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1. Prospective study on milk products, calcium and cancers of the colon and rectum

2. Sexual dimorphism in relationship of serum leptin and relative weight for the standard in normal-weight, but not in overweight, children as well as adolescents

3. U-turns or no turns? Charting a safer course in health policy

4. Quantifying Sex Differences in Behavior in the Era of 'Big' Data

5. Health inequalities worsen with the drop in hospital referrals

6. A COVID-19 lesson not to be missed

7. Molecular Pathology of Lung Cancer

8. Dietary fibre and diabetes revisited

9. Selective Inhibition of Soluble TNF using XPro1595 Improves Hippocampal Pathology to Promote Improved Neurological Recovery Following Traumatic Brain Injury in Mice

10. The competitiveness of China's seaweed products in the international market from 2002 to 2017

11. When is a screening test not a screening test?

13. The US Food and Drug Administration's authorisation of Purdue's controlled-release methylphenidate for adult ADHD: comments on the regulatory practice

14. Sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 inhibitors: game changers when handled with care?

15. Medicine can help realise 2021 as 'The Year of the Nurse'

16. Five thousand years of minimal access surgery: 1990-present: organisational issues and the rise of the robots

17. Data-driven, integrated primary and secondary care for children: moving from policy to practice

19. Nonneoplastic pathology of the large and small airways

20. Legal Aspects of Project Finance


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