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viii, 312 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
  • Biases and blunders
  • Resisting temptation
  • Following the herd
  • When do we need a nudge?
  • Choice architecture
  • Save more tomorrow
  • Naïve investing
  • Credit markets
  • Privatizing social security : smorgasbord style
  • Prescription drugs : Part D for daunting
  • How to increase organ donations
  • Saving the planet
  • Improving school choices
  • Should patients be forced to buy lottery tickets?
  • Privatizing marriage
  • A dozen nudges
  • Objections
  • The real third way
  • Bonus chapter: Twenty more nudges
  • Postscript: November 2008.
Offering a study of the application of the science of choice, a guide that uses examples from all aspects of life demonstrates how it is possible to design environments that make it more likely for us to act in our own interests.
Law Library (Crown)
LAW-681A-01, LAW-681A-01