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238 pages ; 24 cm
Myra Strober became a feminist on the Bay Bridge, heading toward San Francisco. It is 1970. She has just been told by the chairman of Berkeley's economics department that she can never get tenure. Driving home afterward, wondering if she got something out of the freezer for her family's dinner, she realizes the truth: she is being denied a regular faculty position because she is a mother. Flooded with anger, she also finds her life's work: to study and fight sexism, in the workplace, in academia, and at home. Strober's generous memoir captures the spirit of a revolution lived fully, from her Brooklyn childhood (and her shock at age twelve when she's banished to the women's balcony at shul) to her groundbreaking Stanford seminar on women and work. Strober's interest in women and work began when she saw her mother's frustration at the limitations of her position as a secretary. Her consciousness of the unfairness of the usual distribution of household chores came when she unsuccessfully asked her husband for help with housework. Later, when a group of conservative white male professors sputtered at the idea of government-subsidized child care, Strober made the case for its economic benefits. In the 1970s, the term "sexual harassment" had not yet been coined. Occupational segregation, quantifying the value of work in the home, and the cost of discrimination were new ideas. Strober was a pioneer, helping to create a new academic field and founding institutions to establish it. But she wasn't alone: she benefited from the women's movement, institutional change, and new federal regulations that banned sex discrimination. She continues the work today and invites us to join her.
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xxvii, 318 pages ; 23 cm
  • Machine generated contents note: Introduction
  • Imagine a Full Life
  • There's No Need to Choose
  • Part One
  • The Good News About Work: Why Two Careers Are Better Than One
  • 1. Mom and Dada: How Kids Can Get More from Two Working Parents
  • 2. What Your Husband Wins from a Working Wife
  • 3. What Women Gain from Working Motherhood
  • Part Two
  • Three Truths to Bust the Myths About Work, Women, and Men
  • 4. Women Don't Quit Because They Want To
  • 5. Success Does Not Require 24/7
  • 6. It's Not a Fair Game
  • but You Can Improve Your Odds
  • Part Three
  • The 50/50 Solution and How to Make It Yours
  • 7. The Great Alliance: How Your Husband Solves the Work/Life Riddle
  • 8. The Pre-Baby Road Trip: Mapping Out a Leave You Can Return From
  • 9. The Post-Baby Uphill: Test-Driving 50/50 and Getting Back Up to Speed
  • 10. Getting to 50/50: At Home, at Work, for Life
  • Resources
  • Notes
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index
  • About the Authors.
Sharon Meers and Joanna Strober are professionals, wives, and mothers. They understand the challenges and rewards of two-career households. They also know that families thrive not in spite of working mothers but because of them. You can have a great career, a great marriage, and be a great mother. The key is tapping into your best resource and most powerful ally--the man you married. After interviewing hundreds of parents and employers, surveying more than a thousand working mothers, and combing through the latest government and social science research, the authors have discovered that kids, husbands, and wives all reap huge benefits when couples commit to share equally as breadwinners and caregivers. Mothers work without guilt, fathers bond with their kids, and children blossom with the attention of two involved parents. From "baby boot camp" for new dads to exactly what to say when negotiating a leave with the boss, this savvy book offers fresh ideas to today's families offering encouragement, hope, and confidence to any woman who has ever questioned her choices regarding work and family. Winner of the Independent Publisher Award Gold Medal in Parenting.
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