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1. Health economics [2014]

xxix, 589 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
  • 1. Why Health Economics? PART I: DEMAND FOR HEALTH AND HEALTH CARE 2. Demand for Health Care 3. Demand for Health: The Grossman Model 4. Socioeconomic Disparities in Health PART II: SUPPLY OF HEALTH CARE 5. The Labor Market for Physicians 6. Hospitals PART III: INFORMATION ECONOMICS 7. Demand for Insurance 8. Adverse Selection: Akerlof's Market for Lemons 9. Adverse Selection: The Rothschild-Stiglitz Model 10. Adverse Selection in Real Markets 11. Moral Hazard PART IV: ECONOMICS OF HEALTH INNOVATION 12. Pharmaceuticals and the Economics of Innovation 13. Technology and The Price of Health Care 14. Health Technology Assessment PART V: HEALTH POLICY 15. The Health Policy Conundrum 16. The Beveridge Model: Nationalized Health Care 17. The Bismarck Model: Social Health Insurance 18. The American Model 19. Population Aging and the Future of Health Policy PART VI: PUBLIC HEALTH ECONOMICS 20. The Economics of Health Externalities 21. Economic Epidemiology 22. Obesity PART VII: BEHAVIORAL HEALTH ECONOMICS 23. Prospect Theory 24 Time Inconsistency and Health.
  • (source: Nielsen Book Data)9781137029966 20160612
Health Economics introduces students of economics, public health, and medicine to the modern field of health economics. The book emphasizes the link between economic theory and health policy, and covers both the established models of health insurance and the dilemmas that policy makers currently face. Features include: * Broad scope, featuring comparative health policy and empirical examples from around the world * Topical issues such as the obesity epidemic, economic epidemiology, socioeconomic health disparities, and behavioral economics * The latest research including the Oregon Medicaid Experiment and the potential impacts of US health reform Student-friendly, Health Economics is written in an engaging, lively style, enhanced by cartoons and images that relate the principles of health economics to everyday life. It also offers hundreds of exercises to help solidify and extend understanding.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9781137029966 20160612
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