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ix, 77 pages ; 23 cm.
In her dazzling new book, Jennifer Elise Foerster announces a frightening new truth: "the continent is dismantling." Bright Raft in the Afterweather travels the spheres of the past, present, future, and eternal time, exploring the fault lines that signal the break of humanity's consciousness from the earth. Featuring recurring characters, settings, and motifs from her previous book, Leaving Tulsa, Foerster takes the reader on a solitary journey to the edges of the continents of mind and time to discover what makes us human. Along the way, the author surveys the intersection between natural landscapes and the urban world, baring parallels to the conflicts between Native American peoples and Western colonizers, and considering how imagination and representation can both destroy and remake our worlds. Foerster's captivating language and evocative imagery immerse the reader in a narrative of disorientation and reintegration. Each poem blends Foerster's refined use of language with a mythic and environmental lyricism as she explores themes of destruction, spirituality, loss, and remembrance. In a world wrought with ecological imbalance and grief, Foerster shows how from the devastated land of our alienation there is potential to reconnect to our origins and redefine the terms by which we inhabit humanity and the earth.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780816537334 20180403
Green Library
ENGLISH-192T-01, ENGLISH-192T-01

2. Barbie Chang [2017]

x, 99 pages ; 23 cm
Green Library
ENGLISH-192T-01, ENGLISH-192T-01
134 pages ; 16 cm.
"The much-awaited second book by a truly revolutionary poet, in the lineage of Gil Scott Heron, Allen Ginsberg, Audre Lorde"-- Provided by publisher.
"This is truly revolutionary poetry. From the corner store to the dilapidated school, from the alleys between downtown office buildings to the prison, voices that have been through too much to care and yet still struggle on, relate the post-industrial U.S. Black experience. A vortex of images, observations, inspired leaps and free associations spill forth from a choir living in oppression and transience, invisible to and dismissive of the mainstream bourgeoisie. Moments of political and spiritual convergence, gangsterism and revolution, surrealism and blunt materiality are captured in the music of metaphor and pure intention. A modern-day Mystic, a true Seer, the depth of the poet's own humanity is rooted in every line, creating a liberated space for pain and beauty through a healing love for his people"-- Provided by publisher.
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ENGLISH-192T-01, ENGLISH-192T-01
75 pages ; 22 cm.
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ENGLISH-192T-01, ENGLISH-192T-01
ix, 77 pages ; 21 cm
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ENGLISH-192T-01, ENGLISH-192T-01

6. Anybody : poems [2016]

ix, 95 pages ; 22 cm
  • Some kind of we
  • At any given moment
  • Narrative
  • Wilder,
  • On pockets
  • Giant snowballs
  • Who you're about to be
  • Grandchild
  • An arrow
  • Solve for x
  • Close
  • One possible reading among many
  • Villagers
  • Morphology
  • Double mastectomy
  • The flattened grass that holds your shape
  • The men
  • Being with you makes me think about
  • Exquisite corpse
  • The feeling
  • Prairie restoration project
  • To the god of sobriety
  • Handshake
  • A sunset
  • Your wild domesticated inner life
  • Where we sit watching
  • Wedding
  • Enough
  • Who is ghost
  • A version
  • Aren't we
  • Gay bars
  • Hog
  • Bouquet
  • Find love in Brooklyn now!
  • The hole
  • Still here
  • Authentic city
  • Volley
  • Horizontal
  • Recognition is the misrecognition you can bear
  • Various attentions all landing like birds into the same tree and thrilling there some minutes at dusk
  • Dot dot dot
  • No more birds.
In Anybody, Ari Banias takes up questions of recognition and belonging: how boundaries are drawn and managed, the ways he and she, us and them, here and elsewhere are kept separate, and at what cost identities and selves are forged. Moving through iconic and imagined landscapes, Anybody confronts the strangeness of being alive and of being a restlessly gendered, queer, emotive body. Wherever the poet turns-the cruising spaces of Fire Island, a city lake, a Greek island, a bodega-turned-coffee-shop-he finds the charge of boundedness and signification, the implications of what it means to be a this instead of a that. Witty, tender, and original, these poems pierce the constructs that define our lives.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780393247794 20161024
Green Library
ENGLISH-192T-01, ENGLISH-192T-01

7. House and fire [2013]

x, 68 p. ; 23 cm
Green Library
ENGLISH-192T-01, ENGLISH-192T-01