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xxvii, 629 pages : color illustrations, color maps ; 28 cm
  • The Earth in context
  • The way the Earth works: plate tectonics
  • Patterns in nature: minerals
  • Up from the inferno: magma and igneous rocks
  • The wrath of Vulcan: volcanic eruptions
  • Pages of Earth's past: sedimentary rocks
  • Metamorphism: a process of change
  • A violent pulse: earthquakes
  • Crags, cracks, and crumples: geologic structures and mountain building
  • Deep time: how old is old?
  • A biography of Earth
  • Riches in rock: energy and mineral resources
  • Unsafe ground: landslides and other mass movements
  • Streams and floods: the geology of running water
  • Restless realm: oceans and coasts
  • A hidden reserve: groundwater
  • Dry regions: the geology of deserts
  • Amazing ice: glaciers and ice ages
  • Global change in the Earth system.
Essentials of Geology, Fifth Edition, integrates Marshak's popular and proven text approach with exciting new media and assessment resources that guide students to a clearer understanding of the course material. Marshak has personally applied his expertise, with an emphasis on the visuals, to this robust suite of videos, animations and simulations, art, and interactive assessment questions that get students seeing and engaging with geologic concepts as a geologist would.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780393263398 20161205
Earth Sciences Library (Branner)