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  • 1. Introduction. 2. Form and Function: An Overview. 3. Introduction to Rectifier Circuits. 4. Bridge and Polyphase Rectifier Circuits. 5. Phase-Controlled Converters. 6. High-Frequency Switching dc/dc Converters. 7. Isolated High-Frequency dc/dc Converters. 8. Variable-Frequency dc/ac Converters. 9. Resonant Converters. 10. ac/ac Converters. 11. Dynamics and Control: An Overview. 12. State-Space Models. 13. Linear and Piecewise Linear Models. 14. Feedback Control Design. 15. Components: An Overview. 16. Review of Semiconductor Devices. 17. Power Diodes. 18. Power Transistors. 19. Thyristors. 20. Magnetic Components. 21. Ancillary Issues: An Overview. 22. Gate and Base Drives. 23. Thyristor Commutation Circuits. 24. Snubber Circuits and Clamps. 25. Thermal Modeling and Heat Sinking.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9780201096897 20160528
This textbook offers broad coverage of the subject of power electronics. Each topic is developed in sufficient depth to expose the fundamental principles, concepts, techniques, methods, and circuits necessary to understand power electronic systems. The applications are diverse enough to expose students to numerous types of systems. The authors have paid particular attention to developing examples and exercises that promote innovative ways of thinking about problems, methods of analysis, and the use of approximations.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780201096897 20160528
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EE-153-01, EE-253-01