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403 p. ; 21 cm
  • Wired to connect
  • Broken bonds
  • Nurturing nature
  • Love's varieties
  • Healthy connections
  • Social consequence.
Explores the nature of human relationships, finding that humans are "wired to connect, " and bringing together the latest research in biology and neuroscience to reveal how one's daily encounters shape the brain and affect the body. "Humans have a built-in bias toward empathy, cooperation and altruism, provided we develop the social intelligence to nuture these capabilities in ourselves and others."
Law Library (Crown)
ix, 113 p. ; 23 cm
"Focusing"--defined as a body-oriented process of self-awareness and emotional healing--is employed today by thousands of psychotherapists with their patients. This book, the first to make the methods of this treatment accessible to laypersons, outlines in friendly, nontechnical language how to effectively use focusing to address a variety of issues.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781572240445 20160612
Law Library (Crown)
xv, 300 p. : ill. ; 21 cm
  • Skills for bridging the interpersonal gap
  • Barriers to communication
  • Listening is more than merely hearing
  • Four skills of reflective listening
  • Why reflective responses work
  • Reading body language
  • Improving your reflecting skills
  • Three approaches to relationships
  • Developing three-part assertion messages
  • Handling the push-push back phenomenon
  • Increasing your assertive options
  • Conflict prevention and control
  • Handling the emotional components of conflict
  • Collaborative problem solving : seeking an elegant solution
  • Three essentials for effective communication
  • Afterward: Four steps to improved communication.
A wall of silent resentment shuts you off from someone you love...You listen to an argument in which neither party seems to hear the other...Your mind drifts to other matters when people talk to you...People Skills is a communication-skills handbook that can help you eliminate these and other communication problems. Author Robert Bolton describes the twelve most common communication barriers, showing how these "roadblocks" damage relationships by increasing defensiveness, aggressiveness, or dependency. He explains how to acquire the ability to listen, assert yourself, resolve conflicts, and work out problems with others. These are skills that will help you communicate calmly, even in stressful emotionally charged situations. People Skills will show you * How to get your needs met using simple assertion techniques * How body language often speaks louder than words * How to use silence as a valuable communication tool * How to de-escalate family disputes, lovers' quarrels, and other heated arguments Both thought-provoking and practical, People Skills is filled with workable ideas that you can use to improve your communication in meaningful ways, every day.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780671622480 20160615
Law Library (Crown)