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viii, 412 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
  • A new metapsychology of the unconscious
  • Clinical application.
Law Library (Crown)
LAW-3510-01, LAW-524-01, LAW-7805-01
xli, 1525 pages ; 26 cm.
  • Mental disorders and their treatment, the mental health professions, and the financing of mental health care
  • Regulation of the mental health professions
  • Professional liability for malpractice
  • Informed consent
  • Confidentiality and access to records
  • Mental health professionals and expertise
  • Mental disorder and criminal law
  • Civil commitment
  • Competency determinations
  • Post-commitment issues
  • Entitlements for people with mental disabilities
  • Protection against discrimination.
Law Library (Crown)
290 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
  • There's someone in my head, but it's not me
  • The testimony of the senses : what is experience really like?
  • Mind : the gap
  • The kinds of thoughts that are thinkable
  • The brain is a team of rivals
  • Why blameworthiness is the wrong question
  • Life after the monarchy.
"In this sparkling and provocative book, renowned neuroscientist David Eagleman navigates the depths of the subconscious brain to illuminate its surprising mysteries. Why can your foot move halfway to the brake pedal before you become consciously aware of danger ahead? Is there a true Mel Gibson? How is your brain like a conflicted democracy engaged in civil war? What do Odysseus and the subprime mortgage meltdown have in common? Why are people whose names begin with J more likely to marry other people whose names begin with J? And why is it so difficult to keep a secret? Taking in brain damage, plane spotting, dating, drugs, beauty, infidelity, synesthesia, criminal law, artificial intelligence, and visual illusions, Incognito is a thrilling subsurface exploration of the mind and all its contradictions"--Cover.
Law Library (Crown)
xx, 666 p. : ill. ; 25 cm
  • Philosophical, ethical, and training issues
  • Major research designs
  • Methodological issues
  • Professional issues.
Quell any fears you may have about science and research design with this clear introduction to the basics! With enlightening examples and illustrations drawn from the counseling literature, RESEARCH DESIGN IN COUNSELING fully addresses the most common issues that counseling researchers encounter. The authors' accessible approach provides you with an understanding of the various types of research, including both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Filled with helpful examples that draw from a broad variety of research designs, this book provides the fundamentals of conducting research while providing clear instruction on writing and publishing the research report.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780534523480 20160612
Law Library (Crown)
340 p. ; 22 cm.
Law Library (Crown)
LAW-524-01, LAW-560-01