Stanford University, Board of Trustees, safe deposit box documents, 1860-1948

Assorted documents once kept in a bank safe deposit box including copy of the Founding Grant, 1885; Petition by Leland Stanford Junior University and of individual trustees for the ascertainment of the existence and terms of, and for the determination of the validity and legal effect of grants or other instruments, creating, changing or affecting trusts and estates for the founding, endowment, and maintenance of the Leland Stanford Junior University, 1906; certified copy of minutes of the Board of Trustees contained in Volume One for November 14, 1885 and August 29, 1903 to April 30, 1904; inventory and appraisal of the estate of Leland Stanford, 1893; Organization of the Board of Trustees, Nov. 1, 1901; and U. S. Patent of Esquon Ranch to Samuel Neal (Butte County, Calif.), with plat map, dated April 3, 1860.

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