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x, 396 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
  • Preface-- Editor's Note on Abbreviations, Currency, and Dates Introduction. Oratory and Law at Athens I. Homicide and Assault Antiphon 2. First Tetralogy, trans. Michael Gagarin-- Antiphon 6. On the Chorus Boy, trans. Michael Gagarin-- Antiphon 1. Against the Stepmother, trans. Michael Gagarin-- Antiphon 5. On the Murder of Herodes, trans. Michael Gagarin-- Lysias 1. On the Death of Eratosthenes, trans. S. C. Todd-- Demosthenes 54. Against Conon, trans. Victor Bers-- Lysias 3. Against Simon, trans. S. C. Todd-- Isocrates 20. Against Lochites, trans. David Mirhady II. Status and Citizenship Demosthenes 57. Appeal Against Eubulides, trans. Victor Bers-- Lysias 23. Against Pancleon, trans. S. C. Todd-- Demosthenes 59. Against Neaera, trans. Victor Bers-- Aeschines 1. Against Timarchus, trans. Chris Carey III. Family and Property Isaeus 1. On the Estate of Cleonymus, trans. Michael Edwards-- Isaeus 7. On the Estate of Apollodorus, trans. Michael Edwards-- Isaeus 8. On the Estate of Ciron, trans. Michael Edwards Lysias 32. Against Diogeiton, trans. S. C. Todd-- Demosthenes 27. Against Aphobus I, trans. Douglas MacDowell IV. Commerce and the Economy Demosthenes 55. Against Callicles, trans. Victor Bers-- Hyperides 3. Against Athenogenes trans. Craig Cooper-- Lysias 24. For the Disabled Man, trans. S. C. Todd-- Isocrates 17. Trapeziticus, trans. David Mirhady-- Demosthenes 35. Against Lacritus, trans. Douglas MacDowell Bibliography-- Index.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780292726383 20160605
This is the sixteenth volume in the Oratory of Classical Greece. This series presents all of the surviving speeches from the late fifth and fourth centuries BC in new translations prepared by classical scholars who are at the forefront of the discipline. These translations are especially designed for the needs and interests of today's undergraduates, Greekless scholars in other disciplines, and the general public. Classical oratory is an invaluable resource for the study of ancient Greek life and culture. The speeches offer evidence on Greek moral views, social and economic conditions, political and social ideology, law and legal procedure, and other aspects of Athenian culture that have recently been attracting particular interest: women and family life, slavery, and religion, to name just a few. This volume assembles twenty-one speeches previously published in the Oratory series. The speeches are taken from a wide range of different kinds of casesohomicide, assault, commercial law, civic status, sexual offenses, and othersoand include many of the best-known speeches in these areas. They are Antiphon, Speeches 1, 2, 5, and 6; Lysias 1, 3, 10-11, 23, 24, and 32; Isocrates 17; Isaeus 11; Hyperides 3; Demosthenes 21, 35, 54, 55, 57, and 59; and Aeschines 1. The volume is intended primarily for use in teaching courses in Greek law or related areas such as Greek history. It also provides the introductions and notes that originally accompanied the individual speeches, revised slightly to shift the focus onto law.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780292726383 20160605
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