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3. The Use of Fi-Index Tool to Assess Per-manuscript Self-citations.

4. Visualization of rank-citation curves for fast detection of h-index anomalies in university metrics.

5. Fi-Index: A New Method to Evaluate Authors Hirsch-Index Reliability.

6. Autocitazione e intertestualità interna in Beppe Fenoglio

11. Self-referencing rates in biological disciplines

12. Citation Characteristics of H-Classics Articles in Implant Dentistry: A Citation Analysis Using H-Classics Method.

13. Citation of Retracted Articles in Engineering: A Study of the Web of Science Database.

14. Self-citation: to do or not to do?

15. Intratekstualność. Od autocytatu do autointertekstualności.

20. Fabulaciones del yo-autor en diálogo (II): Variedades en la práctica de la autocita moderna


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