xxiv, 606 p. : il. ; 26 cm.
  • Educational policies in the face of globalization : whither the nation-state? / Martin Carnoy
  • World society and the globalization of educational policy / Francisco O. Ramirez, John W. Meyer, and Julia Lerch
  • The global diffusion of education privatization : unpacking and theorizing policy adoption / Antoni Verger
  • Economic growth in developing countries : the role of human capital / Eric Hanushek
  • Education, poverty and the 'missing link' : the limits of human capital theory as a paradigm for poverty reduction / Xavier Bonal
  • Gender and education in the global polity / Elaine Unterhalter
  • The global educational reform movement and its impact on schooling / Pasi Sahlberg
  • Global convergence or path dependency? : skill formation regimes in the globalized economy / Marius R. Busemeyer and Janis Vossiek
  • Education and social cohesion : a panglossian global discourse / Andy Green and Jan Germen Janmaat
  • Policies for education in conflict and post-conflict reconstruction / Sarah Dryden-Peterson
  • Human rights and education policy in South Asia / Monisha Bajaj and Huma Kidwai
  • Early childhood education and care in global discourses / Rianne Mahon
  • Education for all 2000-2015 : the influence of global interventions and aid on EFA achievements / Aaron Benavot, Manos Antoninis, Nicole Bella, Marco Delprato, Joanna Harma, Catherine Jere, Priyadarshani Joshi, Nihan KoseleCi Blanchy, Helen Longlands, Alasdair McWilliam, David Post and Asma Zubairi
  • The politics of language in education in a global polity / M. Obaidul Hamid
  • The global governance of teachers' work / Susan L. Robertson
  • The global construction of higher education reform / Simon Marginson
  • The historical evolution and current challenges of the United Nations and global education policy-making / Francine Menashy and Caroline Manion
  • The World Bank and the global governance of education in a changing world order / Karen Mundy and Antoni Verger
  • The changing organizational and global significance of the OECD's education work / Bob Lingard and Sam Sellar
  • The policies that shaped PISA, and the policies that PISA shaped / Andreas Schleicher and Pablo Zoido
  • Dragon and the tiger cubs : China-ASEAN relations in higher education / Rui Yang and Jingyun Yao
  • An analysis of power in transnational advocacy in education / Ian Macpherson
  • The business case for transnational corporate participation, profits, and policy making in education / Zahra Bhanji
  • New global philanthropy in education and philanthropic governance in education in a post-2015 world / Prachi Srivastava and Lianna Baur
  • Rational intentions and unintended consequences : on the interplay between international and national actors in education policy / Timm Fulge, Tonia Bieber, and Kerstin Martens
  • Policy and administration as culture : organizational sociology and global and cross-national educational trends / Patricia Bromley
  • Ethnography and the localization of global education policy / Amy Stambach
  • Global education policy and the postmodern challenge / Stephen Carney
  • Policy reponses to the rise of Asian higher education : a postcolonial analysis / Fazal Rizvi
  • Joined-up policy : network connectivity and global education governance / Carolina Junemann, Stephen J. Ball and Diego Santori
  • A vertical case study of global policy-making : early grade literacy in Zambia / Lesley Bartlett and Frances Vavrus
  • Global indicators and local problem recognition : an exploration into the statistical eradication of teacher shortage in the post-socialist region / Gita Steiner-Khamsi.
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