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xx, 311 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Green Library
FEMGEN-129-01, HUMBIO-129-01
xix, 585 p. : ill., map ; 23 cm.
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FEMGEN-129-01, HUMBIO-129-01
505 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
  • Pt. I. Human rights and public health
  • Ch. 1. Health and human rights
  • Ch. 2. Human rights: an introduction
  • Ch. 3. Public health: an introduction
  • Pt. II. The impact of health policies and programs on human rights
  • Ch. 4. The impact of health policies on human rights: AIDS and TB control
  • Ch. 5. The public health--human rights dialogue
  • Ch. 6. Toward the development of a human rights impact assessment for the formulation and evaluation of public health policies
  • Pt. III. Health impacts resulting from violations of human rights
  • Ch. 7. From Solferino to Sarajevo
  • Ch. 8. Ethnic cleansing and other lies: combining health and human rights in the search for truth and justice in the former Yugoslavia
  • Ch. 9. Haiti 1991-1994: The International Civilian Mission's Medical Unit
  • Ch. 10. Disabled persons and their right to equal treatment: allowing differentiation while ending discrimination
  • Ch. 11. Rights violations in the Ecuadorian Amazon: the human rights consequences of oil development
  • Ch. 12. Censorship and manipulation of family planning information: an issue of human rights and women's health
  • Pt. IV. Exploring the inextricable linkage between health and human rights
  • Ch. 13. Socioeconomic status and health: the challenge of the gradient
  • Ch. 14. Interrelationship between gender relations and the HIV/AIDS epidemic: some possible considerations for policies and programs
  • Ch. 15. Human rights and AIDS: the future of the pandemic
  • Ch. 16. Reflections on emerging frameworks and health and human rights
  • Ch. 17. Gender, health, and human rights
  • Ch. 18. Health, human rights, and lesbian existence
  • Pt. V. Medicine and human rights
  • Ch. 19. The Nuremberg Doctors' Trial: (a) Opening statement of the prosecution
  • (b) The judgement
  • Ch. 20. Medicine and human rights: reflections on the fiftieth anniversary of the Doctors' Trial
  • Ch. 21. Questing for Grails: duplicity, betrayal, and self-deception in postmodern medical research
  • Ch. 22. Irreversible error: the power and prejudice of female genital mutilation
  • Ch. 23. Research and informed consent in Africa--another look
  • Ch. 24. Human rights and maternal-fetal HIV transmission prevention trials in Africa
  • Ch. 25. Human rights and human genetic variation research
  • Pt. VI. How to proceed from concept to action
  • Ch. 26. Common strategies for health and human rights: from theory to practice
  • Ch. 27. The health professional as human rights promoter: ten years of Physicians for Human Rights (USA)
  • Ch. 28. Medical humanitarianism and human rights: reflections on Doctors Without Borders and Doctors of the World
  • Ch. 29. For our patients, not for profits: a call to action
  • Ch. 30. Medicine and public health, ethics and human rights.
An introduction to the emerging field of health and human rights, this text covers topics such as: ethnic cleansing; world population control; women's reproductive choices; the Nuremberg codes for ethical medical treatment; and AIDS and HIV policies and treatments. The collection is comprised of 31 articles and aims to help reorient thinking about the major global health challenges of the next century and broaden the discussion of human rights thinking and practice.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780415921015 20160527
Covers timely subjects such as ethnic cleansing, world population control, women's reproductive choices, the Nuremburg codes for ethical medical treatment and AIDS and HIV policies and treatments.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780415921022 20160528
Green Library
FEMGEN-129-01, HUMBIO-129-01
Green Library
FEMGEN-129-01, HUMBIO-129-01
Green Library
FEMGEN-129-01, HUMBIO-129-01
Green Library
FEMGEN-129-01, HUMBIO-129-01