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liv, 1539 pages : illustration ; 26 cm.
  • Thinking about natural resources
  • The historical and constitutional geography of natural resources law
  • The role of agencies in natural resources management
  • Wildlife and biodiversity
  • Living marine resources
  • Protected lands
  • Water
  • Rangelands
  • Mineral resource development
  • Energy resource development
  • Forests.
This law school casebook presents the law and policy of natural resource management in a user-friendly and engaging manner. The book covers a wide range of natural resources - from forests and wildlife to oceans and rivers - with problem exercises and case studies for students to sharpen their understanding of the issues. The book begins with an exploration of the economic, scientific, political and ethical considerations that drive natural resource policy as well as consideration of the natural resource management challenges presented by common pool resources, scientific uncertainty, mismatched scale, market failures and institutional adequacy. The book then explores these themes and explicates the basic legal regimes for a range of resources - wildlife, fisheries, whaling, water, protected lands, range, mining, and forests. The book also considers natural resource law and management on both public lands and private property, as well as in international settings.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781609304423 20160704
Law Library (Crown)
LAW-2506-01, LAW-282-01
lx, 495 pages ; 19 cm.
  • Overview and introduction to water law
  • Riparian rights
  • Prior appropriation
  • Hybrid systems and other variations
  • Groundwater
  • Diffused surface waters
  • Navigable waters
  • Federal and Indian reserved rights
  • Interstate and international allocation
  • Water service and supply organizations.
The new edition adds dozens of recent decisions and key statutory changes. Virtually every principal case in the leading casebooks is cited or discussed, making it an excellent aid for students in any water law course. The revised book deals with changes in evolving areas like groundwater-surface water conflicts, public recreational uses, instream flow protection, federal water development, takings claims, and public interest concerns.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780314280695 20160618
Law Library (Crown)
LAW-2506-01, LAW-2519-01, LAW-282-01
xi, 372 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
  • An introduction to environmental law and policy
  • Perspectives on environmental law and policy
  • The practice of environmental protection
  • Enforcement
  • The Clean Air Act
  • Global air pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Regulating toxic substances
  • Waste management
  • Wetlands, endangered species, & the public
  • Energy
  • The National Environmental Policy Act.
Law Library (Crown)
lv, 1243 pages : illustrations ; 27 cm
  • Currents and eddies : an introduction to water resource issues
  • Riparianism
  • Prior appropriation
  • Legal transitions
  • Groundwater
  • Public rights in water
  • Water organizations
  • Water as a regional and shared resource
  • Federal and Indian water rights
  • Water quality.
Law Library (Crown)
LAW-2506-01, LAW-2519-01, LAW-282-01
lxi, 426 pages ; 19 cm
  • Modern public land law : an introduction
  • History of public land law
  • Constitutional authority on the federal public lands : congress and the states
  • Authority on the public lands : the executive and the courts
  • The water resource
  • The mineral resource
  • The timber resource
  • The range resource
  • The wildlife resource
  • The recreation resource
  • The preservation resource.
Law Library (Crown)
xxiv, 678 p. ; 26 cm.
Take advantage of this firm's decades of experience -- and have complete guidance on the intricate specifications you must understand in: -- clean air -- clean water -- toxics -- occupational safety -- right-to-know -- and related issues Each chapter has crucial information on legal and regulatory issues -- from the basic to the complex. You get important developments plus the authors' invaluable insights on compliance management and strategies, notification and reporting, environmental audits, and much more.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780871798114 20160527
Law Library (Crown)
xii, 321 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Law Library (Crown)
LAW-2506-01, LAW-282-01