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2. Fessenden & Co.'s encyclopedia of religious knowledge : , or Dictionary of the Bible, theology, religious biography, all religions, ecclesiastical history, and missions : containing definitions of all religious terms : an impartial account of the principal Christian denominations that have existed in the world from the birth of Christ to the present day, with their doctrines, religious rites and ceremonies, as well as those of the Jews, Mohammedans, and heathen nations together with the manners and customs of the East, illustrative of the Holy Scriptures, and a description of the quadrapeds, birds, fishes, reptiles, insects, trees, plants, minerals, mentioned in the Bible; a statement of the most remarkable transactions and events in ecclesiastical history : biographical notices of the early martyrs and distinguished religious writers and characters of all ages : to which is added a Missionary gazetteer, containing descriptions of the various missionary stations throughout the globe, by Rev. B.B. Edwards, editor of Quarterly observer : the whole brought down to the present time, and embracing, under one alphabet, the most valuable part of Calmet's and Brown's dictionaries of the Bible, Buck's theol. dictionary, Abbott's scripture natural history, Wells' Geography of the Bible, Jones' Biographical dictionary, and numerous other similar works : designed as a complete book of reference on all religious subjects, and companion to the Bible : forming a cheap and compact library of religious knowledge [1835]

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3. The blood covenant : a primitive rite and its bearing on Scripture [1885]

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4. The threshold covenant, or, The beginning of religious rites [1896]

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5. State and religion : re-assessing a mutual relationship [2018]

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6. The religious history of American women : reimagining the past [2007]

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7. Natural theology : selections [1963]

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9. Science and Christian belief [1955]

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12. Religious diversity in the workplace [2018]

  • Law Library (Crown) : Basement : BL65 .W67 R45 2018

13. Religion, crime and punishment : an evolutionary perspective [2017]

  • Law Library (Crown) : Basement : BL65 .C7 D87 2017

14. Taking rites seriously : law, politics, and the reasonableness of faith [2015]

  • Law Library (Crown) : Basement : BL65 .L33 B43 2015

15. Studies in religious history [1886]

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17. Pantheon : agenda della laicità interculturale [2012]

  • Law Library (Crown) : Basement : BL2747.8 .R53 2012

18. Altered traits : science reveals how meditation changes your mind, brain, and body [2017]

  • Law Library (Crown) : Wellness wall : BL627 .G648 2017

19. Liberalism's religion [2017]

  • Law Library (Crown) : Basement : BL65 .S8 L325 2017

20. Evolution and effort : and their relation to religion and politics [1895]

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