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xxviii, 230 p. ; 23 cm.
  • How do you get from Philadelphia to Paris? / by Salli A. Swartz
  • The road to an international in-house legal career / by Janet B. Wright and Carolyn Herzog
  • Demystifying the career of an international derivatives lawyer / by Jeffrey B. Golden
  • What you find out after you find ice / by Bruce Horowitz
  • My career as a Latin-American international transactional lawyer / by Andrew J. (Josh) Markus
  • A foreign (to the U.S.) viewpoint on practicing international law / by Marcelo Bombau
  • A solo practitioner's pathway to international law practice / by Aaron Schildhaus
  • Fair winds and following seas : a career in admiralty practice / by Michael Marks Cohen
  • The China bug / by Michael E. Burke
  • An international judge in Kosovo / by Marilyn J. Kaman
  • The journey of a private practitioner who became an international rule of law attorney / by Mary Noel Pepys
  • Using the Internet to develop a small-firm international law practice / by Jeffrey M. Aresty and Priscilla B. Pelgen
  • Network or not work : the choice is yours / by Mark E. Wojcik
  • More perspectives on academic international lawyering : internationalizing the legal writing curriculum and developing international legal studies programs / by Diane Penneys Edelman
  • Creative strategies for launching and growing an international law practice / by Janet H. Moore
  • Start now : leveraging law school for a global career / by Isabella D. Bunn
  • One non-linear career in international law / by Homer E. Moyer, Jr.
Irrespective of your age, experience, nationality, residence, education or practice area, this new edition is a valuable guide for law students and lawyers interested in finding, maintaining, or moving into a career in international law. The book provides new insight into how to use your imagination, creativity, and savvy to find that elusive job in the field of international law including the scope of possibilities in specialties such as litigation, trade, corporate, transactional, banking, financial, and maritime law, as well as positions in teaching, going in-house, and pro bono work. Providing dynamic tips and strategies, as well as perspectives and methodology for success, the book includes guidance on: *How to prepare for a career in international law; *The road to an international in-house legal career; *Going from solo practitioner to international lawyer; *Using the Internet to develop a small-firm international law practice; *Networking effectively; *Creative strategies for launching and growing your international law practice; and *Much more!.
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ix, 269 p. ; 23 cm.
  • Introduction : Culture and transnationalism
  • Creating human rights
  • Gender violence and the CEDAW process
  • Disjunctures between global law and local justice
  • Legal transplants and cultural translation : making human rights in the vernacular
  • Localizing human rights and rights consciousness.
Human rights law and the legal protection of women from violence are still fairly new concepts. As a result, substantial discrepancies exist between what is decided in the halls of the United Nations and what women experience on a daily basis in their communities. "Human Rights and Gender Violence" is an ambitious study that investigates the tensions between global law and local justice. As an observer of UN diplomatic negotiations as well as the workings of grassroots feminist organizations in several countries, Sally Engle Merry offers an insider's perspective on how human rights law holds authorities accountable for the protection of citizens even while reinforcing and expanding state power. Providing legal and anthropological perspectives, Merry contends that human rights law must be framed in local terms to be accepted and thus effective in altering existing social hierarchies. Gender violence in particular, she argues, is rooted in deep cultural and religious beliefs, so change is often vehemently resisted by the communities perpetrating the acts of aggression. A much-needed exploration of how local cultures appropriate and enact international human rights law, this book will be of enormous value to students of gender studies and anthropology alike.
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xv, 363 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
  • The rule-of-law revival / Thomas Carothers
  • The problem of knowledge / Thomas Carothers
  • Competing definitions of the rule of law / Rachel Kleinfeld
  • Mythmaking in the rule-of-law orthodoxy / Frank Upham
  • A house without a foundation / Stephen Golub
  • Lessons not learned about legal reform / Wade Channell
  • The legal empowerment alternative / Stephen Golub
  • A Trojan horse in China? / Matthew Stephenson
  • The complexity of success in Russia / Matthew Spence
  • Middle East dilemmas / David Mednicoff
  • Time to learn, time to act in Africa / Laure-Hélène Piron
  • Measuring the impact of criminal justice reform in Latin America / Lisa Bhansali and Christina Biebesheimer
  • Steps toward knowledge / Thomas Carothers.
Promoting the rule of law has become a major part of Western efforts to spread democracy and market economics around the world. Leading practitioners and policy-oriented scholars draw on years of experience - in Russia, China, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa - to critically assess the rationale, methods, and goals of rule-of-law policies.
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