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lxv, 1078 pages ; 27 cm
  • Intestate succession
  • Protection of the family
  • Wills
  • Contesting the will
  • Trusts
  • Fiduciary duties
  • Revocable trusts and other non-probate
  • Powers of appointment
  • The government's share : a brief introduction to estate taxation
  • Classification and construction of future interests
  • The rule against perpetuities
  • Planning for incapacity
  • Estate administration.
This casebook presents a functional approach to Trusts and Estates. In addition to a focus on recent cases, the book uses questions and problems to focus student attention on issues that face estate planners, litigators and policy makers. In each chapter, it integrates discussion of drafting and planning issues with its treatment of doctrine and policy. In addition, this casebook is accompanied by power point slides to use in explaining concepts for which diagrams are useful, such as intestate succession, the elective share, anti-lapse statutes, abatement and future interests. The unusually helpful teacher's manual includes not only case summaries and detailed legal analysis, but detailed lesson plans and discussion questions for those new to law teaching.
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