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xxvii, 1183 pages ; 26 cm.
  • An introduction to the study of contract law
  • The basis of contractual obligation : mutual assent and consideration
  • Liability in the absence of bargained-for exchange : reliance on gratuitous promises, unaccepted offers, and the principle of restitution
  • The statute of frauds
  • The meaning of the agreement: principles of interpretation and the parol evidence rule
  • Supplementing the agreement : implied terms, the obligation of good faith, and warranties
  • Avoiding enforcement: incapacity, bargaining misconduct, unconscionability, and public policy
  • Justification for nonperformance: mistake, changed circumstances, and contractual modifications
  • Consequences of nonperformance : express conditions, material breach, and anticipatory repudiation
  • Expectation damages : principles and limitations
  • Alternatives to expectation damages : reliance and restitutionary damages, specific performance, and agreed remedies
  • Rights and duties of third parties.
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