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1. The Effects of the Digital Transformation on Firm’s Trade Credit: Evidence from China.

7. The Key for Sustainable Companies: Difficulties in Measuring Service Quality and an Evaluation of the Servqual Scale.

8. Cost accounting practices in SMEs: liability of age and other factors that hinder or burst its implementation in turbulent years.

10. The mediating role of organizational commitment in the relationship between internal marketing and job performance: Application in Turkiye

11. The impact of HRM practices on OCB-I and OCB-O, with mediating roles of organizational justice perceptions: Moderating roles of gender

12. Benefit or cost? The 'double-edged sword' effect of multiple team membership on creativity

14. Overcommitted to show up in the board? The moderating effect of ownership.

19. Critical Understanding of Existing Entrepreneurial Marketing Models: 2002 – 2022

20. Item Matching Model in E-Commerce: How Users Benefit


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