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2. Nanoceramics: Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications

3. Thai Water Buffalo Disease Analysis with the Application of Feature Selection Technique and Multi-Layer Perceptron Neural Network

4. A Novel Drone-based Search and Rescue System using Bluetooth Low Energy Technology

5. Examinee Characteristics and their Impact on the Psychometric Properties of a Multiple Choice Test According to the Item Response Theory (IRT)

6. Arabic Sentiment Analysis on Chewing Khat Leaves using Machine Learning and Ensemble Methods

7. Backstepping Terminal Sliding Mode MPPT Controller for Photovoltaic Systems

8. Application of the Dependency Graph Method in the Analysis of Automatic Transmission Gearboxes

9. Investigation of Swirl Stabilized CH4 Air Flame with Varied Hydrogen Content by using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to Study the Temperature Field and Flame Shape

10. DyTE: An Effective Routing Protocol for VANET in Urban Scenarios

11. Classification of Voltage Sag Propagation under Double Line to Ground Fault on a Low Voltage Distribution Power Network

12. Design and Study of an Adaptive Fuzzy Logic-Based Controller for Wheeled Mobile Robots Implemented in the Leader-Follower Formation Approach

13. Stability of the Data-Model Fit over Increasing Levels of Factorial Invariance for Different Features of Design in Factor Analysis

14. Complexity and Limitations of GNSS Signal Reception in Highly Obstructed Enviroments

15. Markov Chain Monte Carlo Analysis of the Variable-Volume Exothermic Model for a Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor

16. The Effects of Steam-Curing on the Properties of Concrete

17. A Novel Modeling and Control Design of the Current-Fed Dual Active Bridge Converter under DPDPS Modulation

18. Seamless Transition between Islanded and Grid Connected Three-Phase VSI-based Microgrids

19. The Development of a Thermal-Hydraulic and Nonlinear Dynamic System for Molten Salt Reactors

20. Students’ perception to integrate education 4.0 in Science program


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