xiv, 556 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
  • Preface.1. Introduction to Smart Material Systems.2. Modeling Mechanical and Electrical Systems.3. Mathematical Representations of Smart Material Systems.4. Piezoelectric Materials.5. Piezoelectric Material Systems.6. Shape Memory Alloys.7. Electroactive Polymer Materials.8. Motion Control Applications.9. Passive and Semiactive Damping.10. Active Vibration Control.11. Power Analysis for Smart Material Systems.References.Index.
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The book provides a pedagogical approach that emphasizes the physical processes of active materials and the design and control of engineering systems. It will also be a reference text for practicing engineers who might understand the basic principles of active materials but have an interest in learning more about specific applications. The text includes a number of worked examples, design problems, and homework problems (with a solutions manual) that will be useful for both instructors and practicing engineers.
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