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xxvi, 740 p. : ill. ; 27 cm
  • List of Cases List of Accounting Clinics 1 Introduction to Investing and Valuation 2 Introduction to the Financial Statements PART ONE: Financial Statements and Valuation 3 How Financial Statements Are Used in Valuation 4 Cash Accounting, Accrual Accounting, and Discounted Cash Flow Variation 5 Accrual Accounting and Valuation: Pricing Book Values 6 Accrual Accounting and Valuation: Pricing Earnings 7 Valuation and Active Investing PART TWO: The Analysis of Financial Statements 8 Viewing the Business Through the Financial Statements 9 The Analysis if the Statement of Shareholders' Equity 10 The Analysis of the Balance Sheet and Income Statement 11 The Analysis of the Cash Flow Statement 12 The Analysis of Profitability 13 The Analysis of Growth and Sustainable Earnings PART THREE: Forecasting and Valuation Analysis 14 The Value of Operations and the Evaluation of Enterprise Price-to-Book Ratios and Price-Earnings Ratios 15 Anchoring on the Financial Statements: Simple Forecasting and Simple Valuation 15 Full-Information Forecasting, Valuation, and Business Strategy Analysis PART FOUR: Accounting Analysis and Valuation 17 Creating Accounting Value and Economics Value 18 Analysis of the Quality of Financial Statements PART FIVE: The Analysis of Risk and Return 19 The Analysis of Equity Risk and Return for Active Investing 20 The Analysis of Credit Risk and Return Appendix A Summary of Formulas Index.
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Valuation is at the heart of investing. A considerable part of the information for valuation is in the financial statements. "Financial Statement Analysis and Security Valuation, 5/e" by Stephen Penman shows students how to extract information from financial statements and use that data to value firms. The 5th edition shows how to handle the accounting in financial statements and use the financial statements as a lens to view a business and assess the value it generates.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)9780078025310 20160612
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