family, the history of French law, the spirit and essential features of the code civil, the reception of the code civil-- courts and lawyers in France and Italy-- the Germanic legal family - the history of German law, the German civil code, the general civil code of Austria, the Swiss civil code-- the Anglo-American legal family - the development of the English common law, courts and lawyers in England, the spread of the common law throughout the world, the law of the United States of America, law-finding and procedure in common law and civil law-- the Nordic legal family - Scandinavian law, past and present-- law in the Far East-- Chinese law-- Japanese Law-- religious legal systems-- Islamic law-- Hindu law. Part II A Contract: the formation of contracts - juristic act, contract, and general conditions of business, contractual capacity, offer and acceptance, illegality and immorality, indicia of seriousness, the construction of contracts, mistake, deceit, and duress, representation, assignment, contracts for the benefit of third parties-- the performance of contracts - claims to performance and their enforcement, breach of contract, the effect of supervening events. Part II B Unjustified enrichment: unjustified enrichment in general-- unjustified enrichment specific topics. Part II C Tort: tort in general-- liability for others-- strict liability-- invasions of the right of personality.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780198268604 20160528
  • PART I-- Abbreviations-- Table of Cases-- A. GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS-- 1. The Concept of Comparative Law-- 2. The Functions and Aims of Comparative Law-- 3. The Method of Comparative Law-- 4. The History of Comparative Law-- B. THE LEGAL FAMILIES OF THE WORLD-- 5. The Style of Legal Families-- I. THE ROMANISTIC LEGAL FAMILY-- 6. The History of French Law-- 7. The Spirit and Essential Features of the Code Civil-- 8. The Reception of the Code Civil-- 9. Courts and Lawyers in France and Italy-- BII. THE GERMANIC LEGAL FAMILY-- 10. The History of German Law-- 11. The German Civil Code-- 12. The General Civil Code of Austria-- 13. The Swiss Civil Code-- III. THE ANGLO-AMERICAN LEGAL FAMILY-- 14. The Development of the English Common Law-- 15. Courts and Lawyers in England-- 16. The Spread of the Common Law Throughout the World-- 17. The Law of the United States of America-- 18. Law-Finding and Procedure in Common Law and Civil Law-- IV. THE NORDIC LEGAL FAMILY-- 19. Scandinavian Law, Past and Present-- V. LAW IN THE FAR EAST-- 20. Chinese Law-- 21. Japanese Law-- VI. RELIGIOUS LEGAL SYSTEMS-- 22. Islamic Law-- 23. Hindu Law-- PART II-- A. CONTRACT-- I. THE FORMATION OF CONTRACTS-- 24. Juristic Act, Contract, and General Conditions of Business-- 25. Contractual Capacity-- 26. Offer and Acceptance-- 27. Illegality and Immorality-- 28. Indicia of Seriousness-- 29. The Construction of Contracts-- 30. Mistake, Deceit, and Duress-- 31. Representation-- 32. Assignment-- 33. Contracts for the Benefit of Third Parties-- II. THE PERFORMANCE OF CONTRACTS-- 34. Claims to Performance and Their Enforcement-- 35. Breach of Contract-- 36. The Effect of Supervening Events-- B. UNJUSTIFIED ENRICHMENT-- 37. Unjustified Enrichment in General-- 38. Unjustified Enrichment Specific Topics-- C. TORT-- 39. Tort in General-- 40. Liability for others-- 41. Strict Liability-- 42. Invasions of the Right of Personality.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780198268598 20160528
This is the English version of the third (1996) German edition. It is fully revised and updated, some chapters being added and others dropped, but the familiar structure and easy style remain much the same. Firstly, the book discusses the nature of comparative law, its functions, aims, methods and history, then it surveys the main features of the major legal families of the world. In the second part the book provides a model of comparative law in action, comparing, contrasting and evaluating the different approaches (and the less different solutions) to problems of the law of obligations in the major systems of private law. In addition to offering a grounding in comparative private law, the book may also be used as a base for further research.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780198268604 20160528
This third edition of the modern classic Zweigert & Kotz's Introduction to Comparative Law is fully revised and updated, but its familiar structure and easy style remain the same. The book first discusses the nature of Comparative Law, its functions, aims, methods and history, and then it surveys the main features of the major legal families of the world. In the second part it provides a model of comparative law in action, comparing, contrasting and evaluating the different approaches and solutions of the major legal systems. As well as offering an excellent grounding in comparative private law, this book is an essential base for further research.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780198268598 20160528
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LAW-697-01, LAW-8013-01
xvi, 618 p. ; 26 cm.
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