BIOHOPK185: student videos

In BIOHOPK185 (Ecology and Conservation of Kelp Forest Communities), students learned how to use underwater video as a tool for underwater research. In addition, students were encouraged to use the cameras to collect videos that captured the beauty of the kelp forest and the process of scientific diving at Hopkins Marine Station. In 2022, one of the final assignments for the class was to create a short (1-2 minutes) video that captured their experience as a student in the class. In 2023, the students were tasked with presenting the results of one-week research projects that used transect video surveys in a five minute video. This collection contains these videos.

Funding for video equipment was provided by the Stanford Accelerator for Learning through the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Grant GBMF10266 to support the work of Virtual Field Trips.

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Online 3. Do fish like it fast? [2023]

Online 4. Ground-truthing DIMES [2023]

Online 11. Kelp forest ecology [2022]

Online 12. KFE reflections [2022]